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Bimbisara (film) Indian Telugu-language fantasy motion film written and directed with the aid of debutant Mallidi Vasishta

Bimbisara (film) Indian Telugu-language fantasy motion film written and directed with the aid of debutant Mallidi Vasishta

Bimbisara is a 2022 Indian Telugu-language fantasy motion film written and directed with the aid of debutant Mallidi Vasishta, and produced with the aid of N. T. R. Arts. It stars Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Catherine Tresa, Samyuktha Menon and Prakash Raj. In the film, King Bimbisara of the Trigartala Empire from the fifth century BCE lands in the modern-day-day global via time tour.

Principal pictures of the movie began in 2020 and ended in November 2021, with delays because of COVID-19 pandemic. Made on a budget of ₹40 crore, important part of the movie turned into shot at Ramakrishna Studios in Hyderabad. The film is scored by means of M. M. Keeravani who composed the songs with Chirrantan Bhatt.

Bimbisara was launched on 5 August 2022 and obtained tremendous opinions from critics and have become a hit at the container office.Plot[edit]

In 500 BCE, a wanderer and his companion are chased in a wooded area by way of a troop of infantrymen. They fall into a sinkhole that results in a cave. When the wanderer is preventing off the soldiers, skeletons come out from mysterious mirrors and pull the soldiers into them. The wanderer breaks one of the mirrors to get away which liberates a demon from it. In gratitude, the demon items the wanderer a reflect which allows journey thru time.

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In the prevailing, Shastri with the help of sorcerer Kethu attempts to open Bimbisara’s treasure. However, Shastri is killed whilst he by chance touches the treasure door to shop his son. The son grows up to be Subramanya Shastri, an acclaimed medical doctor who desires to open the treasure and fulfil his father’s want.

In the past, Bimbisara of the Trigartala Empire is a ruthless king who rules with an iron fist. He conquers kingdoms at his will and has received several gifts which includes Sanjeevani that could revive the lifeless. Bimbisara plans to triumph over the Asmaka Kingdom next. He kills the Asmaka king and imprisons princess Ira whilst they decline to kneel. Bimbisara then gets the replicate from the cave which he likes and maintains it in his bed room. One day, he assaults a pious village that defies his orders. He retrieves Dhanvantari, a e book of medicine from them, and kills a woman and the priest who predict his downfall. Later, Bimbisara is attacked by way of his twin brother Devadutta (the wanderer) who pushes Bimbisara into the replicate and takes his location because the emperor.

Through the reflect, Bimbisara lands unconsciously in modern-day Hyderabad in 2022 interior a truck. The truck drivers throw him onto the street and go away. Bimbisara wakes up however is perplexed by way of the contemporary-day global. He wanders in the metropolis aimlessly, breaking into each reflect that he can discover inside the wish of returning to his world. He is taken to the police wherein SI Vyjayanthi and constable Prasadam try to use him for his or her advantage. Meanwhile, Kethu informs Shastri that Bimbisara has arrived, and that they start to search for him. Vyjayanthi and Bimbisara attend a conference in which they locate Vishwanandan Varma who claims to be a descendant of Bimbisara. They observe him to an area in which Vishwanandan inaugurates Bimbisara’s statue. A construction crane fails and its beam heads to fall without delay on Bimbisara, handiest to be stored by means of a woman who’s a look-alike of the girl whom he killed within the beyond.

Having a change of heart, Bimbisara befriends the woman and takes care of her. Shastri’s men find him and kidnap the woman. Bimbisara thrashes them and rescues the woman, incomes the believe of her grandfather Vishwanandan. Shastri then kills the lady’s father and blackmails Bimbisara to arrive on the treasure’s vicinity. Shastri holds the lady’s circle of relatives as hostages and puts the girl on a deathbed. He demands Bimbisara to open the treasure and convey Dhanvantari to keep the female.

A excessive famine has gripped Trigartala. Devadutta reveals himself and comes to a decision to open the treasure. As the treasure door requires Bimbisara’s handprint and voice to open, they begin a Homam to avoid it. Commander Bagheera makes a decision to kill Devdutta and take over the dominion. Bimbisara’s confidant Zubeda overhears it. He is going thru the reflect in Bimbisara’s room to discover Bimbisara and lands at Salar Jung Museum.

Bimbisara is not able to open the treasure because of the impact of Homam and Shastri gives him time until nightfall. Bimbisara prays to the goddess to offer him a risk. Zubeda reveals Bimbisara and tells him approximately Bagheera’s treason. They tour back to the beyond together. Bagheera assaults Devadutta but Bimbisara arrives on time and kills Bagheera. The priest completes the Homam to open the door, although it destines for Bimbisara’s dying. Bimbisara arms over Dhanvantari and his country to Devadutta and returns to the present to store the lady.

