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Disney characters: photos, images and the names of the most important

Disney characters: photos, images and the names of the most important

Disney characters

In one hundred years of history the Disney has given the world of cinema, comics and animation many of the most famous characters in the history of entertainment. THE disney characters for decades they have thrilled and made millions of viewers laugh. Here is a rundown with images of the most famous Disney characters.

baby mouse

baby mouse

characters and walt disney, among the first ones that come to mind when those two words are pronounced, it leaps to the top of our thoughts mice. baby mouse also known by the historical name of Mickey Mouse is a fictional comic and cartoon character created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks and later developed by Floyd Gottfredson. It is among the most famous in the world and an icon of the walt disney company, the largest media conglomerate in the world in terms of annual revenue. According to the Walt Disney story, he had considered naming Mickey Mouse after Mortimer, but his wife convinced him to name him Mickey Mouse.

The film debut of the character took place on November 18, 1928 at the Colony Theater in New York, in the short film Steamboat Willie, screened alongside the film Gang War; the success was notable thanks also to the presence of perfectly merged visual and sound inventions. The first short produced in which the character appears is though The crazy plane, also from 1928, but could not find a distributor until 1929. In comics, the character made his debut on January 13, 1930 with the story Mickey on the Mysterious Island. For his creation Walt Disney won an honorary Academy Award. Second ForbesMickey Mouse’s annual revenues as of 2004 were $5.8 billion, making him the most profitable fictional character in history.

DONALD – Disney characters


Between male Disney characters best known, Pauline Donald Duck (Donald Fauntleroy Duck), better known as Donald Duckis a Disney cartoon and comic character whose debut dates back to a short film The wise hen (The Wise Little Hen) of 1934 and in the same year he debuted on the comics of the series cheerful symphonies (Silly Symphonies).

Donald Duck he was the protagonist of many short films and countless comic stories made in the United States as well as in various parts of the world such as Italy and Brazil. The success of the character is such that he soon becomes the testimonial of many initiatives in various parts of the world and also the subject of widespread merchandising.

According to many Donald is “the anti-hero par excellence, the incarnation of the average modern man, with his frustrations, his problems, his neuroses”.


MINNIBetween female disney characters best known, Minnieor little mouse (in English Minnielisten)) is a character from the Mickey Mouse universe featured in cartoons, comics, and publications by The Walt Disney Company.

Official debut in comic history Mickey and the mystery of the necklaces by Merrill De Maris and Floyd Gottfredson published in Italy in 1946 in which he was called Minerva Mouse, Minerva has been a recurring name ever since to identify her.

The previous comic story Mickey and the beautiful gaga (published in Italy in 1936) introduces his father Marcus Mouse and his mother innominata, both farmers. The story itself includes photographs of her grandparents Marshall Mouse and Matilda. However, her best known relatives remain her uncle Mortimer and her nieces Millie and Melody. In some appearances, Minnie is introduced as a close friend of Daisy Duck.


DUCK PAPERYou also draw Disney female characters Daisy Duck (Daisy Duck) is a character from the Disney Gang, known for being Donald’s girlfriend.

he first appearance of a female counterpart of Donald Duck takes place in 1937, in the animated short film Don Donald (Don Donald). In it it appears Donna Duck; apart from the appearance and some character traits, this one doesn’t have much to do with Daisy, and looks more like a real female version of the irascible duck, especially since her voice is given to her by Clarence Nash, the same voice actor as Donald Duck. Donna Duck was not supposed to be a recurring character, at least in the original concept: her idea was to use her in a couple of short films at most.

Al Taliaferro, who in the meantime takes care of the comic adventures of Donald Duck, however, is not of the same opinion: the idea of ​​enlivening the stories with a real partner of the duck is very attractive, and in some comic strips he returns to draw Donna Duck, just like Daisy Duck’s love rival.


Foo it’s a character imagery of Disney cartoons and comics, conceived in 1932 by Pinto Colvig and animator Johnny Cannon as Mickey’s supporting actor in a short film, but was definitively characterized by animator Art Babbitt in 1935 and subsequently made his debut in comics created by Floyd Gottfredson which further defines the character by giving him depth as Mickey’s sidekick.

He has appeared in hundreds of cartoons as the protagonist or supporting actor and in thousands of comic books made in various countries around the world.

Goofy lives in the city of Topolinia and is Mickey’s best friend. He is an anthropomorphic dog, tall, lanky and dressed as a farmer; he is clumsy, careless, forgetful, messy and endowed with a disarming irrationality, and therefore represents the ideal counterpart of the rational and efficient Mickey Mouse


PlutoPluto (Pluto, the Pup) is a disney comic character, and is Mickey Mouse’s pet dog, often supporting character in his master’s adventures.

