HomeUncategorized‘one Piece Film: Purple’ Is Coming To The U.s. Theaters In Fall 2022—and We’ll Know Extra Quickly

‘one Piece Film: Purple’ Is Coming To The U.s. Theaters In Fall 2022—and We’ll Know Extra Quickly

‘one Piece Film: Purple’ Is Coming To The U.s. Theaters In Fall 2022—and We’ll Know Extra Quickly

We’ve recognized for months that the new One Piece film, One Piece Film: Red, is popping out on August 6, 2022—this is, if you stay in Japan. For the relaxation of the world, who necessitate subbing and dubbing, Red‘s release date has been a great deal more uncertain. Fortunately, anime streaming giant Crunchyroll introduced today that they’ll be responsible for the theatrical distribution of the movie within the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and that One Piece Film: Red is coming sooner than I changed into mentally getting ready myself for. It’s coming inside the fall of this year, in fact!

But wait, there’s more! As you could have noticed, “fall 2022” isn’t very unique. That’s due to the fact Crunchyroll performed the “declaration for an declaration” card. More information may be discovered on July 2, all through the One Piece Film: Red panel at Anime Expo in Los Angeles. I might be attending that panel, dear fellow fans, so that you can relaxation confident I will relay that information to you the second one that my palms consistent themselves from all of the excitement.

If you operate current anime blockbusters like Demon Slayer: Mugen Train and Jujutsu Kaisen 0 as examples, there tends to be about a 3-month lag between the Japan most suitable of a movie and its next release within the West. This means that, in all likelihood, One Piece Film: Red could be heading to U.S. theaters in November—which is also just a terrific and classic time for a movie to most suitable. That’s when the primary Pokémon movie came out. Remember that? Everyone reading this remembers dragging their extended families to the Pokémon movie, proper?

One Piece Film: Red is the 15th One Piece movie, and the primary new one in 3 years, following 2019’s deeply for-the-lovers Stampede. The big new individual could be Uta, an idol singer who happens to be Shanks’ daughter. This additionally seemingly way that Shanks is inside the movie, that is further teased via the brand new poster drawn by using writer Eiichiro Oda himself. Given how mysterious Shanks is, notwithstanding being surprisingly central to our foremost man or woman’s raison d’être, hype around this movie is pretty subsequent-degree. For example: I’m going to Japan while Red will still be in theaters there. Will I get off the aircraft, throw my bags in my room, and head straight away to a movie theater, no matter the reality that my Japanese is best so-so and I gained’t completely recognize what’s going on in the film? … Probably. Yes.