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Alita 2 will only happen if James Cameron directs it

Alita 2 will only happen if James Cameron directs it

Alitha 2

There are some rumors about Alitha 2the rumored sequel to the 2009 film Alita – Battle Angel which many of you, including us, would absolutely love to see! According to a new report by World of reelsthe film will not be financed unless James Cameron don’t go behind the camera. It should be remembered that the first film was a project of James Cameron as a director who then over the years passed the hand to Robert Rodríguez due to too many commitments and remained alone as a producer.

What’s the latest on Alita – Battle Angel 2?

According to the latest report, a James Cameron — who wrote the original film’s screenplay — was asked to direct Alita – Battle Angel 2. While Cameron and producer Jon Landau are looking to make a sequel, Disney CEO Bob Iger isn’t greenlight the project unless James Cameron not the director. The first film was directed by Robert Rodriguez, but it seems that Disney wants Cameron to be at the helm of this other film.

The report goes on to mention that Cameron has been reluctant to accept due to his busy schedule, which includes Last train from Hiroshima as well as the third and the fourth movie of Avatars. However, World of Reel notes that James Cameron is considering the offer. The 2019 film is directed by Robert Rodriguez from a screenplay written by James Cameron, Laeta Kalogridis and Rodriguez. Based on the manga series Gunnm Of Yukito Kishiro, Alita – Battle Angel was produced by Cameron and Jon Landau.