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Standing tall: plot and cast of the film with Dwayne Johnson

Standing tall: plot and cast of the film with Dwayne Johnson

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After leaving the wrestling ring for movies, and starring in the blockbusters The Scorpion King And The treasure of the Amazon, Dwayne Johnson in 2004 he took part in a new important project based on a true story. It’s about the movie With your head held highdirected by Kevin Bray, an action crime centered on a man determined to bring order and cleanliness to his hometown, which is overrun by crime and corruption. A story that was therefore immediately particularly suitable for Johnson, who once again showed off a great stage presence with his imposing physique.

As mentioned, the film is based on the events concerning the sheriff of McNairy County, Tennessee, also a former wrestler like Johnson. The latter is in fact known for his iron battle against prostitution, gambling and other similar vices present in his territory. His stories became so well known that they inspired books, songs, TV series and several films, among which the most famous is A tough guy for the lawof 1974, of which With your head held high it is an explicit remake. Despite this, there are several different elements between the two works. In particular, the setting has naturally been brought to the contemporary, with the protagonist now intent on fighting against drug trafficking.

With your head held high established itself as a solid hit upon its release, grossing nearly $60 million. For fans of films of this genre, with the famous The Rock as the protagonist, it is still an unmissable title today. Before embarking on a vision of the film, however, it will certainly be useful to delve into some of the main curiosities related to this. Continuing here in the reading it will in fact be possible to find further details relating to the plot and al cast of actors. Finally, the main ones will also be listed streaming platforms containing the film in their catalogue.

With your head held high: the plot of the movie

The protagonist of the film is Chris Vaughn Jr., a retired soldier from the special forces who decides to return to his native country to start a new life. However, for the time that has been away, things have profoundly changed in the city, whose atmosphere is now particularly gloomy and less pleasant. The sawmill where Chris’ father worked has now closed and in its place has been set up a wealthy casino, the main source of income in the city. This is managed by Jay Hamilton, Chris’ old rival and high school friend. Soon, the protagonist will realize how deep and rotten Jay’s influence on the city is.

Not only does he discover that his former flame Deni she works as an underpaid stripper in the casino, but who also trades drugs in addition to gambling. Precisely because of this his niece Pete is reduced at the end of life. It is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and that will push Chris to wage a real war against Jay and his casino. Aware that even the lawmen are on the latter’s side, Chris can only rely on his own strength. Determined to be elected as the new sheriff, he will only be able to defeat that place of perdition from within.

Head held high cast

With your head held high: the cast of the film

The protagonist of the film, in the role of Chris Vaughn Jr. is therefore the former wrestler Dwayne Johnson. At the time of the shooting of this film, however, he was still used to tread the ring, and the training that this required of him also came in handy in view of the shooting. However, the actor was able to rely on his cousin, who participated as a stunt double for the most dangerous scenes. Johnson later said he accepted the role because he felt it was the right thing to do. Thanks to this he was able to gain further fame in the cinema, obtaining more and more important roles.

Next to him, in the role of rival Jay Hamilton, there is instead the actor Neal McDonoughknown for the series Justified, Arrow And Legends of Tomorrow. Johnny Knoxvilleknown for being the main star of the television series Jackassis present here in the role of Ray Templeton, a trusted friend of the protagonist. Michael Bowen is instead present in the role of Sheriff Stan Watkins, while Kevin Durand it’s Booth, head of casino security. John Beasley interpreter Chris Vaughn Sr., Kristen Wilson is Michelle Vaughn and Barbara Tarbuck is Connie Vaughn. Nephew Pete is played by Khleo Thomaswhile Deni has the face of Ashley Scott. The film also marks the debut of Cobie Smuldersreferred to herein as “Exotic Beauty”.

With your head held high: the trailer and where to see the film in streaming and on TV

Before seeing these sequels, it is possible to enjoy the film thanks to its presence on some of the most popular streaming platforms on the net today. With your head held high it is in fact available in the catalogs of Apple iTunes and Now. To see it, once the reference platform has been chosen, it will be enough to rent the single film or subscribe to a general subscription. In this way you will be able to watch it in total comfort and at the best video quality. It should be noted that in the case of rental, there will only be a given time limit within which to view the title. The film is also present in the television schedule of monday 22 May at 21:30 On the canal TV8.

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