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Mrs. Davis, review of the Damon Lindelof series with Betty Gilpin

Mrs. Davis, review of the Damon Lindelof series with Betty Gilpin

Mrs. Davis review

What a joyous and inspired wave of madness it is Mrs Davis, brand new show Peacock! a riot of ideas, gimmicks, cinephile references that undoubtedly represents the first, satisfying “guilty pleasure” of 2023, at least at a serial level. The creators Tara Hernandez And Damon Lindelof they evidently gave vent to their creativity without worrying too much about suspicious, disconcerting or even offending a certain type of audience. And this freedom of thought only enhances the final result.

Mrs. Davis and a plot impossible to tell

Where to begin to attempt to tell the plot of Mrs Davis? Impossible to find a starting point that does justice to the amazing narrative chaos represented by the various episodes. Let’s say that only during the pilot will you find combative and motorized nuns in search of the Holy Grail, kidnapping neo-Nazis, an artificial intelligence that now controls common thought, a band of rebels that are anything but organized, conjurer fathers, mothers who are not afraid to use arrows, disused livers, the Nevada desert, medieval France and the extermination of the Knights Templar. During the following episodes, other characters and situations that we prefer not to reveal are added to the spicy recipe, given that it remains too difficult to insert them into a logical synthesis of what happens in the story.

A series that is never pretentious

Very much this type of product-container designed to expose all kinds of fantasies on the part of the authors ends up becoming irritating, especially when re-proposed in serial form. Mrs Davis on the contrary, it manages to be sparkling and never pretentious with the passing of each episode – with the possible exception of the fourth which offers a more fragile narrative progression and characters than the others. The secret of the series is to be able to make light, in some moments even vain, every aspect of what is told. From this point of view, the choice of Betty Gilpin as the absolute protagonist is the real trump card: the actress who had already given proof of her comic skills in the success Glow for Netflix, on Mrs Davis he lets himself go to a test of sweet lightness, building an eccentric yet approachable character, cynical and at the same time very sweet.

Charisma and stage presence for Betty Gilpin

A comic interpretation of indisputable depth, which confirms Gilpin’s charisma as well as her undoubted stage presence. The entirely personal comedic tempos that he is able to make coherent with the physiognomy of the role of Lizzy/Simone are the key because Mrs Davis turns out to be hilarious in its vital organized chaos. The viewer thus remains glued to the show subconsciously wondering what else crazy and senseless is going to happen. Alongside them they prove effective supporting actors Elizabeth MarvelDavid Arquette, Tom Wlaschiha and above all a Jake McDorman which, after the convincing evidence given in Dopesickis demonstrating a rather unsuspected versatility and growth as an actor.

The best way to taste Mrs Davis it is certainly to let go and accept to get on a carousel like we haven’t seen for some time. We are dealing with an artistic project that makes freedom of expression and inventiveness its raison d’etre, mixing adventure, surreal comedy, social commentary and obviously fantasy with audacity and taste for mockery. The sleight of hand put up by Hernandez and Lindelof works above all because to offer it to the public we find a Betty Gilpin unleashed and highly inspired, admirable star performer who embraces the nonsense of the project with a remarkable sense of irony. The meat on the fire put by the series is really a lot, and the risk of burning it – or being burned by it – was really high, especially when Mrs Davis he began in earnest to fearlessly rework many religious dogmas.

A powerful taste

Someone will probably be baffled by some choices, by the direction in which it was decided to present certain supporting characters. It is therefore convenient to reiterate once again that this is intended to be an overflowing and playful container of fascinations capable of diversifying through many of the fundamental issues of our present. Accept a dispassionate advice: don’t stop on one aspect rather than another when you see Mrs Davis, don’t focus on a value that surprised you or a defect that irritated you instead. Taste all the flavors and all in one, powerful bite, and we are (almost) certain that you will not regret it…