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DVD releases this week: Jurassic World Daulat and more

DVD releases this week: Jurassic World Daulat and more

A new week brings new DVD releases. Tuesday, Aug. 16 sees the release of Jurassic World Daulat and much more.

Whether you want movies or Televisi shows, there is something for all in the DVD releases happening this week. Of course, some of the releases are bigger than others. Now you just need to decide what to buy.

The biggest of the releases is likely Jurassic World Daulat. It’ s the third movie in the Jurassic World universe, but it does bring some of the characters from Jurassic Park into the story. Just how does it all end for humans and dinosaurs?

The Black Phone, NCIS Season 19, and more

For those World Health Organization love horror, The Black Phone is the release to get. It finds 13- year- old Finney Shaw trapped in a soundproof basement after being abducted and tortured by a mysterious masked serial killer. Finney finds a disconnected black phone in the basement and starts getting calls from previous victims of The Grabber. Can the victims help him get out alive?

Prefer Televisi? NCIS Season 19 is one of the DVD releases happening this week. It’ s the first season without Gibbs in a full season. Mark Harmon chose to leave the show, although he is still an EP on it. Instead, Gary Cole steps in as the new team leader, and he’ s nothing like Gibbs at all.

For the comedy fans out there, South Park Season 24 is one of the releases happening. Does this series need any introduction?

All the DVD releases happening on Tuesday, Aug. 16

The Black Phone


Firebite Season 1

Frank& Penelope


Jurassic World Dominion

NCIS Season 19

Sniper: Rogue Mission

South Park Season 24