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Everyone is fine at home 2 – The series: review of the series by Gabriele Muccino

Everyone is fine at home 2 – The series: review of the series by Gabriele Muccino

all right at home season two review

Come back upstairs Sky and streamed on NOW Gabriel Muccino with the second season of Everyone at home is fine. The first television series of the Roman director’s filmography encompasses, once again, the main themes that have always characterized his cinema. We then find again for protagonist a bourgeois and dysfunctional family who can only communicate through screams and shouts. All’s Well At Home 2 – The series picks up where we left off, with the shocking revelation of the first season, in which it is revealed that the body buried in the garden of the Ristuccia house by the sea in Ansedonia was that of Verenaan employee of the family and Geneva distraught runs away by car, runs off the road and is dying.

The plot of Home for all 2 – The series

The first episode reveals that Geneva (Laura Adriani) survived the accident but is in a coma in the hospital meanwhile the Ristuccias and the Marianis gather to talk about Verena’s death. Sunrise (Laura Morante) the Ristuccia matriarch takes all the wrath and contempt of her three sons Carlo (Francis Scianna), Paul (Simone Liberati) and Sarah (Silvia D’Amico) for hiding the murder of his father Pietro’s young lover. After this introductory part of All’s Well At Home 2 – The series there is a time jump of a good year and finally Ginevra wakes up and the Ristuccia brothers try in every way to keep their family business, that is the restaurant, afloat Saint Peter.

Sara starts dating a well-known starred chef (Tom Leeb) and leaves her faithless husband Diego (Antonio Folletto), Paolo is fighting to regain custody of his son Giovanni (Federico Ielapi) who lives in Paris and Carlo has to face the return home of Ginevra who unfortunately can’t walk anymore and doesn’t remember the body hidden by Alba and Maria Ristuccia (Paola Sotgiu). Meanwhile, however, another threat resurfaces from the past, the underworld Adriano Abbattista, no longer in jail but under house arrest, which is why Luana (Emma Brown) frightened by the incident, she leaves Maria’s second son, that is Riccardo (Alessio Moneta) and also takes away the few months old son Cesare. Meanwhile Sandro Mariani’s illness (Valerio Aprea) gets worse and his wife Beatrice (Milena Mancini) is forced to leave her husband Alzheimer’s patient in a clinic that will take care of him, one of the most touching scenes of the series in general.

The finale of the fourth episode is perhaps the most unexpected moment of these first six episodes of the second season of Everyone at home is fine. Without revealing too much, again as it happened years before, the story somehow repeats itself, a Ristuccia and a Mariani find themselves at night with a dead man in the restaurant kitchen, with the mission to get rid of him as soon as possible. From here the two characters experience firsthand everything their mothers went through, of course this new murder is not an accident but an act of defense against Luna (Swabian Mariani) who was about to be raped by a man hiding in the courtyard of the restaurant. In the sixth episode the police begin to investigate the discovery of a charred corpse in a quarry and the first suspects are precisely the members of the two San Pietro families.

An Italian family drama

There dysfunctional family has always been the basis of the plots of a family dramajust think of the most famous American of the Roys, protagonists of Successionthe award-winning series aired in recent weeks always on Sky or even that of the Duttons Yellowstone. The first serial production of the director who made himself known to the general public in 2001 with the film The Last Kiss, also plays on the contrasts between the brothers who want to manage the family business, in this case the San Pietro restaurant, inherited of the patriarch who has now passed away.

The first season had been dramatic, between secrets hidden for decades, lies and the many unmistakable hysterical outbursts that have always been Muccino’s trademark. All’s Well At Home 2 – The series is always full, especially in the first episodes, of nervous breakdowns but also the birth of new relationships, a new mystery and the collaboration between the Ristuccia brothers and their cousin, known as Riccardino, Mariani who join forces to run their prestigious restaurant in the heart of Rome. Gabriele Muccino finally directs a cast, among the most talented and united in a single set of a television drama series, where in this second season the interpretations of Silvia D’amico, Francesco Scianna, Valerio Aprea and Antonio Folletto stand out.

This second season is confirmed as an excellent Italian serial product recognizable in the signature of its creator and which flows in pursuit of a new mystery and crime that will once again put the Ristuccia and Mariani families in crisis.