Shastri is furious to see Bimbisara returning empty-exceeded. His guys assault him however Bimbisara kills them and Kethu. Bimbisara is fatally shot by means of Shastri moments before he kills him. He saves the female with the treatment he delivered from Trigartala and dies, just as Sanjeevani in Trigartala starts offevolved to shine.Cast[edit]

  • Nandamuri Kalyan Ram in a dual role as King Bimbisara and Devadutta
  • Catherine Tresa as Princess Ira
  • Samyuktha Menon as Vyjayanthi
  • Prakash Raj as Vishwanandan Varma
  • Vivan Bhatena as Subramanya Shastri
  • Vennela Kishore as Prasadam
  • Srinivas Reddy as Zubeda
  • Brahmaji as Brahmalokam
  • Ayyappa P. Sharma as Kethu
  • Rajeev Kanakala as Vishwanandan Varma’s second son
  • Sai Kiran as Vishwanandan Varma’s elder son
  • Tanikella Bharani because the priest
  • Viva Harsha as Devadutta’s companion
  • Chammak Chandra
  • Warina Hussain in a unique look in a track


In January 2019, debutant director Vasishta approached actor Nandamuri Kalyan Ram for a historic myth film whilst the latter became shooting for NTR: Mahanayakudu (2019). Kalyan Ram who became interested in fantasy and folklore movies in Telugu cinema including Pathala Bhairavi (1951), Jagadeka Veeruni Katha (1961), Gulebakavali Katha (1962), Aditya 369 (1991), Bhairava Dweepam (1994), Yamadonga (2007), Baahubali customary the film.[5]Pre-production[edit]

The film changed into launched in 2020[quotation needed] beneath the tentative name NKR18, as it’s miles intended to be 18th movie of Kalyan Ram as a lead actor. Catherine Tresa, Samyuktha Menon, Vennela Kishore, and Srinivasa Reddy have been forged in key roles.[6]

The title of the film changed into unveiled as Bimbisara in May 2021.[7] Vasishta said that the movie does not comply with the records of King Bimbisara of fifth century BCE, but, they’ve taken the character and a number of his attributes.[8] Kalyan Ram stated that Bimbisara become tailored because the title someday after the story was finalized.[nine] Initially imagined to be stand-on my own film, it’s miles pronounced that story changed into break up into elements due to its period. However, the second element’s manufacturing is reported to start a while later, relying on the reception of the first movie.[3][10]Filming[edit]

Principal pictures started in 2020.[11] It turned into behind schedule due to the second wave of COVID-19 in India and resumed shooting in mid 2021.[eleven] Large units associated with ancient country had been set up at Ramakrishna Studios, Hyderabad.[12] The shoot changed into finished by way of November 2021.[13]Music[edit]

Originally, the historical past rating and songs had been alleged to be composed via Santosh Narayan and Chirantan Bhatt, respectively.[14] However, Narayanan become later replaced by means of M. M. Keeravani to compose the background rating for the movie.[15] Lyrics for the songs are written via Ramajogayya Sastry, Sreemani and Varikuppala Yadagiri. The first unmarried titled “Eeswarude” become launched on 13 July 2022.[sixteen] The 2d single titled “O Tene Palukula” become launched on 21 July 2022.[17]TitleLyricsMusicSinger(s)1.”Eeswarude”SreemaniChirrantan BhattKaala Bhairava4:182.”O Tene Palukula”Varikuppala YadagiriChirrantan BhattHymath Mohammed, Satya Yamini3:553.”Neetho Unte Chalo”M. M. KeeravaniM. M. KeeravaniMohana Bhogaraju, Sandilya Pisapati4:474.”Vijayaho”Chaitanya PrasadM. M. KeeravaniHemachandra, Sai Charan, Lokesh, Arun Koundinya, Raghuram, Harika Narayan, Nayana Nair, Poornima, Sri Soumya Gomathi2:525.”Bimbisara – Rap Song”LipsikaM. M. KeeravaniLipsika, Adithya Iyengar, Prudhvi Chandra, Shivaradhya K.R.1:506.”Gulebakavali”Ramajogayya SastryChirrantan BhattChinmayi3:56Marketing and release[edit]Theatrical[edit]

Bimbisara is launched on 5 August 2022.[18] Originally it become scheduled to launch in November 2021 but it become delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[10] A pre-release event turned into carried out in Hyderabad in July 2022 with Kalyan Ram’s half-brother N. T. Rama Rao Jr. attending as guest.[19]

UFO Moviez has received the distribution rights for North India.[20] In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the movie is distributed through Dil Raju.[21][22]

The international theatrical rights of the movie were bought at a fee of ₹15 crore.[23]Home media[edit]