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AKA: Everything you need to know about the Netflix movie

AKA: Everything you need to know about the Netflix movie


A new action thriller is all the rage Netflix in recent weeks, reaffirming the great interest in this kind of film, capable of giving chills and tension as well as stories particularly set in specific and controversial realities. It’s about AKA, directed by Morgan S. Dalibert and written by them together with Alban Lenoir, who also figures as the protagonist. The film, as stated by them, was inspired by a real life incident where a group of criminals were arrested for a series of robberies. The events have naturally been reworked, so as to create an adrenaline-pumping film capable of in-depth narration of the dynamics in force in this dangerous context.

Just like in another acclaimed French action thriller available on Netflix, the recent one Shadow king, also in this case the viewer is called to experience a journey into the darkest and most violent realities of French crime. If in the film just mentioned, however, the focus was on the relationship between the two protagonist brothers, in Dalibert’s film this is instead entirely dedicated to the protagonist’s quest to defend his humanity by making the right choice. No small task in such a difficult context, the representation of which has been thrilling the users of the platform for quite some time now. The film has indeed arrived on Netflix on April 28 and still today it is among the most viewed titles in the catalogue.

The plot of AKA

The film has as its protagonist Adam Franco, a family man and special operations agent who has served for over twenty years. When a French-born Sudanese man is suspected of being part of a terrorist organization, Adam finds himself tasked with infiltrating and foiling an impending attack on Paris. The man is an agent with strong devotion to his work and his role and is always ready to put himself at the forefront when asked. He accepts the mission and undercover enters the criminal nucleus.

What Adam didn’t foresee, however, is the strong friendship that slowly is created with Jonathanthe son of the boss Victor Shepherd, whose trust he has managed to gain in the meantime. Destabilized by this relationship that changes all of his plans, the agent finds himself in great difficulty and has to make choices that he would never have imagined. When the situation worsens, thanks to the clashes with a rival gang to that of Pastore, Adam will in fact have to decide which side to take, aware that this time it will be very difficult for him not to betray the ideals in which he has always believed.


The cast of AKA

To interpret Adaam Franco there is the actor Alban Lenoirknown for starring in I will find you, Angel face, Stray bullet And BigBug. Lenoir trained for three months in boxing and martial arts to prepare for his role, so that he could personally perform even the most complex scenes, including fight scenes. Next to him, in the role of Jonathan is the actor Noe Chabbatwhile Victor Pastore is played by Eric Cantonaformer French footballer known for his past in Manchester Utd, where he played from 1992 to 1997. As an actor he made himself known in My friend Eric And the Salvation.

Among the other actors in the film are Thibault de Montalembertactor recently seen in The king And Nothing new on the western frontas Kruger, and Kevin Layne in those of Moktar Al Tayeb, another of the antagonists. The Italian actress and model Swabian Alvitiseen in Good morning Dad (directed by Edward Leo) And Let’s stay friends (with Alexander Roja), instead plays the role of Natalya. They complete the cast Steve Tientcheu as Youssef, Natahlie Odzierejko in those of Mona e Lucille Guillaume in Helene’s.

The trailer of AKA and how to stream the movie on Netflix

As anticipated, it is possible to use AKA solely thanks to its presence in the catalog of Netflixwhere he is currently at 3rd place in the Top 10 of the most viewed films on the platform in Italy. To see it, it will therefore be sufficient to subscribe to a general subscription to the platform by choosing from the possible options. In this way, you will be able to watch the title in total comfort and at the best video quality, then also having access to all the other products in the catalogue.

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