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5 Nights At Freddy’s: The Film (2020 Movie)

5 Nights At Freddy’s: The Film (2020 Movie)

FNAF: The Movie is a horror film released in USA and Europe in 2020 and still now not launched in Japan. This movie need to be watched by means of humans with 15 years or olderCharactersProtagonist

  • Gordon – A protection defend


  • Freddy Fazbear – A brown undergo with a black hat in his head, he’s the main antagonist.
  • Bonnie The Bunny – A blue bunny with a guitar.
  • Chica The Chicken – A green hen with a cupcake in one of her palms and wears a rib that says “LET’S EAT!”
  • Foxy The Pirate – A Red Fox styled as a pirate but with some parts of his frame like chest and lower legs are a piece broken
  • Golden Freddy / Fredbear – IT’S ME
  • Spring Bonnie – Green-Yellow bunny (proven and in no way spoke or killed someone)
  • William Afton / Springtrap – Father of Michael Afton, Crying child and Baby
  • Puppet – A marionette that exits out of his tune field
  • Peter – The man who killed Johnathan

Other Characters

  • Girl – The girl who got bitten within the head through Foxy
  • Fred – A employee at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza
  • Johnathan – A boy who got brutally killed through Peter
  • Johnathan’s Mom – Nothing Much to tell
  • Toy Freddy – Well, no longer antagonists they do not anything, they may be child pleasant inside the movie. A toy version of Freddy
  • Toy Bonnie – Toy version of bonnie
  • Toy Chica – Toy version of chica, in preference to LET’S EAT written in the rib, it’s written LET’S PARTY
  • Toy Foxy / Mangle – Helps the security shield at night, however it’s destroyed

Non-canon characters

  • Crying girl – heard crying in Johnathan’s dying scene
  • Ghost – Randomly Appeared for a second while Freddy spoke at night when Gordon become there.
  • Johnathan’s Dad – Mentioned through Johnathan’s
    • Johnathan’s Dad – Mentioned through Johnathan’s Mom
    • NOT ME Guy – The person who spoke “NOT ME!!!!” all through the night when Gordon turned into there. He may probably be Freddy or Golden Freddy


It starts offevolved at some point at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in October 13, 1987. The animatronics Freddy, Bonnie and Chica they have been doing their buisness. But whilst Foxy arrived, he bit an head of a woman. Soon at night Gordon even as running at night time, the caller instructed that the medical doctors removed a piece of the woman’s brain.

Then Toy Foxy arrived and helped the shield, but, Toy Foxy then disappeared. Gordon searched for is own, he checked out the animatronics. Bonnie and Chica had been there however Freddy wasn’t.

Gordon runs to the workplace and calls the Chip Tech, however, strength run out and Freddy killed him by way of bitting his head! three days later the Toy Animatronics were brought and replaced by the Old Ones. Fred made the show start and the Toys exept Foxy mentioned stuff. Meanwhile, Johnathan and his mother are in a table and Johnathan regarded to not experience and walked away, but, he met Golden Freddy and GF instructed that he become one of the special kids! GF advised about the Arcades and Johnathan puzzled in which they may be, then, GF suffocated him. Later he woke up with GF near him and Peter killing him in personal. Fred tries to prevent him and heard the whole lot. But Johnathan died of blood loss. Then he have become the puppet.