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Lovely Disaster (beautiful, chapter 1)

Lovely Disaster (beautiful, chapter 1)

I am actually dropping it. This e book includes one of the maximum stressful scenes I have ever examine in any ebook. EVER.
So right here’s one excerpt from the book.

Abby slept with Travis and left his condo inside the morning with out announcing good-bye. This is his response, some hours later :

“Travis is a fucking damage! He gained’t talk to us, he’s trashed the rental, threw the stereo across the room… Shep [roo…more

I haven’t been this annoyed analyzing a e book seeing that Bad Romeo. Beautiful Disaster was a cluster eff of a study managing to throw everything I hate in a e book into one novel.
My first problem with this ebook are the characters. Our main girl is Abby Abernathy. Then there is our main man Travis Maddox. I can capture my feels for each of them at the equal time.

I read this e book on an 8-hour flight from London to Toronto. This e-book and I spent eight hours together, in educate seating, with not anything to do but surrender to the impossibility of get away. There become nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, and this e book stuck me. It caught me like Slenderman in a darkish forest.

I will continue to chronicle my transition from literature enthusiast to damaged shell of a girl beneath.

I’m not certain what to jot down about this book. The evaluations for the ebook have been SOOO enormously deceptive. I concept Travis became going to hit her, or come near, the manner all and sundry turned into going on approximately the ‘abuse’ within the ebook. I get it, it turned into severe. But having visible actual abuse with my own eyes, in real life..I didnt apprehend what each person else noticed that made it be worse and stand apart from all other books.

This is a ebook approximately an alpha male. Just because it’s now not a mystical e-book and rather, a contem…extra

Nope. Can’t do it. It’s just too horrible. I’ve reached my max saturation factor of stupidity….extra

Shake to your boots,boys,and drop your panties,women!

I provide you with : Travis ‘Mad Dog’ Maddox!

“He made his front,shirtless,comfortable and unaffected.The lean muscle mass stretched under his tattooed skin.”

“He oozed sex and rebelliousness along with his buzzed,brown hair and tattooed forearms.”

Uh-oh boy!!Here cross my ovaries!!


Can I get pregnant from this?

Abby Abernathy has a mystery.She has a past.A dark pas…more

This ebook isn’t always lovely, it is just a complete catastrophe. Travis is psychotic, abusive, and overprotective. I can not believe shit like this receives published….extra

five stars with a caveat, and by using a ways my maximum hard assessment to write down up to now.

I’m virtually baffled by my response to this ebook because I not most effective loved the story, but I additionally gave it excessive marks. In many approaches this e-book is everything I hate in a Young Adult romance, however I still located myself enthralled, giddy, and starry eyed, no matter how irritated I have become at time. In truth, I felt like I turned into at odds with myself all through most of it. There turned into my latent teenage self, all starry eyed and idealistic,…extra

Jan 13, 2012Roserated itdid no longer like it

Jamie McGuire’s “Beautiful Disaster” is the worst person cutting-edge romance novel I’ve had the displeasure of reading.

I’m imagining I’ve raised some eyebrows with starting this assessment on that be aware. You might be thinking “Well, aren’t you being a bit melodramatic, Rose? It’s just a ebook – it can’t probable be that awful, proper?”

*exhales slowly* Let me nation for the document I’m a person who likes analyzing many special varieties of romances due to the fact I’m an avid reader and genres realize no bounds with…more

Jamie McGuire. Putting the woman’s motion lower back two hundred years. D: It saddens me that someone from my personal gender is writing such shallow and senseless dribble. I realize the economic system is horrific, however damn have some satisfaction!

If you were able to get thru this book with out throwing up I must applaud you. I had to prevent reading at web page 225 due to the fact I turned into turning into physically unwell. It wasn’t the concern that sickened me, it changed into HOW the difficulty turned into being written. The characters and their reaction to Travis’ obsessi…more

Jan 21, 2012~ Becs ~rated itdid no longer adore it · evaluate of every other edition

I read this because it tops such a lot of lists here on Goodreads and I desired to peer what the hype is ready however it sadly failed to even begin to live up to my expectancies. I surely agree with this can be the worst e-book I actually have ever examine.

The characters are poorly advanced, the writing style just appalling, I never definitely understood their motivations and the narrative by no means gave them time to react to situations. This felt like it had been written by a twelve yr old to me.

This takes vicinity over 2 semeste…greater

I not often assessment books except the author is a friend of mine. However, I notion I’d say some thing approximately this one. I put off studying this because I’d read the opinions and the ones that complained approximately the modifying troubles worried me. I don’t like reading a ebook for enjoyment and find myself mentally modifying it the complete time. OMG, I am so glad I gave in and study it. It’s insanely true. Yes, there are mistakes however absolutely I changed into so wrapped up in the tale I failed to care. It is genuinely edgy and I might…extra Pinterest

This isn’t going to be one of these evaluations that very well breaks down the tale and helps all of its foremost arguments with rates. Too many humans have executed this already – and they’ve performed a far better process than I may want to. BEAUTIFUL DISASTER is 2d best to FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and possibly TWILIGHT in terms of books which have been lambasted and deconstructed to the point where most readers can without problems tell you, with out even glancing a…greater

*My Review on Walking Disaster. No Spoilers.

The ebookBeautiful Disastervia Jamie McGuire has been all over the Blogosphere currently. It became available on Netgalley and plenty of bloggers are presently reading it. This e-book has prompted many controversy and has earned a few without a doubt nasty critiques, nevertheless, the e book has a median score of four.13. I recently stumbled upon a assessment that said very very no-so-pleasant matters approximately Beautiful Disaster, and it also noted that everybody that rated this b…more

there is a lot wrong with this e-book, i don’t even recognize in which to begin, jesus christ.

this annoying little pest named Abigail movements from her “””dark beyond””” to begin clean at a university a long way from her “””darkish beyond””” and be a goody little two shoes. her friend takes her to a secret (unlawful?) combat where she receives sprayed with the aid of blood and catches the attention of the baddest horrific boy on this planet, Travis LILBITCH. then she demanding situations him and, having a bet in opposition to him and if she loses she have to stay in his aside…extra

“I need to pay attention you are saying it. I want to recognise you’re mine.”
“I’ve been yours due to the fact that the second one we met.”

ooooo *sigh* what can I say about this book except that its reeeeally proper, HIGHLY addictive and absolutely fascinating. You actually experience pressured to keep turning the pages. You simply can not forestall. No joke!

Abby and Travis meet in college. He’s a hard, captivating, insanely warm, tattooed badboy who also is a womanizing A student who fights in a ring at night and as soon as he meets Abby, he’s simply captiva…extra

I realize we are fucked up, all proper? I’m impulsive, and warm-tempered, and also you get below my skin like no one else. You act such as you hate me one minute, and then you definately need me the next. I by no means get something proper, and that i don’t deserve you…however i fucking love you, Abby. I love you extra than I’ve loved everyone or anything, ever. When you’re around, I don’t need booze, or money, or the fighting, or the only-night stands… all I need is you. You’re all reflect onconsideration on. You’re all I dream approximately. You’re all I need.