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Man of Steel: James Cameron tried to convince Zack Snyder to shoot in Native 3D

Man of Steel: James Cameron tried to convince Zack Snyder to shoot in Native 3D

Man of Steel

When Avatars was released in 2009, broke box office records and made 3D movies popular again. Unfortunately, its success has created a troubling trend where studios have begun lazily converting blockbusters into 3D, creating a “dark” (and often surprisingly flat) experience for viewers.

No one has ever really committed to the same level as James Cameronbut Zack Snyder has now revealed that his fellow director during the film’s pre-production pushed him to shoot Man of Steel in native 3D. “We had a meeting with James Cameron – I think it was right before he did Superman – and he wanted us to shoot the movie natively in 3D,” recalls Snyder. “And I was like, ‘Uh, yeah, Jim. It’s a great idea.’”

“But then the film…it was problematic…because you always need two cameras. So it would have been… yeah,” he concluded, suggesting that the process was ultimately too complicated and expensive. Man of Steel was released in 3D, but it was another of the conversions that sparked interest in the format before that Avatar: The Way of Water arrived last December. Spin Man of Steel in 3D would have made it quite a sight to behold, especially during those Krypton-set scenes and the action-packed final battle.

It’s easy enough to see why Snyder decided not to go down this path, however, because he was busy enough butting heads with Warner Bros. over the darker direction he was taking. Superman. Ultimately, the reboot was a moderate success, even as it became increasingly divisive. In the years that followed, especially with how Kal-El was portrayed in the final act. In fact, we haven’t had a solo Superman movie since, con Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which took the place of Man of Steel 2. However, James Gunn will resume the character with Superman: Legacies which is expected to hit theaters in 2025.

All we know about Superman: Legacies

Superman: Legacies it won’t be another origin story, but the Clark Kent we first meet here will be a “young reporter” in Metropolis. It is expected that he has already met Lois Lane and, potentially, his fellow heroes (Gunn said that they already exist in this world and that Tomorrow’s Man is not the first metahuman of the DCU extension). Casting is currently underway, with hopes an official announcement will be made at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Superman: Legacies will be released in theaters on July 11, 2025.

Reportedly, James Cameron he delivered the first draft of his script before the writers’ strike, but that doesn’t mean production won’t be impacted in the future. “Superman: Legacy is the very foundation of our creative vision for the DC Universe. Not only is Superman an iconic part of the DC lore, but he’s also a favorite character for comic book readers, viewers of previous films, and fans around the world,” Gunn said during the slate announcement. DCU extension. “I can’t wait Of introduce you to our own version of Superman that audiences will be able to follow and learn about through movies, films, animation and games.