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Ambulance (2022 Film) – Wikipedia

Ambulance (2022 Film) – Wikipedia

This article is set the 2022 film. For the 1990 movie, see The Ambulance.

Ambulance is a 2022 American heist motion thriller film directed and produced by way of Michael Bay. A co-manufacturing among New Republic Pictures, Project X Entertainment, and Bay Films, it’s miles primarily based on the 2005 Danish movie of the same call by way of Laurits Munch-Petersen and Lars Andreas Pedersen. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Eiza González and follows two adoptive siblings (Gyllenhaal and Abdul-Mateen II) became financial institution robbers who hijack an ambulance and take first responders hostage.

Ambulance, first introduced in 2015, went thru several group changes years before it entered manufacturing. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic halted Bay’s plans to shoot a extraordinary movie so he agreed to come on board to direct. Filming occurred in the midst of the pandemic in downtown Los Angeles with cinematographer Roberto De Angelis. During publish-production, modifying was finished by Pietro Scalia and the musical rating changed into composed via Lorne Balfe.

The film premiered in Paris, France, on March 20, 2022, and became theatrically released in the United States through Universal Pictures on April 8. The film underperformed on the field workplace, grossing about $fifty one million worldwide against a $40 million manufacturing budget. While the tale drew some criticism, the movie obtained reward for Bay’s route and the movement sequences.[2]Plot[edit]

War veteran Will Sharp, desperately in want of $231,000 for his spouse Amy’s surgical operation, reaches out to Danny, his adoptive brother and a existence-lengthy criminal, who talks him into taking element in a $32 million financial institution heist. Though to start with hesitant, Will consents after Danny reaffirms that he’s doing this for Amy. The plan nearly succeeds till Officer Zach Parker, who is going to the financial institution to invite out a financial institution teller, discovers the scenario and is held hostage by Danny. A shootout then happens between one of the heist individuals and Zach’s accomplice Officer Mark. The Special Investigation Section (SIS) of the LAPD arrives and shoots down the entire group besides Will and Danny, who retreat towards the garage. Zach attempts to escape and all through a scuffle among him and Danny, he is by accident shot by using Will. Leaving Zach to die, the brothers attempt to go out via the again of the building however locate it surrounded by means of police. They then hijack an ambulance with EMT Cam Thompson on board, who’s treating the injured Zach. After a chase that leads them into an alleyway, Cam makes a determined try to get away the usage of a fireplace extinguisher however decides to stay when Zach starts offevolved flatlining.

SIS Captain Monroe arrives at the scene and deploys helicopters to chase after the ambulance. Cam gets Danny to assist her use a defibrillator and Will to switch a number of his blood to Zach, a whole lot to his confusion and frustration. Danny then calls Papi, certainly one of his adoptive father’s crook friends, for assist losing the police in trade for $8 million. When Cam stops Danny from capturing Mark, who has been chasing them, Danny threatens to throw her off the ambulance. The police are forced to retreat when it is determined that Monroe’s canine is inside Mark’s police automobile. FBI Agent Anson Clark, a beyond pal of Danny’s, is placed on the case. Zach starts to bleed out; Cam, with Will’s help, starts offevolved to perform surgical treatment on Zach, whose spleen ruptures. Despite her inexperience, Cam effectively plays the surgical operation. Cam tries to convince Will to forestall Danny, to no avail. Monroe, unaware of the surgery’s achievement, actions forward with the operation and prepares to snipe Will and Danny without negotiating for Cam’s existence. Clark calls Cam and tells her to get down. Cam, wanting to save Zach’s existence, indicators Will and Danny approximately the snipers. Danny, having had enough of Cam, comes to a decision to shoot her however Will intervenes, inflicting the brothers to combat about their catch 22 situation. They later partly reconcile and pay attention to music together to ease the tension.

