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Iron Man 3 Review & Synopsis, Tony Stark realizes that his attitude so far has turned out to be a ‘monster’

Iron Man 3 Review & Synopsis, Tony Stark realizes that his attitude so far has turned out to be a ‘monster’

Tony Stark is aware that his attitude has turned out to be a ‘monster’ that harms not only himself but also the people around him, especially Pepper. An incident years ago that left an impression on Killian’s mind, turns out to have brought a personal grudge against Tony.

This revenge made Killian lose his mind by giving bomb terror in several corners of America. Not only that, he also kidnapped Pepper and what’s worse is that he intends to kill the president. What actually made Killian so vengeful towards Tony?

1999 new year celebrations in Bern, Switzerland. Tony, who used to be a playboy, lacks empathy, is selfish, arrogant, and really is still an annoying person. He doesn’t even want to respond well to people who walk near him. He only responded to Happy and one woman, Maya Hensen.

Maya is indeed an attractive and very attractive woman in Tony’s eyes. He is a biologist who is currently researching a number of plants. Uniquely, when the plant is damaged or cut, it can automatically regenerate itself. That’s what made Tony interested in Maya.

According to Tony, the woman is very sexy because her ideas and brain are so brilliant in making innovations from these plants. Unfortunately, Maya’s research still leaves dangerous flaws.

There is a ‘blank’ formula that makes the plant explode every time a leaf is damaged. However, Tony fixed the void in Maya’s research by leaving behind a formula that Tony had written on a piece of paper.

However, when Tony was busy talking about his plant research in Maya’s room, he forgot one thing, Aldrich Killian. The man with the limp was waiting for Tony at the top of the building alone. Previously, Tony himself had promised to meet him at exactly 12 o’clock at night on the roof of the building.

For the same reason, Tony was actually interested in the research proposed by Killian. Unfortunately, he meets Tony’s annoying figure, making Tony forget that Killian has been waiting for him on the roof of the building for almost an hour. This is where the monsters appeared, causing endless terror and chaos.

The present, in Malibu, California. The moment with Maya and Killian has been over a dozen years. Tony completely forgot about the incident and was more busy with his new ‘hobby’, developing Iron Man.

At first glance, Tony looks fine. But actually not at all. Since the incident with the Avengers in New York, Tony has had an anxiety disorder which is quite disturbing to him. In fact, Tony’s PTSD had an impact on his relationship with Pepper.

And unfortunately again, suddenly Aldrich Killian appears. Not in Tony’s presence, but in Pepper’s. Yes, Killian deliberately approached Pepper to offer the latest technology collaboration. Firmly, Pepper refused. Again, Killian was disappointed on Tony’s part.

For the second feeling of disappointment, Killian had predicted that he had the calculation to start carrying out his revenge mission. And, BOOM! All programs on television also turned into tense. All TV shows in America were hacked by a terrorist group led by Mandarin.

Another bomb blast rocked America. The authorities have not been able to catch the figure of Mandarin. And unfortunately, one bomb exploded injuring Happy, Tony’s personal assistant. Since what happened to Happy, of course Tony was so angry that he dared to challenge Mandarin.

Tony’s challenge was agreed upon by the terrorists who eventually destroyed Tony’s house in Malibu. So what about Tony? He disappeares. The press said that Tony had died because of a terrorist attack. But in fact, no! Tony is still alive and now he is in Tennessee.

It was here that Tony finally found out about the origins of the bombs used by the terrorists. It was also here that he finally realized that Killian was the mastermind behind the bombing. It was also here that Tony finally found out why Killian wanted to kill the president. The mission begins, and Tony must be able to return it to normal peacefully.

Iron Man 3 shows the very rapid development of Tony Stark’s character. If you remember since Iron Man 1, Tony has been described as a slengean person, annoying, and has no empathy at all. However, since what happened to him in Iron Man 1, little by little Tony’s character has begun to change.

Empathy grows thinly in Iron Man 2; stop arms production, ask for help, and stop being a playboy. The change in his character actually continues in Iron Man 3. He is shown to be more mature than before. And, it could be that this is also influenced by the events of the Avengers in New York.

Tony Stark’s heart is more supple though his slengean attitude is still there. But that’s the hallmark of Tony Stark. Without the slengean attitude, maybe Iron Man will feel boring. A little spiced with empathy, this Tony Stark character becomes more interesting and more likeable.

So, it’s no wonder that many people prefer Iron Man 3 over the second, even though they haven’t been able to shift Iron Man 1’s position as a favorite.

Indeed, there are not many dramatic scenes here, but when compared to the previous Iron Man, Iron Man 3 is a film that is full of drama. From the start, we were shown how Killian was disappointed with Tony for not keeping his promise.

When the scene is shown, we can also feel Killian’s disappointment. All of this was successful thanks to the sad color tone complete with a simple narrative but just right enough to win the audience’s sympathy. Moreover, the volume of the backsound was slightly lowered to focus on Killian’s sadness.

Then, the most dramatic scene is the ending. There, Tony was willing to destroy all of his Iron Man robots because Pepper asked him to. In this scene, it can be seen that Tony is more humble and willing to do anything for the person he loves, Pepper. As for Pepper looking so very happy.

Before that scene, there is also a very dramatic scene when Pepper falls from a height of about 60 meters. At that time, there was a slow-mo scene that was not excessive, but it was very fitting so that we could feel how painful Tony was when he saw his beloved fall and was thought to have died.

The excitement of Iron Man 3’s story does little to make fans expect an Iron Man 4. Many rumors are spreading on the internet that this film will be continued with Iron Man 4. Is it true that there will be a sequel, Iron Man 4?

It turns out the answer is NO. Yes, this is the last Iron Man movie. But, don’t feel sad or disappointed, because the figure of Iron Man will still be featured in other Marvel films, especially in the Avengers films. So, for those of you who are fans of Tony Stark, you can watch two MCU films that contain the character Iron Man.

Iron Man is indeed one of the favorite Superhero characters. His presence fascinated many Marvel fans. Unfortunately, Avengers: End Game is the last time Iron Man fights against evil.

However, the Iron Man film trilogy will still make an impression on our hearts, especially Iron Man 3 which is a beautiful ending to the story of Iron Man. Overall, Iron Man 3 does have a more solid story than Iron Man 2, even more interesting.