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Stunning Series Faq — Writer Jamie Mcguire

Stunning Series Faq — Writer Jamie Mcguire

Includes solutions for Walking Disaster, A Beautiful Wedding, and the Maddox Brothers collection.

What is the analyzing order for the Beautiful Disaster collection?

You can view the analyzing order for all of my books here.

Where can I locate the Beautiful Disaster sequel, Endlessly Beautiful?

Stay tuned…

Is it proper that Beautiful Disaster is going to be a movie?

Voltage Pictures has optioned the movie rights for Beautiful Disaster. Filming wrapped in 2021 and is presently within the arms of our trusty director, Roger Kumble. No launch date at the moment. WE’RE GETTING OUR MOVIE, YOU GUYS!!! About time, amiright?

Who has been solid for the Beautiful Disaster film?

Dylan Sprouse (Travis Maddox), Virginia Gardner (Abby Abernathy), Austin North (Shepley Maddox), Libe Barer (America Mason), Trevor Van Uden (Thomas Maddox), Declan Michael Laird (Taylor Maddox), Micky Dartford (Tyler Maddox), Jack Hesketh (Trenton Maddox), Michael Cudlitz (Jim Maddox), Neil Bishop (Parker Hayes), Rob Estes (Benny Carlisi), Brian Austin Green (Mick Abernathy), Samuel Larsen (Jesse Viveros).

Where can I find the e-book Mrs. Maddox (Beautiful 1.five)?

Mrs. Maddox became virtually a weblog submit I wrote for Valentine’s Day 2013. You can examine it for free right here.

Will there be a paperback version of A Beautiful Wedding: A Novella?

Yes! Purchase it here.

What books are included in the Beautiful Disaster collection?

Beautiful Disaster, Walking Disaster, and A Beautiful Wedding: A Novella (see analyzing order)

Will you write more for Travis and Abby?

I am thinking about an Abby prequel. Read the free sequel to Beautiful Disaster, Endlessly Beautiful right here.

Do you send bookmarks/bookplates?

No, I do now not preserve the ones accessible to send. My apologies for any inconvenience!

Will you write a e book for Shepley and America?

Buy Shepley and America’s novella, Something Beautiful, right here.

Will you write books for Travis’s brothers?

Yes. Maddox Brothers books are already available. Listed in studying order under.

Beautiful Oblivion

Beautiful Redemption

Beautiful Sacrifice

Beautiful Burn

A Beautiful Funeral

Where can I buy a Property of Travis Maddox t-shirt?

The McGuire Shop is no longer available. Maybe we will revisit merch ideas within the destiny.

Is there an audiobook for Beautiful Disaster?

Yes. The audiobook hyperlinks may be determined at the Beautiful Disaster page HERE.

Where can I discover signed copies of Beautiful Disaster?

A second print of Beautiful Disaster restrained edition signed hardbacks have been launched! You can locate them here. You also can locate signed confined version hardbacks of Walking Disaster here:
Barnes & Noble
Book Depository

What is the track that Travis sang to Pidge at her birthday party?

“Thing for You” by way of Hinder.

How did you come up with the concept for Beautiful Disaster?

I wrote Beautiful Disaster  for fun while modifying Providence. Beautiful Disaster was by no means supposed to be posted. I didn’t suppose it had a robust, complicated plot like Providence. I notion it changed into fluff. Beautiful Disaster became made from numerous of my personal university reports mixed in with a lot of fiction. I wrote it for myself and more than one girlfriends, and wrote it the way I wanted, with out wondering every body else could examine it. As the opposite novels I’ve written continually seem to, Beautiful Disaster molded into what it’s miles today at the same time as I was writing. I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t ponder the plot or characters. I just wrote.

Why is the 13 on Chapter thirteen scribbled out, and replaced with 14?

Abby hates the wide variety 13 (Lucky 13), and the ebook is from her factor of view, so once I got to bankruptcy thirteen, I idea it simply made sense as Abby telling the tale that she could want to pass it out.

Will there be a sequel to Beautiful Disaster / Walking Disaster?

At this time no sequel is deliberate. I will be writing books for all 4 of the Maddox brothers, starting with Trent’s tale (released in English international July 1, 2014)! Thomas could be subsequent, after which I will write for every of the twins.

Update: I have considered a prequel for Abby, the putting in Las Vegas and Wichita. I don’t have any launch date or time frame for this challenge, but.

What is Walking Disaster?

Walking Disaster is the the associate book to Beautiful Disaster—the story from Travis’s POV.

Is Walking Disaster a sequel?

No, it’s miles a accomplice novel, the tale of Beautiful Disaster informed from Travis’s factor-of-view. But, you can assume to see loads of recent things in WD, and a outstanding look at Travis & Abby’s future.

When will Beautiful Disaster/Walking Disaster/Beautiful Oblivion be available in my us of a/language?

Currently, Beautiful Disaster has been translated in over 50 languages.

What is the importance of the blue butterfly on the covers?

Justin McClure designed the cover for Beautiful Disaster, and his interpretation become very literal: Butterfly in a jar = lovely disaster. When I commissioned Damon of Damonza.com to design the quilt for Walking Disaster, I desired some shape of continuity, and we both felt the butterfly turned into the exceptional visible thing to carry over. A lot of people question me if Travis actually has a butterfly tattoo, and the solution is: possibly now not. But for the functions of the cover, the symbolism works.

Can I get a print reproduction of Beautiful Disaster with the original tongue cover?

No. Unfortunately, that cover become by no means in print.Beautiful Oblivion FAQ

I cherished the book, however did not understand the finishing. What become T.J.’s mystery? ((solution has viable spoiler))

First I will ask you: Have you read Walking Disaster’s epilogue? Second: did you examine Beautiful Oblivion to the end? If your answers are yes to both, then reflect onconsideration on the final 3 words within the book. Those phrases display T.J.’s real identification.

When does Beautiful Oblivion take region?

Beautiful Oblivion starts a piece before Beautiful Disaster, and ends a bit after.

How did Trenton no longer realize who T.J. really become in one of these small metropolis?

Because T.J. took fantastic care to make certain no person knew what he did or that he became courting Cami. There is multiple cause for this, together with T.J. understanding in advance about Trenton’s proper feelings for Cami.

What approximately Cami’s circle of relatives and Olive? There wasn’t sufficient closure.

Those are their personal tales, and that they truely want and could get any other book.

Does that imply a Beautiful Oblivion sequel?

Stay tuned. ;)Other Beautiful FAQs

When will Beautiful Burn’s audio book/hardcover be available?

Hardcover: 6-8 weeks publish launch date so approximately mid to late March 2016.

Audio ebook: We haven’t but started manufacturing. I’m thinking about six months, however it may be much quicker.

Is Beautiful Burn the remaining Maddox book?

I nevertheless plan to write down an as but untitled ebook on the way to include the whole circle of relatives, a prequel for Abby that ends the night she meets Travis, and sequels for the Maddox Brothers books with the intention to include a bit of the preceding e book from the male POV.

When Will The Maddox Brothers paperbacks be back in stock in the McGuire Shop?

As of July 2015, we will now not restock signed paperbacks except for the duration of the vacation season. 250 copies of each e book may be available for preorder about two weeks prior to release date. Please watch the shop throughout this time. Once the 250 devices are sold, there can be no greater offered except a limited amount during the month of December. Signed hardbacks are constantly to be had.

Will you write greater about the Maddox Family?

Yes. Stay tuned. 🙂