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Synopsis of Turning Red, the Latest Animated Film Shown on Disney+ Hotstar

Synopsis of Turning Red, the Latest Animated Film Shown on Disney+ Hotstar

Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios have produced many popular animated films in the world. Call it Toys Story, Finding Nemo, Cars, or UP.

Not a few films produced by Disney and Pixar are popular all over the world. This time, Disney and Pixar have released their newest animated treat, Turning Red.

Turning Red presents interesting visuals with a fairly unique story. According to the director, Domee Shi, Turning Red has a slightly different visual style from previous Pixar films .

The film is full of color, texture, and animation style that brings out the expression of most anime films.

“This style is very appropriate for a film about a teenager who is going through emotional ups and downs with all his mood swings,” explains Domee Shi.

Turning Red became the feature film debut of Domee Shi. Previously, this Canadian director had directed a short animated film entitled ‘Bao’. Amazingly, ‘Bao’ won the best animated short film award at the 2019 Academy Awards.

Sinopsis film Turning Red

The film Turning Red tells the story of a 13-year-old girl named Meilin “Mei” Lee who lives in Toronto. Mei is a unique and confident teenager. He has three good friends. Mei spends a lot of time with her close friends.

But Mei turns out to have problems from where she lives. Mei lives with her mother, Ming, who is strict and protective. Because of her mother’s protective attitude, Mei’s activities are always monitored, even her activities at school.

This was discovered by Mei after seeing her mother peeking at her from outside the window and hiding behind a tree.

Mei began to panic, especially now that her body was reacting strangely. Mei Lee’s classmates didn’t notice because they were watching the noise that Mei Lee’s mother was making.

Mei’s body strangely reacted with smoke and turned into a giant red panda when she couldn’t control her emotions.

Embarrassed, Mei Lee cried while leaving the school area and looking for a place to hide.

However, Mei Lee instead attracted the attention of the outside community because she had never seen a giant red panda running around the streets.

Domee Shi said, a number of elements in the film Turning Red inspired by his real life. Among them is the Mei school building which was inspired by the layout of the old Domee school.

The artists of the film invented the school’s design to create realistic animations similar to those of urban Toronto schools at the time.

Curious about the next May story? The Turning Red film can be watched on the Disney + Hotstar streaming service since Friday (11/3/2022).