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36 New Korean Dramas In 2021 To Observe To Become The Remaining Okay-drama Expert This Yr

36 New Korean Dramas In 2021 To Observe To Become The Remaining Okay-drama Expert This Yr

For K-drama enthusiasts, the approaching year can be complete of treats way to a slew of recent Korean dramas in 2021. Some of the Korean dramas initially scheduled to air in 2020 had their filming schedules interrupted to our dismay, however the correct information is that we’ll sooner or later get to watch those new Korean dramas in 2021.

To hype you up for next year, here are 36 new Korean dramas airing in 2021 so one can keep you entertained as you undergo a today’s 12 months. The dramas are looked after through date, from the latest to oldest.October1. Jirisan

Main cast:

  • Jun Ji-hyun as Seo Yi-kang
  • Ju Ji-hoon as Kang Hyun-jo
  • Sung Dong-il as Jo Dae-jin
  • Oh Jung-se as Jung Goo-young

Jirisan is a mystery-thriller about park rangers who work to rescue humans on Mount Jiri.

Seo Yi-kang (Jun Ji-hyun) is a pinnacle ranger who is aware of the entirety approximately navigating Mount Jiri National Park. Her companion, Kang Hyun-jo (Joo Ji-hoon), is a army academy graduate and a new ranger.

Jung Goo-young (Oh Jung-se) is an extremely sensible ranger at the same time as Jo Dae-jin (Sung Dong-il) is the accountable head of the Haedong Branch Office in Mount Jiri National Park.

The drama is written by using screenwriter Kim Eun-hee, who also wrote Kingdom (2019), Signal (2016), and three Days (2014). The director is Lee Eung-bok, who directed hit dramas like Goblin (2016), Descendants of the Sun (2016), and Dream High (2011).

Korean title: 지리산
Genre: Thriller, thriller, drama
Airs: 23rd October 2021September2. The Red Sleeve Cuff


Main cast:

  • Kim Kyung-nam as King Jeongjo (TBC)
  • Park Hye-soo as Sung Deok-im (TBC)

Red Cuff of the Sleeve is primarily based on a singular that tells the life tale of Sung Deok-im, who rises from the position of a lowly court docket lady to turn out to be the best-ranking queen. The drama will exhibit the dramatic turn in Deok-im’s lifestyles, revealing her love story with King Jeongjo, and the rigors and tribulations of taking on a position of strength.

Park Hye-soo turned into presented the function of the court woman-grew to become-queen, Sung Deok-im, at the same time as Kim Kyung-nam became supplied the function of King Jeongjo, the eldest son next in line to the throne. Both actors are currently undoubtedly reviewing their gives.

Korean title: 옷소매 붉은 끝동
Genre: Historical, romance
Airs: 22nd September 2021 Augustthree. Dear.M

Main cast:

  • Park Hye-soo as Ma Joo-ah
  • Jung Jae-hyun as Cha Min-ho
  • Roh Jeong-eui as Seo Ji-min
  • Bae Hyun-sung as Park Ha-neul

Dear.M is based at the popular web-drama series Love Playlist and is co-produced by way of Playlist and Monster Union. The new drama, which is about to be released in early 2021, is targeted at the look for the mysterious “M” in Seoyeon University.

The plot follows 4 college students from unique departments – Ma Joo-ah (Park Hye-soo), Cha Min-ho (Jung Jae-hyun), Seo Ji-min (Roh Jeong-eui), and Park Ha-neul (Bae Hyun-sung). In the look for “M”, the four of them navigate through college existence, changing friendships, and budding romances.

The assisting solid consists of an extended line of K-pop idols which include CLC’s Eun-bin, UP10TION’s Jin-hyuk, and NCT’s Jae-hyun, who will seem as students of Seoyeon University.

Korean identify: 디어엠
Genre: Romance, college, drama
Airs: August 20214. Moving

Main forged:

  • Han Hyo-joo (TBC)
  • Jo In-sung (TBC)
  • Cha Tae-hyun (TBC)

Moving is primarily based on a webtoon that tells the tale of high college college students and their parents, who each have their very own secrets that others do not know approximately. It might be directed by Mo Wan-il, who also helmed World of the Married (2020).