The name Pluto derives, in the original, from the name of the planet Pluto (in English Pluto), discovered in 1930, the same year in which the character was introduced. Pluto was one of the first Disney characters to break out of the “hose and rubber ring” model that was used until then for the design of the various characters.

He made his debut in the animated short film Mickey and the mad scientist (The Mad Doctor) of 1933, although a similar dog had already appeared briefly in “The Chain Gang” (The chain gang, 1930). The debut in the comics takes place in the Mickey Mouse Sunday table of January 10, 1932, where Pluto is saved by Mickey Mouse, chased by a cat. It reappears in the February 7th table, and since then they will often be together.

The short film “Give me your paw“, also known as “Here the paw” (“Lend a Paw” 1941), in which he starred, won an Academy Award.

Chip and Dale

Chip and DaleChip & Dale (Chip ‘n Dale) are two fictional cartoon characters, created by The Walt Disney Company and depicted as two chipmunks.

The English name Chip ‘n’ Dale is a pun based on the name “Chippendale”. It was suggested by Bill “Tex” Henson, one of Walt Disney’s artists.

Although in their first appearance (the short film Soldier Plutus) were both physically and psychologically very similar, already from the next appearance they acquired each of the specific peculiarities. Cip has a small black nose and a higher-pitched voice, while Dale has a large red nose and two very protruding teeth; from a character point of view, Cip is the “mind” of the duo, he always takes the initiative and is the creator of the plans; Ciop, on the other hand, is lazy and clumsy, with a more naive and good-natured nature.

The two squirrels live inside a hollow tree on the outskirts of Duckburg, but sometimes they venture into the city or to Grandma Duck’s farm. They talk to each other or to the other inhabitants of the forest, but they never have direct contact with the members of the Disney gang.


UNCLE SCROOGEScrooge McDuck (Scrooge McDuck), also known as Scrooge McDuck or Uncle Scrooge (Uncle Scrooge), is a Disney comic and cartoon character, created by Carl Barks in 1947. He has appeared as the protagonist or supporting actor in dozens of cartoons and in thousands of comic stories made in various countries of the world. Forbes magazine places it in 1st place among the “Richest Fictional People in the World” attributing to him assets of 65 billion dollars.

He is one of the most loved and most successful Disney characters in the world, despite his stingy character, modeled on the model of Ebenezer Scroogegreedy protagonist of the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, made him a far from likeable character at the origins. In addition to the character of Ebenezer Scrooge, the biography of Scrooge was probably also inspired by the life of Andrew Carnegie, an American billionaire who emigrated from Scotland who really existed.

Entrepreneur, financier, manager, tycoon and banker, gifted with a keen sense for business, he is defined as “the richest duck in the world”, he is Donald Duck’s uncle and appears for the first time in the story Christmas on Bear Mountain (Donald’s Christmas on Bear Mountain), published in No. 178 of Four Color. In the first Italian translation of his debut story the character’s name was translated into Scrooge of the Paperini. Also, in many early translations the character’s surname is spelled “dei Scrooge”, even though his family name was referred to as “Scrooge”, without the article.


HERE, HERE and HEREHere, Here And Here (Huey, Dewey And Louie) are three fictional characters from Disney comics and cartoons. Designed by Al Taliaferro and Ted Osborne for the Sunday table of 17 October 1937, they are Donald Duck’s three grandchildren. At least originally, they appear in the world of Donald and the ducks with characteristics almost equivalent to those of Tip and Tap, Mickey’s grandchildren.

Qui, Quo and Qua officially debut on the big screen in the 1938 short film Donald’s nephews.

Identical twins, they are presented as children of Della Duck (Donald Duck’s sister) and an unknown father. In the short film Donald’s nephews, the three ducks decide to detonate a large firecracker under their father’s chair, which ends up in the hospital. Della Duck sends the three little urchins to Donald Duck’s house so that he can host them until their father ends his treatment. Since then Qui, Quo, and Qua have moved permanently with their uncle to Duckburg and there will be no more news of their mother.

Here are more Disney character names:

Al Popone
Anacleto Faina
Anacletus Mitraglia
Archimedes Pythagorean
Atomino Beep Beep
Azimuth Van Quack
Beagle Boys
Brigitta McBridge
Boom boom grin
Commissioner Sideburns
Flintheart Glomgold
Dynamite Bla
Doctor Kranz
Doretta Doremi
And of
Emily Paperett
Age Beta
Sganga thread
Wooden leg
Gaston Scrooge
Indiana Pipps
Iron Ciccius
Jet McQuack
John Rockerduck
Black spot
Maga Magó
Marquis Scarampola de’ Scrooge
Moby Duck
Grandma Duck
Grandfather Dachshund
Horace Cavezza
Paper Bat
Paper Hoog
Duck Yé Yé
Donald Duck
Pico de Paperis
Four-leaf clover
Rock Stones
Sgrizzo Papero
Tip and Tap