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Johnny Depp and Maiwenn light up the Cannes red carpet

Johnny Depp and Maiwenn light up the Cannes red carpet

Jeanne du Barry
Photo by Luigi De Pompeis © Cinefilos.it

The protagonists of the film paraded on the Croisette Jeanne du Barry That officially raises the curtain on the iconic film festival which has reached its seventy-sixth edition this year. In addition to the highly anticipated Johnny Depp the actress and director Maiwenn also paraded and has already aroused several controversies after having admitted to having spat at a journalist.

“He’s openly anti #MeToo and his gesture is to please his world, there’s a sort of pride in the aggression,” explained the reporter Edwy Plenel to ‘Variety’. Already in 2020 Maiwenn had told ‘Paris Match’: “It’s crazy how much nonsense is being said these days! These women don’t like men, it’s clear, and they’re creating serious collateral damage.” And again: “When I hear someone complaining that men are only interested in her butt, I reply: Enjoy it, because it won’t last forever!“.

What do we know about Jeanne du Barry

In his sixth feature film Maiwenn will interpret Jeanne du Barry next to Johnny Depp as King Louis XV. The stars are also in the cast Benjamin Lavernhe, Melvil Poupaud, Pierre Richard, Pascal Greggory and India Hair. The film chronicles the life, rise and fall of King Louis XV’s favorite. Jeanne Vaubernier, a young working-class woman hungry for culture and pleasure, uses her intelligence and her charm to climb one rung of the social ladder after another. Of her She becomes the favorite of King Louis XV who, unaware of her status as a courtesan, regains through her his appetite for her life. The two fall madly in love and against all decorum and etiquette, Jeanne moves to Versailles, where her arrival scandalizes the court…