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Synopsis Film Bedazzled 2000, which is a romantic-comedy genre, The Story of Elliot Richards Makes a Cursed Covenant with the Devil

Synopsis Film Bedazzled 2000, which is a romantic-comedy genre, The Story of Elliot Richards Makes a Cursed Covenant with the Devil

Bedazzled is an American romantic-comedy film directed by Harold Ramis. Premiered in 2000, Bedazzled is a remake of the 1967 British film of the same title written by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. The film stars Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley in the main roles.

Bedazzled retells the legend of Faus, a magician from Germany who is in league with the Devil. His main shop is Elliot (Brendan Fraser), a very miserable man, socially inept, and unable to fit in with his San Francisco co-workers. After embarrassing himself at a local bar, he meets a mysterious woman (Elizabeth Hurley) who claims to be the devil.

He made an offer to grant Elliot seven wishes in exchange for his soul. Although unsure at first, Elliot finally agrees with the devil’s seduction. Elliot’s every wish comes true, but the results turn out to be disastrous. Elliot finally returned to begging the devil to retract his request.

Have you ever felt bored with your life? Maybe it’s because our life doesn’t go according to plan and we feel like our life is ordinary, alone and ignored by the people around us, etc., so we think and ask ourselves things like: Why is my life like this? Why wasn’t I born into a powerful and popular family? , If only I was like that person who is rich and famous, of course I would feel happy. Hmmm.. To be honest, I never had thoughts like that.

A Hollywood film in 2000 with the comedy theme Bedazzled directed by Harold Ramis with the main stars Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley gives an idea of what everyone generally wants and craves. With a duration of about 93 minutes, the film presents quite a spectacle. entertaining as well as providing inspiration on how to make choices and live life with gratitude.

At the beginning of the film, there is a satellite view where it looks like a computer program is analyzing everyone on earth. Various types and characteristics of people shown by the program. Finally the program stopped after finding a person named Elliot Richards who was an employee of a computer company in San Francisco. He is a very sad person, has no friends, is not considered by his co-workers and even shunned. Eliot really liked a woman named Alison. He had known her since college but had never dared ask Alison out.

Once after work Eliot went into a bar and he found his co-workers hanging out there too. His colleagues tried to hide but despite their dislike they couldn’t refuse when Eliot joined them and sat down with them. Their conversation was distracted when Alison also came to the bar and they forced Elliot to say hello to Alison. Eliot ventured to greet Alison but did not get the expected response and instead made her laugh from her colleagues. After being abandoned by Alison he told himself that he would do anything to be with Alison. Suddenly a beautiful woman appeared in front of him and called out to him. That woman is The Devil (Devil / devil).

The Devil makes an offer that will grant 7 wishes from Eliot in exchange for Eliot’s soul. Even though Eliot initially refused, with all the tricks and deceit that convinced The Devil, he finally succeeded in convincing Eliot to agree to an agreement by signing the contract that was given.

After Eliot conveyed his first request, namely to marry Alison, and become rich and powerful, he woke up and found Alison sleeping beside him in a large luxurious house with so many servants. He was happy because he had what he wanted and dreamed of all this time. But he didn’t know that the Devil made him a drug dealer in Colombia and even though they were married, Alison didn’t love him and was having an affair with someone else. After the chaos, he returns to his real life. The Devil says that he didn’t ask Alison to love him. He has to be specific about what he wants.

Eliot’s second wish is to be a sensitive man who is loved by Alison, but he is made too sensitive so he can’t stop crying. This finally made Alison leave him because she wanted a strong man. After returning to the real world, The Devil asked Eliot to be more specific in each of his requests, but there was always a mess that made him dissatisfied.

After the failure he experienced, he felt that The Devil was just tricking him and no request would succeed. He no longer wants to make requests and returns to live his life as usual. He wanted to end the agreement but The Devil didn’t want to let go and kept coming to mess with his life to force him to submit his last wish. To make Eliot convey his last wish, The Devil takes him to hell and forces him to convey his last wish. Finally, Eliot conveyed the last wish that turned out to make the contract void, namely a wish that was selfless and profitable for himself.

Eliot is finally back in real life with a better view and understanding of himself.

This film is so memorable for me and very interesting to watch. Light and simple ideas and story plots added with comedic elements make it quite entertaining.

Gradually, he realized that the devil intended to destroy and direct his every wish into the worst scenario. In the past, Elliot worked in a San Francisco call center. He has no close friends and coworkers with him.

Elliot likes his partner, Alison Gardner (Frances O’Connor), but doesn’t have the courage to ask her out. One day, Elliot embarrasses himself in a bar while trying to talk to Alison.

The devil (Elizabeth Hurley), in the form of a beautiful woman, offers to grant Elliot seven wishes in exchange for his soul. After taking Elliot to his Oakland nightclub, the Devil convinces Elliot to sign his contract, and conveys further wishes.

Elliot wants to be rich and powerful, with Alison as his wife. The devil made him the head of a drug lord in Colombia, whose wife hates him. Alison said she wanted to be with a strong man and left Elliot for another, stronger man.

Elliot then dreams of becoming a superstar athlete who will become a female magnet. The devil made him a seven-foot basketball star and also gave him a low IQ. This caused Alison to lose her way. After every wish that doesn’t turn out the way he expected, Elliot meets the Devil again.

The devil blamed Elliot because his desires weren’t specific enough. Eventually Elliot is back at work in San Francisco, figuring out what to do with his last two wishes. The devil appears and reminds that of their first meeting, Elliot once asked for a Big Mac and a Coke, though he has stated that it was a trial wish.

Elliot lost his temper and walked out of his office. Out of desperation, Elliot visits a church seeking God’s help. Unfortunately, a priest at the church instead detained Elliot in prison. In prison, Elliot’s cellmate (Gabriel Casseus) tells him he can’t sell his soul because it belongs to God.

He also says that even though the Devil may try to confuse him, he will eventually realize who the Devil really is and what his goals are. Elliot asks the Devils to cancel their contract. When the Devil refuses, Elliot states he will not use his last wish. The devil transfers them to Hell.