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Honeymoon (2014) Review Imdb

Honeymoon (2014) Review Imdb


  • A newlywed couple finds their lake-country honeymoon descend into chaos after Paul unearths Bea wandering and disoriented within the nighttime.
  • Young newlyweds Paul and Bea journey to far off lake united states of america for his or her honeymoon. Shortly after arriving, Paul finds Bea wandering and disoriented in the midnight. As she will become greater distant and her conduct increasingly more strange, Paul begins to suspect something more sinister than sleepwalking happened in the woods.
  • Newlyweds Paul and Bea need to spend their honeymoon at a cabin within the woods. But the lovable romantic moments quickly disappear whilst abnormal events start to unfold. Mysterious and scary events that appear destined to tear this couple aside.
  • The newlywed Bea and Paul journey to a faraway cottage inside the woods that belongs to her own family for their honeymoon. They are happy and feeling deep love for each other. They decide to have lunch at a rustic restaurant in which Bea meets her youth pal Will, who owns the restaurant and has a unusual behavior. He tells that he were given married to Annie and asks them to go away since the restaurant is closed. During the night, the residence searched through a light and shortly Bea vanishes. Paul unearths her bare and wandering in the woods and she or he claims that she is sleepwalker. Paul suspects that she had encountered Will while Bea modifications her behavior. What might have manifest to Bea?


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The synopsis beneath may deliver away important plot factors.Synopsis

  • Bea (Rose Leslie) and Paul (Harry Treadaway) are newly married and rancid to have a romantic honeymoon in a rustic cabin set in a secluded wooded area. During their live there, they visit a small restaurant whose proprietor first of all acts antagonistic and asks them to go away, however later calms down, figuring out he changed into Bea’s early life buddy, Will. Will’s wife then comes in, appearing strangely and announcing they need to escape. Afterwards, the whole lot is going normally till their wedded bliss is reduce quick when Bea is going missing. Paul reveals her bare and disoriented within the woods and not using a evidence as to how she got there or why she become there inside the first region. He takes her back to the cabin, in which she claims she turned into sleepwalking due to pressure, and tells him to make nothing of it.
  • As time passes, Bea’s conduct turns into increasingly distant and atypical. At first, Paul blames Bea’s extraordinary behaviour on some come upon with Will, however quickly he realizes there’s extra taking place. One night as Paul is lying unsleeping, he sees some shiny lights thru the home windows, but whilst he goes to research he finds nothing. As Paul sees his wife’s behavior becoming greater erratic he finds precise marks on Bea’s internal thighs which she passes off as mosquito bites. Some time later all through an issue, Bea locks herself within the rest room, and while Paul breaks in he finds her repeatedly stabbing herself inside the genitals. Paul then ties her to the bed and she or he asks him to “take it out of her”. Paul places his hand into her vagina and takes out a big computer virus-like creature. Bea later explains that the night she disappeared into the woods, she saw the identical lighting fixtures Paul had seen and could not assist walking in the direction of them. She then noticed some silhouettes, which apparently impregnated her with the creature. Bea says that she is herself, but they are taking away what is left of her. She says she must protect Paul because they may be going to “put off him”. Bea then knocks Paul out, takes him into the center of the lake on a boat, ties an anchor to his ft, and throws him to his death even as believing that she is protecting him through “hiding” him beneath the water.

    Bea is later proven to be deteriorating, her pores and skin turning into white and flaky. She then meets Will’s wife, and that they walk away into the lighting fixtures. The movie finishes with Bea announcing “Before I changed into by myself, but now I’m no longer.”