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Mother’s Day: everything you need to know about the Netflix movie

Mother’s Day: everything you need to know about the Netflix movie

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The film recently arrived on Netflix The Mother (here the review), action thriller starring Jennifer Lopez in the role of a ruthless killer who rediscovers herself as a mother when her daughter is kidnapped, thus undertaking a real hunt for the kidnappers. A few days later, another film with a very similar premise has arrived on the platform, namely Mother’s Day. Of Polish production, this thriller is directed by the director Mateusz Rakowiczwhich he also co-wrote with Likasz M. Maciejewski.

Mother’s Day therefore offers another lethal mother ready to do anything to defend her son. It all manifests itself naturally in a particularly adrenaline-pumping action film, with beautifully choreographed fight sequences and constant twists and turns. A title therefore particularly recommended for lovers of revenge moviewhich they can also with Mother’s Day come across new genre elements of Polish cinematography. Before moving on to the vision, however, here are more details on the plot, the cast and, for those who are not afraid of spoilers, an explanation of the film’s ending.

The plot and the cast of Mother’s Day

The protagonist of the film is Ninaa former NATO special operations agent, who had to abandon her son Max shortly after giving birth. The choice is motivated by the desire to keep the boy safe, which given her job Nina could not guarantee her. However, when she discovers after a few years that the boy has been kidnapped by a dangerous mafia organization, she decides she wants to save him herself. Incognito, using all the experience and the weapons at her disposal, she thus leaves in search of her son. It is an opportunity for her to prove to herself that she is still a capable agent and that she can finally be a good mother too.

The cast of the film is naturally made up of Polish actors, starting with Agnieszka Grochowska as Nina. She the actress is most known for starring in the Oscar-nominated film In darkness (2011) and for having also participated in Child 44 – Child no. 44 (2015), Teen Spirit – One step away from the dream (2018). Next to her, in the role of Igor, is the actor Darius ChojnackiWhile Szymon Wroblewski And Woltomierz. Jowita Budnik plays the character known only as The Diplomat, while Konrad Eleryk it is Tytus. The actress Adrianna Drozdfinally, is the interpreter of Zosia, daughter of Igor.


Mother’s Day: the explanation of the ending of the film


In the end, after several attempts to save her son, Nina kills the kidnappers, but Maks escapes as he is afraid of the woman he doesn’t know is his mother. It is then that the well-known character The Diplomat, who specializes in money laundering, takes Maks hostage. He then asks Nina to break into a Warsaw police station to get the confiscated money from the kidnappers’ vault. When she completes the mission, she will give her Maks. It is at this point that Igor betrays Nina, so that he and other crooked cops can steal the money in the vault. Igor turns out to be the instigator of the kidnapping, as knowing that Nina would later kill the kidnappers, their money would have been easier to obtain.

When Nina tells Igor about The Diplomat’s requests to steal the money, Igor deliberately crashes his car into Nina’s vehicle, causing it to slam into the windshield. Nina is taken hostage. Igor then reveals that he needed the money to move and travel to see his daughter, of whom he lost custody in the event of a divorce. When Igor and her associates take Nina into the woods to kill her, they untie her so she can dig her own grave. While Igor waits in the car, he hears shots and sees that Nina is now holding a gun. Igor drives, crashes the van and escapes, but watches the car explode as The Diplomat’s money starts to burn.

The diplomat then allows Nina and Maks to live at his son’s request. One possible reason is that the diplomat’s son has started to befriend Maks because, a few scenes earlier, they were playing chess together. We can hypothesize that the diplomat’s son may have respected Maks as a worthy opponent on the chessboard, just as his mother found a worthy opponent in the criminal world in Nina. Nina can thus explain to Maks that she is her mother, revealing her true origins to him. Towards the end of the film, Nina is then visited by her mother, who warns her against some old enemies of hers, who now know that she is alive and has a son. The scene therefore seems to open up to a possible sequel in which to explore Nina’s past.

The trailer of Mother’s Day and how to watch the movie on Netflix

As anticipated, it is possible to use Mother’s Day solely thanks to its presence in the catalog of Netflixwhere he is currently at 1st place in the Top 10 of the most viewed films on the platform in Italy. To see it, it will therefore be sufficient to subscribe to a general subscription to the platform by choosing from the possible options. In this way, you will be able to watch the title in total comfort and at the best video quality, then also having access to all the other products in the catalogue.

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