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Review of the film ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, Eccentric and Romantic at the same time!

Review of the film ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, Eccentric and Romantic at the same time!

Thor : Love and Thunder has been airing in Indonesian cinemas since Wednesday (6/7/2022) . The fourth sequel to the Thor films is part of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which is again directed by Taika Waititi.

In this film, Thor continues his post-war journey against Thanos in ‘Avengers: Endgame’, and chooses to adventure with the Guardians of The Galaxy.In the middle of his journey with the Guardians, Thor was surprised by the appearance of Gorr The God Butcher who slaughtered the gods throughout the universe.Along with Valkyrie, Mighty Thor and Korg, Thor tries to fight Gorr The God Butcher to prevent him from killing more gods.This fourth film is still thick with retro nuances and full color like the previous film, ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. Naturally, because the two films were worked on by the same director, namely Taika Waititi.

In addition, Taika Waititi seems to still feel at home in making Thor a funny and fun superhero in the movie ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. Much different from the figure of Thor in the first two films.

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is filled with comedy elements that can make your stomach churn, from the first minute to the end of the film, you can’t escape the funny scenes and dialogues. You could say, this film is one of the quirky superhero films.

Although filled with dialogue and funny scenes, Taika Waititi still leaves a spooky and tense element in this film. Villain Gorr The God Butcher is one of the most terrible villains in the MCU universe. Actor Christian Bale should be given separate credit for his success playing the figure of Gorr The God Butcher.

In addition to Thor’s epic fight scene against Gorr The God Butcher. Thor was also reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Jane Foster, who in the film also became Mighty Thor.

Thor and Jane re-build their love story as before. In addition to fighting against Gorr The God Butcher, Jane in this film has to fight against cancer that she suffers from.

Marvel in phase four seems to want to introduce new, younger characters, as if they want to build a Young Avengers story like the one in the comics. In this film, Axl, son of Heimdall (Thor’s best friend) is shown to have the power inherited from his father. And it could be in the future, Axl will have a big enough role in the MCU.

Several young superheroes have already been shown, such as America Chavez in ‘Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness’, or the series Ms. Marvel which is currently showing on Disney+.