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Guardians of the Galaxy, 15 biggest changes made by the MCU

Guardians of the Galaxy, 15 biggest changes made by the MCU

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

James Gunn made several major changes to the Guardians of the Galaxy compared to the comics. Despite the impressive degree of comic book accuracy that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has proven over the years, changes in live-action superhero adaptations are inevitable. Sometimes these changes are temporary, like the organic fluid in a spider’s web Spider-Man in the trilogy of Sam Raimi; but sometimes these changes are so well received that they end up affecting the source material.

It is the case of Guardians of the Galaxy. Though they were a superhero team well known to fans of Marvel before the MCU, it was only with Guardians of the Galaxy Of James Gunn which have become a prominent property. Several aspects of the team and each individual member have survived the team’s evolution, but other characteristics make the current ones Guardians they look like a completely different bunch than the one in the comics.

15The origins of the Guardians of the Galaxy are diverse in Marvel comics

Guardians of the Galaxy Origins

THE Guardians of the Galaxy of the mcu they are a group of space criminals who banded together after being sent to Kyln, a space prison full of dangerous creatures just like them. With a common vengeance against Ronan And Thanosthe team members stuck together after their first battle and became very good friends.

In the source material, the former Guardians of the Galaxya were a team of heroes from the future who defended the solar system. Years later, the team was reintroduced to a different universe: Peter Quillaka Star-Lordrecruited the current ones Guardians to protect the galaxy after the Kree’s invasion of the Phalanx.