In the Los Angeles River, helicopters chase the ambulance as Danny shoots at them. Will and Danny then drive on the opposite lane of the interstate, developing multiple injuries. On Papi’s orders, his son, Roberto, drives an empty ambulance toward the police after filling it with C-4 explosives and deploys gadget guns on separate cars to motive extra damage, which ends up killing Monroe inside the crossfire. Mark chases down Roberto and kills him after a scuffle, leaving Papi irritated and distraught. Will and Danny escape to Papi’s hideout. Papi needs the brothers to go away Zach and Cam with them to address; Will refuses to cooperate and teams up with Danny to kill Papi and his crew. In the chaos, Cam accidentally shoots Will the use of Zach’s gun. Danny takes the ambulance to a medical institution and discovers Zach’s gun. He is enraged whilst Cam well-knownshows that she become the only who shot Will. Danny vows to kill Cam at the side of himself on stay tv, earlier than confronting the police. Will, left with out a different desire, shoots Danny in the back. Danny apologizes to Will before he dies from his accidents. The police arrest a heavily injured Will and take him internal for surgery, Cam secretly gives a number of the heist cash to Amy for her surgery, and Zach, when wondered by means of the police approximately his accidents, tells them that Will saved his lifestyles.Cast[edit]


Ambulance is an American remake of the 2005 Danish film of the equal name. Producer Bradley J. Fischer stated Michael Bay become his first choice to direct the movie but that the filmmaker had initially surpassed on the project.[3] The movie became announced on August 28, 2015, with Phillip Noyce attached to direct from a script written by Chris Fedak.[four] Two years later, it turned into reported that Noyce had been changed by directing duo Navot Papushado and Aharon Keshales,[5] however this model of the movie never entered manufacturing.[6]

Michael Bay saw Ambulance as an opportunity to shoot a “small” film for the duration of the COVID pandemic.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic in Los Angeles preempted Bay’s plans to shoot his next film, Black Five. He recalled telling his agent “Goddamnit, I simply need to get out and shoot something fast. I’m uninterested in being locked up at domestic.”[7] He pitched an idea to Donna Langley, the Chairwoman of Universal Pictures, and said he wanted to direct a “small” movie focusing at the tension between characters trapped in a claustrophobic placing.[8]: 0:13–zero:39  Bay was reminded of Ambulance and informed that the movie can be shot on a fairly low-price range in a short time period. “It form of appropriate my needs,” he said.[7] On November 11, 2020, Bay was introduced as the brand new director,[nine] and the movie became referred to as a “character-driven project” that might circulate far from Bay’s normality of “preferred explosion-heavy fare” while using elements from Speed (1994) and Bad Boys (1995).[10] Bay did now not watch or study the screenplay of the original Danish film because he desired to make the movie his very own.[8]: 1:01–1:17

The film become financed through Endeavor Content and produced through New Republic Pictures and Project X.[eleven] Jake Gyllenhaal obtained the screenplay even as capturing a extraordinary challenge in October 2020.[12]: thirteen:47–14:06  The following month, the film changed into announced with Gyllenhaal and Dylan O’Brien in talks to superstar as the two brothers who hijack the ambulance and Eiza González in negotiations to celebrity because the paramedic.[13][14] Gyllenhaal’s casting was a contributing aspect in Bay’s choice to shoot the movie.[12]: zero:49–0:55  To put together for the function, González spent three months “working intimately with firefighters, EMTs, surgeons, [and] anybody across the hospital treatment gadget.” She additionally rented an ambulance and had a friend power her round to enhance her stability.[15] On December eleven, 2020, Universal Pictures showed they would distribute the film and announced O’Brien had dropped out of the task because of scheduling conflicts; Yahya Abdul-Mateen II became solid as his replacement when he became able to suit the film into his agenda, following a manufacturing delay on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (2023).[sixteen][17][18] González become showed to famous person three days later.[19] The relaxation of the forged changed into introduced among January and May 2021.[20] On becoming a member of the forged, A Martinez stated he submitted a self-made audition video from Auckland, New Zealand.[21]Filming[edit]

The film turned into shot on a $40 million budget in downtown Los Angeles. Filming wrapped after thirty-8 days.[22]