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DCU: Was Bill Skarsgård cast in a mystery role?

DCU: Was Bill Skarsgård cast in a mystery role?

Bill Skarsgard tv series
Bill Skarsgård in Hemlock Grove – Source: IMDB

According to the latest rumors circulating, Bill Skarsgard joined the new Warner Bros family for a mysterious role in the DCU extension. It seems the possibility that Andy Muschietti direct The Brave and The Bold opened up a whole host of possibilities for the director’s collaborators.

Earlier we talked about Christina Hudsonwhich he has already signed The Flashto the script of the new film about the Bat-family, and now it seems that the actor Bill Skarsgardformerly directed by Muschietti in IT, may be a new Bruce Wayne. The reporter Jeff Sneider he then chimed in stating that the actor is already ready for “a different DC movie”.

There are currently only five films in the first installment of the new “Gods and Monsters” slate DCU extensionso if it’s not about The Brave and the Boldwe can assume that Skarsgård is ready for Superman: Legacies, The Authority, Swamp Thing or Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.

Superman: Legacieswhich is currently the only film in pre-production, may need a convincing Jimmy Olsen, and Skarsgard seems to be suitable for that role. But this is pure speculation and we can only wait for official confirmation to know what face the next protagonists of DCU extension.