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Catastrophe Movie (Wikipedia) American parody movie written and directed with the aid of Jason Friedberg

Catastrophe Movie (Wikipedia) American parody movie written and directed with the aid of Jason Friedberg

Disaster Movie is a 2008 American parody movie written and directed with the aid of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer and produced through Peter Safran, Friedberg, and Seltzer. It stars Matt Lanter, Vanessa Minnillo, Gary “G Thang” Johnson, Crista Flanagan, Nicole Parker, Ike Barinholtz, Carmen Electra, Tony Cox, and Kim Kardashian in her characteristic film debut. It became launched on August 29, 2008 by Lionsgate. The movie is a parody of the disaster movie genre and popular culture.

The movie was panned via critics and audiences for its forced adult humor, immoderate pop culture references, and terrible directing, with many considering it to be even worse than the preceding films created by Seltzer and Friedberg,[three][four] as well as one of the worst films of all time. The film received six nominations for the twenty ninth Golden Raspberry Awards. It grossed nearly $35 million against a price range of $20 million.[2]Plot[edit]

In the yr 10,001 B.C., a caveman runs faraway from a predator through a undeniable and straight away receives into a combat with Wolf. After defeating him, the caveman then encounters the predator, a saber-toothed, gasoline-ingesting Amy Winehouse, who informs him that the world will give up on August 29, 2008, and that their destiny lies in a Crystal Skull.

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The sequence is then revealed to be a dream of everyman Will inside the cutting-edge. He then reveals out that his lady friend Amy is having an affair with Flavor Flav, and he or she breaks up with Will because he is not admitting his proper feelings for her.

Later that day, Will has a “Super Duper Sweet Sixteen” party at his residence, no matter being 25. The visitors consist of Juney, Dr. Phil, Will’s pleasant friend Calvin, and Anton Chigurh, amongst others. During the party, Amy arrives together with her new boyfriend, a Calvin Klein undies version. The party then involves a halt while the room shakes and the lights go out. A bulletin on the radio claims there may be a meteor shower and it’s miles the cease of the sector. Soon after, the town begins to freeze over, and Will, Juney, Calvin, and Calvin’s lady friend Lisa retreat to a garage for safe haven. When Juney mentions that the calamities are because of international warming, Will realizes his dream as a caveman may be associated. Later, Will is chided by using the others for no longer committing himself to his dating with Amy.

The gang leaves the garage and Will receives a name from Amy, in which he admits his feelings for her earlier than the call is dropped. He makes a decision to go to rescue Amy. Lisa is later killed by a meteor. While the others comfort a distraught Calvin, Giselle, a prostitute, climbs out of a manhole and receives hit by using a taxi. Calvin catches her, and that they without delay fall in love with each other. Giselle’s pimp, Prince Edwin, challenges Calvin to a dance combat for her love, however a tornado seems and Prince Edwin flees. Iron Man, Hellboy, and the Hulk attempt to fight it, but all are defeated with the aid of cows thrown through the tornado. After taking safe haven, Will, Juney, Calvin, and Giselle stumble upon rabid knockoffs of Alvin and the Chipmunks, who assault the crowd and kill Juney. The “Chipmunks” then cross after Will and Calvin, but they trap them in a trash can, fatally suffocating them as they try and get away.

On their manner to the museum wherein Amy is trapped, the group runs into Batman, who informs them that they need to go to evacuation buses and that there could be no risk of survival if they go to store Amy. With time in opposition to them, Princess Giselle kills Speed Racer, and the group hijacks his Mach Five to power to the museum. At the museum, they keep Amy, who reveals that the Crystal Skull is the simplest component that could stop the quit of the arena. Calvin and the Princess then discover that the museum doors are closed and all the artifacts have come alive, together with Po from Kung Fu Panda, who fights Calvin however is defeated. When Calvin makes out with the Princess, Calvin by accident pulls her wig and discovers that she is genuinely a transvestite. While this takes place, “Po” takes out a katana and concurrently kills Calvin and the Princess.

