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A Complete Unknown: Benedict Cumberbatch in Bob Dylan biopic

A Complete Unknown: Benedict Cumberbatch in Bob Dylan biopic

Benedict Cumberbatch venice 2021
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Deadlines he confirmed That Benedict Cumberbatch will act in A Complete Unknownthe biopic of James Mangold about the musician Bob Dylan. Reports have surfaced that Cumberbatch was set to appear in the film earlier this year, but nothing concrete had been announced. In a report from Deadline about an afterparty during the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, it was noted that Cumberbatch would star in the film with Timothee Chalamet and Elle Fanning.

According to the news, Benedict Cumberbatch will play the role of the iconic singer Pete Seeger. Seeger’s history as a songwriter is a prolific one, with the artist writing songs such as “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?“, “If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song)” And “Turn! Tour! Tour! (There’s a season for everything)“. In their history, Seeger was an early supporter of Bob Dylan.

Who else is in A Complete Unknown?

A Complete Unknown (formerly titled Going Electric) will be directed by James Mangold and will be based on a screenplay written by Jay Cocks with revisions by Mangold. It chronicles Bob Dylan’s rise in folk music and his sudden transition to rock ‘n’ roll. The film will chronicle Bob Dylan’s relationship with 60s music legends, including Joan Baez And Pete Seeger. Searchlight Pictures also holds the rights to the pop culture icon’s music.

The film is produced by Bob Dylan together with Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Andrew Rona. Jeff Rosen, who is Dylan’s longtime manager, has also signed production deals with Mangold, Bob Bookman, Alan Gasmer and Peter Jaysen of Veritas Entertainment Group, Fred Berger of Automatik and Alex Heineman of The Picture Company. In addition to the upcoming Bob Dylan biopic, Timothee Chalamet he is also currently anticipated to star in two high-profile projects Dunes – Part Two and musical prequel Warner Bros.’ Wonka.