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Synopsis and Review of Film Zombie 28 Days (2002)

Synopsis and Review of Film Zombie 28 Days (2002)

Waking up from a coma, a man named Jim is confused to find the entire city looks like a ghost town. There wasn’t a single person to be found. The phone was also dead so he couldn’t call anyone. Walking around in a daze, he is suddenly attacked by a zombie in a church. Luckily two people saved him.

From there, Jim’s adventures in the film 28 Days Later begin. Can Jim survive the onslaught of zombies out of nowhere? Being one of the zombie films that is considered a success, 28 Days Later should not be missed, especially if you are fond of zombie stories.

Before that, the synopsis and reviews below may provide a bit of an idea of ​​the tension that occurs during the film. Let’s listen!


The film begins with a television broadcast showing that the world is currently in chaos and riots are occurring in various places. There, a chimpanzee is seen watching while tied up in a room that looks like a research area.

Several people wearing masks suddenly burst into the area and seemed to be trying to get rid of all the chimpanzees that were there. Seeing the incident, one of the researchers there immediately reported to the research center by telephone.

However, his attempt was thwarted by smugglers. He then explained that all the chimpanzees in that place had been infected with a dangerous and contagious virus. The virus is known as the Rage Virus.

The smugglers didn’t take him for granted. They then opened one of the chimpanzee cages. The chimpanzee swiftly stepped out of the enclosure and immediately attacked one of them. Before long, the person immediately turned into a zombie and attacked everything that was near him.

Twenty-eight days later, a patient named Jim (Cillian Murphy) appears to have just woken up from his coma at a hospital. With medical supplies still attached to him, Jim peeked outside but saw no one there. Jim then left the room and tried to use the phone but nothing was working.

Jim is then seen collecting some of the scattered drinks and leaving the hospital. He kept walking through the whole city screaming hoping someone would hear him and be aware of his presence. Alas, his screams yielded nothing; not a single person there replied.

Jim continued on his way. He was also seen picking up money that was scattered on the streets. This man then entered a church and found lots of bodies inside. When Jim says ‘Hello!’ he saw that several people reacted, including a priest who was seen coming from behind the door. However, they all seem to be no longer human, but zombies.

Jim managed to get out of the church after hitting the priest who suddenly attacked him. He was then rescued by Selena (Naomie Harris) and Mark (Noah Huntley), two survivors who were looking for food supplies.

When they were safe, Selena explained the real situation to Jim that all cities had been infected by a deadly virus that was transmitted through blood. The virus is known to have come from a village and quickly spread throughout the city.

The government, police and army were not spared from this terrible incident. All communication devices are off, the last news they got is that the virus has spread even to Paris and New York. Jim then said he wanted to go home to see the condition of his parents. Mark agrees on the condition that they are only allowed to go out during the day.

The next day, the three men started rushing to Jim’s house on foot. When he got home, Jim found that his parents had died from drinking poison. The mother is seen holding a photo of Jim when he was little complete with writing on the back of the photo that makes his heart melt when he reads it.

Not realizing it was getting dark, the three of them decided to spend the night at Jim’s house. Mark began to open the story about what happened to him now. At that time Mark was at the airport with his father and younger brother. However, the virus attack is so fast that it infects everyone there, except for Mark.

While Selena and Mark took a break, Jim played an old video. Unexpectedly, a horde of zombies broke into the house and immediately attacked him. Jim screamed for help, lucky Mark and Selena came back to save him. Unfortunately, Mark apparently got bitten by a zombie, there was no other choice for Selena to finish him right then and there.

Selena explained that it only takes 20 seconds before someone who is bitten turns into a zombie. That’s why he without thinking directly killed Mark. The two then left the house.

On the way they saw that there was a light on in an apartment. Selena and Jim then rushed to the apartment. While resting because Jim was exhausted, some zombies started chasing them.

Luckily someone in protective clothing, complete with shield saved them. The person known as Frank (Brendan Gleeson) then ordered Jim and Selena to enter. Apparently Frank lives there with his daughter, Hannah (Megan Burns). The next day Frank complained of water shortages because it had not rained for ten days.

They then tried to play the radio and got a message that there was a troop of armed survivors assembled waiting for anyone at a location in Manchester. Frank, Jim, Selena and Hannah then decided to go there. Did they make it to the location? How are they prepared for the worst zombie attack?

Zombie Films with Young Women Characters

It must be admitted that the existence of the character Hannah in the film 28 Days Later is quite interesting. Moreover, he is not a character who just passes by, but also plays an important role in the rescue mission.

So far, there have been many zombie films circulating in the market. The main character is usually an adult, but this time it’s a young woman. Together with Selena, Hannah becomes a brave female character.

Hannah’s appearance in this film is of course not without a clear background. Its existence is an important part of this film, especially for the sub-conflict section. It is said that Selena and Hannah will serve as broodstock for a new human civilization.

In short they will be used as a ‘child machine’ by the soldiers. This desperate-sounding idea succeeded in bringing new anxiety, including to the audience. The fight against zombies isn’t over yet, plus other problems that take away one’s right to live freely.

You are also exasperated and feel humiliated, especially when you see Selena and Hannah have to wear dresses and prepare to satisfy the soldiers.

Succeeded in Creating a City Atmosphere that is Lonely and Scary
The scene when Jim wakes up from a coma and he walks out of the hospital is perhaps the most iconic scene in this film. The director managed to build a quiet and tense atmosphere, without a single human being there.

Jim’s anxiety was transmitted through the ravaged streets, money strewn about meaninglessly and Jim’s screams echoing throughout the city. The picture was taken from a distance with the intention of showing a quiet city.

You will only see a Jim dressed as a patient walking through the messy city carrying a plastic bag; a successful imagery builds an atmosphere of sadness, confusion and despair.

Lack of Explanation of Main Characters

If there is something that doesn’t make sense in the film 28 Days Later, I think it’s about the lack of explanation about the main character himself. The audience is not invited to know why Jim fell into a coma, why is he the only one left in the hospital? Even though logically, zombies would easily attack Jim who was in a coma, because there would be no resistance.

However, Jim actually became the only survivor. Then, where are the other comatose patients in the hospital? If zombies hadn’t attacked a comatose patient like Jim, there would have been other comatose patients there, but the movie doesn’t work that way. Jim is completely alone until he meets Selena and Mark by accident.

Beyond that, the film 28 Days Later received quite positive reviews from many parties. It is considered a scary zombie film with a sharp political allegory. How? Love zombie movies? Then this film is not to be missed! Have a good time watching!