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Review and Synopsis of Gladiator 2000, A Thrilling Battle, Revenge Action of a Former Roman General set in the time of the Roman empire

Review and Synopsis of Gladiator 2000, A Thrilling Battle, Revenge Action of a Former Roman General set in the time of the Roman empire

Hearing the word “gladiator” will certainly immediately remind you of a formidable fighter in the Roman era or a show that showed tense bloodshed that occurred in an open arena. Gladiator is also synonymous with sadistic and terrible killings or massacres

You can see the tension of gladiator fights that became a culture in Roman times in a film called Gladiator. For those who like thrilling action films, see the review and synopsis of the film Gladiator below!

The Gladiator film is set in the time of the Roman empire at the end of the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Emperor Marcus Aurelius had a trusted soldier who also served as general of the legion of Roman troops, Maximus. Maximus is a very tough and respected warrior and is able to defeat all of his opponents.

Marcus Aurelius had a son, Commodus and a daughter, Lucilla. Commodus, who has always felt unloved by his father, is determined to become the next emperor and lead Rome. But Marcus Aurelius disagreed with Commodus. He dreamed of a Roman Republic free from corruption and politics.

Marcus Aurelius entrusted Rome to Maximus more. This made Commodus angry. Unbeknownst to anyone, Commodus killed the dying Marcus Aurelius so he could ascend the throne as emperor. Maximus, who believed that Marcus Aurelius was killed, was then exiled from the legion and almost killed.

Commodus also killed Maximus’ wife and children. While Maximus is desperate to be saved to become a slave and become a gladiator. Maximus is bought by a gladiator trainer named Proximo. Maximus began to be trained to become a gladiator. In his first show, Maximus, who uses the name Spaniard, immediately kills his opponent in the gladiator arena.

The Spaniard’s popularity grew as far as Rome. Maximus then fights in the Colosseum. The performance was witnessed by Commodus, Lucilla and all the senators of Rome. Maximus, who returns to slaughter his opponents, attracts Commodus’ attention. Commodus also met Maximus directly in the gladiator arena and asked him to talk.

When Maximus removed his mask, Commodus was surprised to see Maximus who was still alive. But he couldn’t kill him because the people of Rome who witnessed the fight supported Maximus. Commodus began to think of ways to kill Maximus, who was now loved by the people of Rome. Meanwhile Maximus is determined to kill Commodus.

Commodus hates Maximus so much because he is liked by his father and his sister, Lucilla. Commodus then starts plotting any way to kill Maximus. He organizes a gladiator match and pits Maximus against the strongest gladiator in Rome, but Maximus still wins.

Lucilla who used to love Maximus helps Maximus and the senators to overthrow Commodus and create Rome like Marcus Aurelius’ dream. They tried to get Commodus out so they could pick up their troops and attack Commodus. But the plan is known to Commodus.

Commodus then restrains Maximus and stabs him until he is badly injured. He then ordered his bodyguards to dress Maximus in armor and hide his wounds. Commodus also schedules a match between himself and Maximus who is already injured in order to make it look fair when he kills Maximus.

But apparently Maximus was still able to provide fierce resistance to Commodus even though he was badly injured. Maximus finally succeeded in killing Commodus, but his injuries were severe enough to kill him shortly after winning the gladiator match.

Maximus died in the arena with applause and respect from all the people who considered him a hero for overthrowing Commodus, who they thought was unfit to lead. Lucilla and the senators were ready to turn Rome back into a Roman republic that was clean from corruption at the request of Marcus Aurelius and as what Maximus had fought for.

Colossal Stories Packed with Epic

The Gladiator film features many colossal scenes packed with such an epic impression. At the beginning of the film, we are immediately presented with a colossal scene in which Maximus leads his troops to conquer Germania. This war scene looks so tense with cinematographic techniques that show lots of wide shots and show the atmosphere of war.

Not only at the beginning of the scene, throughout the long duration of the film Gladiator, which is 171 minutes, the audience will see many other colossal scenes. For example, when Maximus fought in the gladiator arena which was witnessed by hundreds of thousands of Romans. Established shots that are widely used will also make you see how Roman splendor was in the past.

Characters Lifted from History

Even though the Gladiator film is a fictional film, some of the characters in this film are taken from historical figures in the past. Marcus Aurelius himself is a real figure who became the Roman emperor who reigned from 161 to 180. Likewise with Commodus and Lucilla which are the names of Marcus Aurelius’ children.

But the plot of this film has been combined with the imagination of the writer and director. In the historical story, Marcus Aurelius was not killed by Commodus. History also records that Marcus Aurelius actually gave his power to Commodus. So, just enjoy the storyline because this film is still a fictional film even though some of the characters are lifted from the real world.

Seeing the Greatness of Roman Civilization from the Movie Gladiator

Besides being able to recognize the names of several historical figures, in this film we also get to know some of the culture in the Roman era which is shown in the scenes. One of them is being able to see how the historical building of the Colosseum which became the pride of the Roman people and was shown so magnificently.

Likewise with gladiatorial combat which is a culture in Roman civilization and is the theme in this film. Apart from that, the costumes and props shown in this film will also take you to see how great the Roman civilization was in the past.

Sadistic and Bloody Scenes

As a war film that takes the theme of gladiator fights, this film clearly shows gruesome scenes that might make some people feel disturbed. These sadistic scenes appear at the beginning of the film when Roman troops and Germanian troops slaughter each other in battle and continue throughout the film.

Scenes such as decapitation, stabbing, and bloodshed are shown in this film, especially in the scene where Maximus fights in the gladiator arena. This makes us as spectators as if watching directly how the horror that happened in the gladiatorial arena was seen by the people of Rome who were watching.

The fight in the gladiator arena which is shown clearly also creates its own tension when waiting for which gladiator will be the winner in the fight.