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48 hours: plot, cast and trivia about the film with Eddie Murphy

48 hours: plot, cast and trivia about the film with Eddie Murphy

48 hours movie

Before becoming internationally famous thanks to acclaimed films such as An armchair for two, Beverly Hills Cop And The prince is looking for a wife, Eddie Murphy earned his place in the world of cinema by making his debut as the protagonist of 48 hourscomedy crime film directed in 1982 by Walter Hill (mostly known for directing the cult The warriors of the night). From Hill co-written with rogers Spottiswoode And Steven E. de Souzathe film is known for giving great prominence to the buddy cop moviethose films that see two characters with very different personalities forced to work together for a single purpose.

Titles such as Lethal Weapon or Bad Boysbut 48 hours he was one of the first to define the rules of this type of storytelling, making it famous even outside the United States. Before arriving at the result that we admire today, however, numerous rewrites were necessary, necessary to combine both the purely action scenes with the more comical and carefree moments. The result was ultimately an extraordinary success, with about 80 million dollars earned against a budget of just 12.

Today again 48 hours is a particularly significant film within its genre, which never fails to surprise viewers of all ages, especially those who have grown up following these cinematic couples. Before embarking on a vision of the film, however, it will certainly be useful to delve into some of the main curiosities related to this. Continuing here in the reading it will in fact be possible to find further details relating to the plot and al cast of actors. Finally, the main ones will also be listed streaming platforms containing the film in their catalogue.

48 hours: the plot of the movie

The story of the film opens on the escape of prisoners from prison Albert Ganz And Billy Bear. Arrived in San Francisco, the two immediately dedicate themselves to searching for the stolen goods from an old hit, hidden in a secret place of which only their ex appears Luther is aware. While they wait for the latter to recover the loot, Ganz and Bear wait for patients in a hotel, but end up running into three police officers, among which there is also Jack Cates. Recognizing the two escapees, the policemen start a shootout in which, however, it is Jack’s two colleagues who perish. Eager to do them justice, Jack decides to be assigned the case, aware that he needs a new ally.

The ideal person turns out to be Reggie Hammond, also a former gang member of Ganz and Bear, currently in prison serving a four-year sentence. With the promise of handing over the stolen money, the agent convinces Reggie to help him: the policeman therefore obtains a 48-hour release for the prisoner, during which he will try to find and arrest the two fugitives. The character differences between the two, however, will be particularly difficult to overcome. Jack and Reggie will therefore first of all have to learn to get along if they want to be able to find the two criminals and bring them to justice.

48 hours cast

48 hours: the cast of the film

After evaluating various performers, the actor got the role of Reggie Hammond Eddie Murphy, who had no previous film experience at the time. In fact, he had become famous mainly thanks to his work on the show Saturday Night Live. When notified that he had landed the role, Murphy however requested that the character’s name be changed from Willie Biggs to Reggie Hammond, as he felt Willie was too stereotypical a name for a black character. Murphy then had great freedom to improvise on the set and it was only after filming that he discovered that the producers had almost considered firing him not deeming him funny enough.

In the role of policeman Jack Cates there is instead the actor nominated for an Oscar Nick Nolte. For him too this was one of the first important roles of his career, for which he was paid a million dollars. To prepare for the part, he also conducted several interviews with real police officers, in order to learn the tricks of the trade. In the role of criminals Albert Ganz, Billy Bear and Luther are the actors James Remar, Sonny Ladham And David Patrick Kelly. The actress Annette O’Toole she plays Elaine instead. Originally, this character appeared in many more scenes, including some nudes. These were then cut during assembly.

48 hours: the sequel, the trailer and where to see the film in streaming and on TV

Given the great success of the film, its official sequel was made 8 years later: 48 more hours. Again directed by Hill and with Murphy and Nolte back in their respective roles, the film involves Reggie and Jack in a new case to solve. Unlike the previous one, however, in this case it is Murphy who is indicated as the primary protagonist and also his salary increased from 450 thousand dollars for the first film to 7 million for this one, also thanks to the increased popularity of the cinema gained over the years Eighty. This sequel also established itself as a great success, with over 150 million dollars in receipts against a budget of 50.

It is possible to enjoy the film thanks to its presence on some of the most popular streaming platforms on the net today. 48 hours it is in fact available in the catalogs of Chili, Google Play, Infinity and Amazon Prime Videos. To see it, once the reference platform has been chosen, it will be enough to rent the single film or subscribe to a general subscription. In this way you will be able to watch it in total comfort and at the best video quality. It should be noted that in the case of rental, there will only be a given time limit within which to view the title. The film is also present in the television schedule of junon May 25th at 21:00 On the canal Iris.

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