Han Hyo-joo, Jo In-seong, and Cha Tae-hyun have received gives for the drama and are nevertheless inside the system of confirming their appearance within the drama.

Korean title: 무빙
Genre: Mystery, drama
Airs: August 2021Julyfive. The Devil Judge

Main Cast:

  • Ji Sung as Kang Yo-han
  • Kim Min-jung as Jung Sun-a
  • Jin-younger as Kim Ga-on
  • Park Gyu-younger as Yoon Soo-hyun

Ji Sung is finally making his K-drama comeback after 2 years. In The Devil Judge,  he will be playing Judge Kang Yo-han, who mercilessly punishes wrongdoers within the court docket of regulation. Every trial held in the courtroom is aired stay on TV, and that turned into how he earned his nickname, “Devil Judge”.

Kim Min-jung will play Yo-han’s rival, Jung Sun-a. She’s a strength-hungry director of a corporate social duty basis.

Jin-young and Park Gyu-young will play early life exceptional pals, Kim Ga-on and Yon Soo-hyun, who try for justice and aim to unveil Kang Yo-han’s secrets and techniques.

Catch the teaser of The Devil Judge right here:

[1화 예고] 악마판사 지성의 ‘라이브 법정 쇼’가 시작된다! #악마판사 EP.zero

Korean identify: 악마판사
Genre: Drama, crime, law, thriller
Airs on: third July 2021June6. Voice four 

Main Cast:

  • Lee Ha-na as Kang Kwon-joo
  • Song Seung-heon as Derek Jo

Voice is a rollercoaster trip of a drama – it follows the crew on the 112 Emergency Call Centre as they remedy crimes via voice evaluation and the power of their hearing. This drama has accomplished exceptional rankings for the beyond 3 seasons, and therefore, a 4th season turned into secured.

We see Lee Ha-na return as Kang Kwon-joo, a expert voice profiler with more desirable hearing. Season four introduces a brand new man or woman, Derek Jo, performed by means of Song Seung-heon. Derek Jo is from the Los Angeles Police Department and joins arms with the Golden Time crew.

In Voice four, the Golden Time team will be up towards a serial killer with competencies just as sharp as Kwon-joo’s, and a new string of challenges anticipate them.

The teaser for Voice four changed into rather specific as it lets in enthusiasts to vicinity themselves within the footwear of the Golden Time team as they listen to a voice recording of a sufferer sent with the aid of the serial killer.

[티저] 송승헌X이하나, 생명을 지키기 위한 네 번째 골든타임 공조! #보이스시즌4 EP.0

Korean name: 보이스4: 심판의 시간
Genre: Crime, mystery
Airs on: 19th June 20217. Nevertheless

Main Cast:

  • Song Kang as Park Jae-un
  • Han So-hee as Yoo Na-bi
  • Chae Jong Hyeop as Yang Do Hyuk

Nevertheless is a K-drama based on a webtoon of the identical call.

It follows 2 university students named Yoo Na-bi and Park Jae-un, and the tale will discover the two going out in their consolation sector. Na-bi is hesitant to fall in love again after a failed dating, and Jae-un tries to express his feelings better.

Song Kang might be starring because the flirtatious Park Jae-un. Jae-un prefers to participate in flings than be in committed relationships. Starring alongside Song Kang is Han So-hee, and he or she could be playing Yoo Na-bi. Na-bi attempts to move on from her ex after seeing him cheat on her, and she meets Jae-un in the method.

Watch the teaser of Nevertheless here:

[티저] 송강X한소희 이별을 한 순간 운명처럼 만난 두 사람💕 〈알고있지만,〉 6/19 (토) 밤 11시 첫 방송!

Korean identify: 알고있지만,
Genre: Romance, drama
Airs on: nineteenth June 2021eight. Hospital Playlist 2

Main solid:

  • Cho Jung-seok as Lee Ik-joon
  • Yoo Yeon-seok as Ahn Jeong-gained
  • Jung Kyung-ho as Kim Jun-wan
  • Kim Dae-myung as Yang Seok-hyeong
  • Jeon Mi-do as Chae Song-hwa

Hospital Playlist is a drama that follows the lives of 5 medical doctors who also are long-time friends. This drama gives us a sensible insight into the lives of scientific professionals and lets in us to empathise with them.