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Fantastic Four: A fan art imagines Margot Robbie as Sue Storm

Fantastic Four: A fan art imagines Margot Robbie as Sue Storm

Margot Robbie Fantastic Four

The film dedicated to the first family of Marveli Fantastic Four, will be in theaters in 2025 directed by Matt Shakmanalready behind the camera of Wanda Vision. He has the task of choosing the actors who will play those who are some of the most important characters in the Marvel. For some time now, various rumors have been circulating on the net about who could be chosen for the film, from Adam Driver That seems one step away from signing for Reed Richards until Antonio Banderas That could play the villain Galactus. In the last weeks, the favorite for the role of Sue Storm instead she became the actress Margot Robbie.

A splendid fan art now imagines that this very casting becomes reality, thus offering a vision of how the actress wearing the character’s famous overalls, also known as Invisible Woman. On her Instagram, the digital artist @venomhology has in fact shared this artistic work of hers, teasing even more the fans who now really hope to see the actress play this character. However, Robbie is known for having already played a character from the comics, that is harley quinnwhich she brought to the cinema in multiple DC films.

With the director of The Suicide Squad James Gunn now in charge of the DC Universe, Robbie should most likely resume this role in the future, which makes it difficult to believe in her step towards the “competition”, i.e. the Marvel Studios. To have more certainties, we can only wait for the casting process to Fantastic Four concludes and that the official names are revealed. After that thanks to this fan art we saw how Margot Robbie could turn out to be Sue Storm, it’s hard to deny that the actress could actually prove to be a great choice for the character.

Source: Instagram