HomeUncategorizedOriginal Sin, the film Angelina is adapted from the novel Waltz into Darkness by Cornell Woolrich, and is a remake of François Truffaut

Original Sin, the film Angelina is adapted from the novel Waltz into Darkness by Cornell Woolrich, and is a remake of François Truffaut

Original Sin, the film Angelina is adapted from the novel Waltz into Darkness by Cornell Woolrich, and is a remake of François Truffaut

The film is adapted from the novel Waltz into Darkness by Cornell Woolrich, and is a remake of François Truffaut’s 1969 Mississippi Mermaid.

Which tells of a man who chooses a mail order bride but ends up being deceived.

At the beginning of the film shows a handsome man named Louis (Antonio Banderas). It turns out that Louis is going to meet the woman who will be his match, and the women often exchange letters and decide to meet somewhere. The next day Louis was seen waiting for the woman then the woman came and when she saw her face was very different from the one in the photo.

After getting married the next day, Julia was seen carrying out her obligations as a wife and talking with her husband.

A moment later Louis took Julia to see his vineyard there. Julia and Louis shared their feelings and the reason Louis married Julia.

Then they both kissed and there was a hot scene between Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas.

Long story short, the two couples were watching a theater at night, but when they were watching, Julia said goodbye. Louis looked confused. He immediately followed Julia, but when he followed, he saw Julia talking to one of the theater players.

Louis was angry and it was seen that Julia managed to tame Luis Felix. The next morning, Julia received a letter from her sister. The contents of the letter were very worrying for Julia. Louis wanted Julia to send a letter to her sister so she wouldn’t worry anymore, then a moment later she saw that Julia had written a letter for her brother and was ready to send it to the post office.

But Louis had to invite Julia to sign Louis’ inheritance rights to Julia. Long story short, Louis is visited by a private detective named Walter. Wolter’s arrival is to make sure that Julia is okay and wants to meet her in person.

Because Wolter was given an assignment by Julia’s older brother, when Louis was taking a shower, he told Julia that a detective wanted to meet him and Julia’s face looked a little panicked.

The next day Louis had another guest, Julia’s sister. Julia’s brother told Louis that the letter he sent was not from Julia but Louis still believed that it was Julia.

Because it was he who wrote the letter himself but it turned out that the letter was not Julia’s handwriting. Louis, who was shocked, immediately rushed home.

Arriving at his house, it turned out that Julia had disappeared. He immediately checked Julia’s box and what he found was Julia’s original belongings.

Louis immediately went to his lawyer and there he was shocked that Julia had taken most of his money and property. Suddenly Louis was furious. In the evening, Louis, who was stressed, immediately came to a place to vent his anger and lust.

Long story short Louis and Wolter come to a place to find the real and fake Julia. It turned out that many people saw them and they had both been in the same boat.

then Wolter got the info that the real Julia had died and seemed to be taught a lesson by someone and then Louis and Wolter arrived at a place called Havana.

There they stayed at a hotel, but Wolter, who knew that Louis was carrying firewood, immediately replaced the wood with blank bullets.

While at a hotel restaurant for dinner, Louis accidentally saw Julia with a Colonel.

Louis was immediately looking for information about Julia and the colonel, then a moment later Julia and the Colonel were in the room.

It could be seen that the Colonel was very eager to push Julia, but Julia managed to drive him away. Not long after, Julia, who was writing a letter, was immediately visited by Louis.

There, Julia tells Luis the truth, it turns out that he did all that because he was ordered by a man named Billy, a figure he met at a theater event and then Louis forgave Julia.

The next day, Julia told Luis about her real identity. In short, Wolter told Louis that Julia’s body had been found and they saw a stab mark on the neck.

Wolter said that Boni should be found immediately and then Louis took Boni away from that place. A few days later, Wolter met Louis again. They talked over coffee and then Louis said goodbye.

However, Wolter already suspected him when Louis was looking for Boni in the room. It was seen that Wolter had followed Louis from behind. Then they debated the issue of movement until finally Louis accidentally shot Wolter to death and then Boni came and told Louis to go buy a train ticket to escape from that place while Wolter Boni’s body would take care of it.

When he wanted to take care of Wolter’s body, he suddenly woke up and it turned out that Wolter was Billy, a man who forced Boni to commit a crime. Boni refused but Billy still forced Boni.

Long story short, Boni went to the pharmacy to buy medicine, but Louis tried to stop him. But Boni wants to keep going.

Louis, who was suspicious, immediately followed Boni from behind and was surprised when he saw Boni meeting Wolter, who was none other than Billy. When Boni arrived at Boni’s house, he made coffee for Luis. Bonnie is touched.

But Louis still drank the coffee that contained the poison. Billy, who was already outside the door, immediately rushed in to teach a lesson and seize Louis’ property.

However, Boni managed to take Louis away until Billy finally managed to catch Boni and threaten him.