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Storyline Film Final Destination 1-5 2000 horror film about a group of students who ‘cheat death’

Storyline Film Final Destination 1-5 2000 horror film about a group of students who ‘cheat death’

Final Destination is a film that is suitable for those of you who don’t like watching horror with lots of jump scares. This film was first released in 2000 directed by James Wong.

Currently, Final Destination already has 5 series, where each film is approximately 90 minutes long.

Let’s take a quick look at Final Destination from series 1 to 5.

Figures and Character

  • Alexander Chance Browning (Devon Sawa): Alex, the main character, who gets a warning about Flight 180 about to explode. He created a commotion on the plane prior to departure; he and six other people aborted the flight and witnessed an unsolicited disaster. He became the last sequence of people who died based on the plane.
  • Clear Rivers (Ali Larter): Clear feels connected to Alex, and believes firmly that the plane is about to explode. He was not ejected from the plane like the others, but he was ejected of his own free will. Initially, he does not believe in the concept of death planning, but in the end he wants to help Alex. He was the sixth person to die in order of death on the plane (although he was unexpectedly the last to die from the film series).
  • William “Billy” Hitchcock (Seann William Scott): On Flight 180, Billy is lucky enough to be caught in the middle of Alex and Carter’s fight, and is taken out with them. He became a figure entertainer in the group. He was the fifth person to die from the plane.
  • Carter Horton (Kerr Smith): Carter is an athlete who really hates Alex. He was kicked off the plane for fighting with Alex after Alex created a commotion around him that the flight was going to explode. (We know that Alex and Carter were not friends prior to Flight 180.) He later accused Alex of causing the crash. He was the fourth person to die from the plane.
  • Valerie Lewton (Kristen Cloke): M. Lewton was one of the supervising teachers on that trip to Paris. When Alex and Carter fight on the plane, he and another teacher are assigned to deal with the two students. Knowing that Alex, Carter, and Billy were kicked off the plane, M. Lewton tells the other teachers to get back on the plane while he will stay and wait for the next flight. When Flight 180 explodes, he becomes very depressed and plans to move cities, as he feels he is sending his death to another teacher. He is the third person to die.
  • Terry Chaney (Amanda Detmer): Terry is Carter’s girlfriend. After trying to stop the fight between Alex and Carter, he follows Carter off the plane. He was irritated by Carter’s fights with Alex, he almost broke up with Carter. He was the second person to die on the plane.
  • Tod Waggner (Chad E. Donella): Alex’s best friend. When Alex is getting off the plane, Tod’s brother, George, tells him to accompany Alex. George dies on the plane, and Tod’s father blames Alex for the crash. Because of this, Tod’s friendship with Alex strains. He was the first person to die on the plane.
  • Representative Wiene (Daniel Roebuck): He investigates the Flight 180 case, always stalking Alex and suspecting him of being behind it all.
  • Representative Schreck (Roger Guenveur Smith): Spouse of Representative Wiene.

Final Destinations 1

Final Destination 1 begins with the story of a group of young people who are going on vacation out of town with their friends. When they arrived at the airport, this group was chatting while waiting for their flight.

Suddenly someone from the group named Alex had a vision that the plane they were going to be traveling on would explode.

Right now Alex was trying to stop the flight, but there were a group of people who didn’t care what he said including some of his friends.

When the plane was flying, suddenly the plane exploded in the air. Some of the survivors are slowly being chased by mysterious deaths due to their postponed deaths.

Final Destinations 2

Final Destination 2 was released in 2003 and was directed by David R. Ellis. The main character in the second series is known as Kimberly Corman.

At one point Corman was driving a car with his friends. Suddenly Corman has a vision that Route 23 (the expressway) has had a series of accidents that have caused many deaths.

Instantly Corman got out of the car which caused traffic to be disrupted and this is where the story of the mysterious death starts.

Final Destinations 3

From this cover image, of course we already know what will happen in Final Destination 3. Final Destination 3 was released in 2006 and was again directed by James Wong. In this third series, the background is quite interesting, namely in the playground.

The story begins with a student named Wendy Christensen visiting a playground. When he was going to play a roller coaster ride known as Death Flight.

Instantly Wendy had a vision that there would be an accident on the train that they would ride and that would sit by his side, one of Kevin’s best friends.

By the time he just climbed, Kevin was sitting next to Wendy. Wendy immediately got out of the train that they were riding and tried to stop her friends who were on the train.

But there are 2 friends who are too late for him to stop. Then an accident happened just like his sight.

Final Destinations 4

Final Destination 4 is one of the series with a high rating in the other Final Destination series. Final Destination 4 was released in 2009 and was directed again by David R. Ellis (director of Final Destination 2).
The story in this series begins when Nick and his girlfriend and friends watch a car race at McKinley Speedway.

Nick had a vision that during the race there would be an accident. Nick saw that everyone who was on the podium almost died.

Nick immediately made a scene which caused him to have to go out and some of his friends and some people who were listening to what Nick was talking about.

On leaving the podium, an accident occurred just like what Nick had dreamed of.

Final Destinations 5

Final Destination 5 is the last series released for this film. Final Destination 5 in my opinion is the most interesting and most exciting series.

Final Destination 5 was released in 2011 and was directed by Steven Quale. This film starts with a man named Sam and his girlfriend who are going to an event in Vancouver-British Island. On the way Sam departed by a bus.

Instantly Sam had a vision that the road he was going to walk on would collapse. Sam tried to stay calm because he didn’t want to spoil the atmosphere on the bus.

Then the feeling that Sam was experiencing really happened. When Sam crossed the suspension bridge he was on, he saw that the bridge looked cracked and could not support the weight of the cars on it.

Suddenly the bridge appeared to be bent and broken, causing many cars to roll over and fall under the steel frame of the bridge.

In my opinion, Final Destination is a film that friends must watch. This film is full of puzzles and there are always some unexpected scenes.