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One Piece Movie Crimson: Launch Date, Trailer, Characters

One Piece Movie Crimson: Launch Date, Trailer, Characters

One Piece fanatics are on cloud nine this yr, specially with the release of the anime collection’ Netflix live-movement edition, a brand new video game One Piece Odyssey, and its 15th film, One Piece Film Red.

The film will recognition on Shanks, one of the Four Emperors and Luffy’s formative years hero. Aside from the pink-haired pirate, the film will also display a mysterious female person who wants Luffy to give up being a pirate.

Here’s the whole lot you need to know approximately the movie, along with its launch date, trailer, characters, and voice actors.One Piece Film Red release dateCredit: Toei Animation

One Piece Film Red’s Japan release date is about on August 6. The movie may also be shown in France, Taiwan, and the Philippines.COUNTRYRELEASE DATEJapanAugust 6FranceAugust 10TaiwanAugust 19PhilippinesSeptember 17

Credit: Toei AnimationCHARACTERDESCRIPTIONSEIYUU/VOICE ACTORUtaDubbed as “the sector’s finest diva,” Uta is the daughter of Shanks and one of the main characters of One Piece Film Red.Kaori NazukaRed-Haired ShanksOne Piece Red will cognizance on Shanks, the founder of the Red-Haired Pirates and Luffy’s early life hero.Shuichi IkedaMonkey D. LuffyLuffy is the main protagonist of the One Piece franchise. He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and aspires to emerge as the Pirate King.

In one of the promotional film posters, Luffy sports a brand new, greater glamorous gown providing a black leather jacket and an big hat.Mayumi TanakaRoronoa ZoroZoro is just anywhere, even within the new One Piece Red film.

Zoro is a key member of the Straw Hat Pirates and one of the swordsmen of the organization. He receives a latest, sleek, black ensemble for the Red film.Kazuya NakaiNamiKnown for her rapid palms and first rate skills as a navigator, Nami is one of the most important lady protagonists of the series.

Ditching her normal denims and bralette, Nami is now wearing a attractive pinnacle, a black skirt, and fishnet stockings in the Red film.Akemi OkamuraUsoppUsopp brings comic alleviation in the series and is frequently the cause behind some of the funniest moments in One Piece.

He wears vivid black overalls and a funky hat on his film poster.Kappei YamaguchiSanjiSanji is the Straw Hat Pirates’ very own salt bae, the professional prepare dinner of the organization. He wields a sword just like his fellow pirate, Zoro.

Sanji sports a sparkling infant pink shirt on pinnacle of a black leather-based jacket in his own poster, yet the maximum great factor in his attire are the small holes on his pants.Hiroaki HirataTony Tony ChopperChopper is the lovely and petite medical doctor of the crew.

His movie getup shows his iconic purple hat on pinnacle of a far large black hat, paired with maroon shorts and a sleeveless shirt.Ikue OtaniNico RobinThe archeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates, Robin gets a clean appearance with a protracted leather-based coat, thigh-high metal boots, and a red beanie.Yuriko YamaguchiFrankyIs it possible for Franky’s construct to emerge as larger? In his Red film getup, the Straw Hat’s shipwright appears greater buff with his huge, black shoulders, substantial red, spiky forearms, and a putting fuel masks.Kazuki YaoBrookFrom funky to smooth, the group’s musician, Brook, now sports activities an all-black apparel with an identical stylish, white cravat and 2 red gloves.ChoGordonSimilar to Uta, Gordon is every other individual with a view to make his debut inside the One Piece Red movie. He is in some way related to Shanks and Uta.Kenjiro TsudaJinbeOnly Jinbe can pull off cute and badass on the identical time together with his One Piece Film Red getup. Jinbe is a whale shark fish-guy and the helmsman of the group.Katsuhisa HokiOne Piece Film Red trailer

The trailer starts with a close-up shot of a few tune sheets, observed via a tough example of the mysterious, unnamed girl individual inside the movie.

“Will her voice bring forth everlasting happiness, or countless imprisonment?” the narrator teases.

Shanks seems on the stop of the video with a reputedly worried look on his face.

Another trailer reveals the connection among Shanks and Uta, and even offers fans a peek at the mysterious woman’s formative years.

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