Meanwhile, Will and Amy run into a nude Beowulf, who fights with Will. After Amy stabs “Beowulf” within the returned, Will and Amy stumble upon Indiana Jones, who’s revealed to be Will’s father. “Indy” attempts to position the Crystal Skull on the altar, but he flies through a stained glass window within the room. Will does it instead, and he averts in addition destruction. Will and Amy have a marriage rite carried out via “The Guru Shitka”, which ends up with a musical range approximately all the characters inside the film courting each different (having intercourse inside the unrated model) parodying “I’m Fucking Matt Damon” by way of Sarah Silverman and the movie closes with the “Chipmunks” getting crushed to death via a falling cow earlier than the credits begin to roll.Cast[edit]Parodies[edit]Films and TV shows[edit]

  • The Simpsons Movie (2007) (movie poster)[5]
  • Cloverfield (2008)[6][7]
  • Twister (1996)[8][nine]
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)[10][nine]
  • 10,000 BC (2008)[eleven][7]
  • American Gladiators (2008)[12][thirteen]
  • My Super Sweet 16 (2005–2008)[13][8]
  • Juno (2007)[7][12]
  • Enchanted (2007)[7][eleven]
  • High School Musical (2006)[eleven][7][14]
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007)[11]
  • Kung Fu Panda (2008)[eleven][6]
  • The Dark Knight (2008)[15]
  • WWE (1980–present)[sixteen]
  • The Incredible Hulk (2008)[6]
  • Step Up 2: The Streets[nine][8]
  • Iron Man (2008)[6]
  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)[nine]
  • Sex and the City (2008)[6][9]
  • Hancock (2008)[14][6]
  • Superbad (2007)[10][17]
  • Night on the Museum (2006)[11][nine]
  • HeadOn business (2006)[18]
  • The Love Guru (2008)[nine]
  • Hannah Montana (2006–2008)[6]
  • Beowulf (2007)[eleven][14][nine]
  • Speed Racer (2008)[11][9]
  • Brokeback Mountain (2005)[15]
  • I Am Legend (2007)[thirteen]
  • The Day After Tomorrow (2004)[13]
  • Jumper (2008)[13][eleven]
  • No Country for Old Men (2007)[10]
  • Wanted (2008)[19]
  • The Matrix Revolutions (2003)[20]
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)[19]
  • An Inconvenient Truth (2006)[21]
  • You Don’t Mess with the Zohan (2008)[22]
  • Get Smart (2008)[19][9]

Real-existence people[edit]

  • Miley Cyrus[7][14]
  • Amy Winehouse[11][12]
  • Michael Jackson[eleven][14]
  • Flavor Flav[17]
  • Kanye West
  • Hollywood Yates
  • Dr. Phil[14][10]
  • Jonas Brothers[8]
  • Jessica Simpson[14][10][nine]
  • Sarah Silverman[7]
  • Matt Damon[13]
  • Justin Timberlake[10][8]


On April 2, 2008, less than three months after the discharge of Friedberg and Seltzer’s preceding spoof film Meet the Spartans, it become introduced that the duo were in pre-production on a spoof of Superbad, with the name being Goodie Two Shoes.[23] Unlike the preceding Friedberg and Seltzer-directed movies, which had been financed by way of Regency Enterprises and dispensed via 20th Century Fox, this film become financed through Grosvenor Park and disbursed through Lionsgate in the United States.Writing[edit]

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer wrote the film as a parody of Superbad, however just like the duo’s preceding films, it parodies some of the huge blockbusters and famous celebrities from 2007 and 2008. Since some of the films being spoofed had been no longer launched at the time that the script become being written, Friedberg and Seltzer used trailer footage to get the basic concept of the movies.Casting[edit]

On April 28, Matt Lanter, Vanessa Minnillo, Gary “G Thang” Johnson and Carmen Electra signed up to be the main forged participants.[24]Filming[edit]

Filming passed off in the country of Louisiana from April 28 to June 6.[23] Oscar-nominated production clothier William Elliott (who has accomplished manufacturing design at the duo movies considering the fact that Date Movie), did the manufacturing layout for the sets.[25] The Chamber of trade building in Shreveport was used for filming the herbal records museum scenes inside the film.[26]Post-production[edit]

After the filming had ended, Friedberg and Seltzer renamed the film Disaster Movie.Release[edit]