HomeUncategorizedScenario and Shark Bait Review, Spring Break with White Sharks Nat loves because he can spend time on vacation with his close friends and his girlfriend

Scenario and Shark Bait Review, Spring Break with White Sharks Nat loves because he can spend time on vacation with his close friends and his girlfriend

Scenario and Shark Bait Review, Spring Break with White Sharks Nat loves because he can spend time on vacation with his close friends and his girlfriend

Inserting sharks as a rigid on the film feels like it remains a selling menu in the film market huh? The fact is that the arrival of the Shark Bait film, which we will discuss. The film Shark Bait itself as the creation of director James Nunn who launched in 2022. Carrying the story of young people who vacation in spring but after chaotic.

This is because there is a onslaught of white sharks in the sea where young people are enjoying their vacation time. Finally they had to try to challenge the onslaught of the shark before before they became a shark food throughout the full day. Can they survive and still live until they return to the plains?

Nat (Holly Earl), Milly (Catherine Hannay), Tom (Jack Trueman), Tyler (Malachi Latchman), and Greg (Thomas Flynn) are enjoying spring-breaks by spending the night at Mexico beach and parties there. Nat loves because he can spend time on vacation with his close friends and his girlfriend, Tom.

When Fajar messed up, Nat and others will return to the resort, but not yet until the accommodation, Tyler and Tom found a jet-SKI parked at the port. They eventually chose to take the rent in the cottage by forcing to take the jet-ski before before they returned to the resort.

Nat actually did not want to remember them in the condition of Mabok and the initial night, Nat met with a homeless (Manuel Cauchi) who reminded him in Mexico to be careful because he was disabled because he was attacked by white sharks. But because it was just a moment seduced, Nat also participated.

One jet-ski was boarded by Tyler and Tom and in other jet-ski was boarded by Greg, Milly and Nat. They are happy and through the coastline and have entered the ocean released. Nat worried they were too far and asked Greg to come back, but they too like playing jet-ski racing.

Because they are very happy, they cannot control one jet-SKI with other jets up to the two jets collide. That made a jet-ski sink and experienced chronic injury. You’re welcome, they also go up to the whole jet. The tidal water makes them sink away from the plains.

The dehydration of attack, and they began to get ridiculous because stress could not return. When he was about to try to call using a cellphone, Nat was surprised because he read the message sent by Milly and their hot photos. Apparently Milly and Tom Serong are behind Nat. Nat sad is not playing.

Landing over his anger, Nat tried to be patient. He knows that it’s not furious time in such a situation. The day is getting late and they are farther from the beach. Not strong and try luck, Tyler offers herself to swim to find contributions. When Tyler had moved away, Milly was hysterical.

There is a large white shark that looks docked and starts around their jet-ski. All anxious and scrambling to stay away from the edge of the boat, making jet-ski shaky and rolled. Greg whose injury is open with fresh blood pouring is the first target of the shark. Greg immediately dragged into the sea.

Apesnya, Nat’s hair was entangled in a Greg watch so that they both sank quickly. Fortunately Nat can let go and swim back to the surface. Both Tom, Milly and Nat are scared. Their colleagues have died and now they are entangled not to understand what to do. Tom tried to watch the engine damage but empty.

There is also no one to those who understand the engine. The result is that they are really bunter. There is no way out. They can only expect Tyler to find contributions. On the other hand, Tyler successfully approached a monitor, he loved and swimmed approaching. When it was close, the white shark just now devoured Tyler.

Night also came, and Tyler hasn’t returned. Suddenly Nat witnessed a ray that glowed in a distance; Milly, Tom, and Nat try to turn on the flashlight on the cellphone to give a signal. But the light was silent. In the end Nat tried to swim approaching, apparently the light was a flashlight from a corpse that used a buoy.

The corpse was a fisherman who was attacked by sharks too. Not finished, Nat as soon as possible collect wood some of the fishing boat debris to become rowing until their jet-ski can at least move. But their energy runs out because of chronic dehydration. They also rest for a moment to coincide with the presence of the onslaught of sharks.

The shark bit the edge of the boat and tore Tom’s feet. Nat and Milly worried. The onslaught of sharks did not reach there, now the shark turned the jet and throwing them into the sea. Milly, Tom, and Nat also swam away from the shark but again Tom was attacked, now his body must be torn apart by some of the sharks.

When trying to bring Tom up to Jet-SKI, Nat will return to the sea to help Milly who cannot swim. Thus the shark will go back. Milly as soon as possible swimming and holding Nat’s hand. Unfortunately the shark had already chewed a few Milly’s body until it broke and made died.

Nat now can’t do much. The 3 friends died, and Tom was injured by chronic and could not do any deeds. He also reopened the Jet-SKI seat and tried to watch what was wrong. Apparently the fuel tube broke up until it had to be re -connected. Look for steps, Nat also takes the blowing pipe in a buoy that has been destroyed.

Nat successfully took a floating pipe nearby, but so he would return to Jet-SKI, the shark returned and started his attack. Fortunately, Nat successfully attacked the shark’s body using a fraction of the engine cover that he was destroyed for the fuel hose. Nat injured in the hand but still can move.

He then confirmed the flow of fuel hose and successfully turned on his jet back. Nat also right about Tom’s sitting and skyrocketed looking for the plains. Apesnya shark hunts NAT and destroys Jet-SKI until Jet-SKI cannot load 2 people. In the end Tom risked himself and Nat also returned to the beach safely.

If taken backwards, very many films with this kind of type starts from playing games that ends with disasters. For example, it’s swimming and keeps entering the underwater cave that has restrictions, not to go in there, or not sharks that are already basically fierce, the brain is changed to be smarter to destroy humans.

The playing argument just now is also used in this Shark Bait film; They were eventually adrift and became a soft target of sharks because of playing jet-ski in the waters they did not recognize. Added they were carelessly playing chasing wearing jet-ski until they were together. Plus underestimated a warning from the local community. Complete right?

So a stereotype of every thriller or horror film; The protagonist who is pious, calm and not strange, of course, always be a survivor, and, even if you have to die, of course not sad or dead trying. The film also uses the stereotype in the main character, the beautiful and smooth heart, Nat.

Nat became a person who was always doubtful in every treatment that had been carried out by some of his friends, he always had an attempt to seduce it not to do the crazy thing but in the end losing votes and participated. Like a super hero, Nat helps Greg, reassure Milly, encourages Tyler, and becomes last standing.

This cheap budget film has a pretty good cinematography. Take a picture when they play Jet-SKI in the sea until several episodes that force some swimming figures and watch the ocean taken well. Shark’s appearance is also quite reality, the CGI used is quite smooth.

As a differentiator, from several hundred shark films, there is a film with the title The Requin (2022). The film with the same cheap budget was apparently less great than this Shark Bait film. The Requin has super rough edits so that the picture looks very homemade, the CGI used is not so good.

Overall, this Shark Bait film cannot be called a film with a good shark topic, even so for you who like this kind of shark film, it seems that the Shark Bait film is quite okay to be one of the references to the shark film that must be seen.