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Synopsis & Review Drama Crash Course in Romance (2023) A former national athlete who is now busy managing a business selling side dishes or banchan

Synopsis & Review Drama Crash Course in Romance (2023) A former national athlete who is now busy managing a business selling side dishes or banchan

Nam Haeng Seon did not know that his daughter, Nam Hae-e, really wanted to enroll and attend Choi Chi Yeol’s Mathematics academy. As soon as he found out he tried hard to register the princess in the midst of intense competition. After he succeeded, he was busy again making money from selling side dishes or banchan.

The banchan that Haeng Seon sold made a Star Master with an eating disorder finally able to eat without throwing up. It was later revealed that Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol had been connected for a long time.

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Haeng Seon is busy running a banchan business while taking care of his autistic younger sibling and being a “mother” to his grown-up niece. The shop is quite crowded with customers because the food is known to be delicious.

The taste of Haeng Seon’s cooking even makes the Star Teacher, Choi Chi Yeol, who always vomits every time he eats it, love it and feel comfortable. What’s the secret to Haeng Seon’s cooking?

Episodes 1-2

Haeng Seon is a former national athlete who is now busy managing a business selling side dishes or banchan. She lives with her autistic younger brother, Jae Woo, and a niece who she considers her own daughter and calls her mother, Nam Hae-e.

At school, only Hae-e is a student who doesn’t register for academics or math tutoring, so her grades drop. He is unable to compete with his friend, Bang Su-a, who excels because he follows Choi Chi Yeol’s Mathematics academic who is known as the Star Teacher.

Behind his success, Chi Yeol has a trauma from an incident in the past that killed one of his students. As a result of this, he has a severe eating disorder to the point that he is always nauseous every time he eats.

This was exacerbated by Chi Yeol’s stressful condition because one of the students at his academy stalked him home and caused rumors. Chi Yeol also had to be taken to the hospital by his assistant, Ji Dong Hui.

While at the hospital, the jacket Chi Yeol was wearing caught the attention of Jae Woo who also happened to be there. Haeng Seon’s sister then took a picture without permission and annoyed Chi Yeol and then took Jae Woo’s cell phone. A chase ensues between Chi Yeol and Haeng Seon, who does not accept that his sister’s cell phone was taken by force.

When Haeng Seon almost catches him, Chi Yeol throws Jae Woo’s cellphone causing it to break. Jae Woo continues to sulk knowing that his cellphone is broken. He refused to eat and made Haeng Seon confused.

The problem grows when Hae-e becomes cranky because she is pressured by competition at school. After holding back for a while, Hae-e finally dared to express her desire to Haeng Seon to take part in Choi Chi Yeol’s Mathematics academy.

At his house, Choi Chi Yeol is amazed because he can eat without nausea. The side dishes and rice that he ate apparently were bought by Dong Hui from Haeng Seon’s banchan. After all this time vomiting after eating, finally Chi Yeol can eat comfortably. It turns out that in the past, Chi Yeol and Haeng Seon’s banchan dishes had a special relationship.

In the past, when he was still preparing himself as a teacher and when his father passed away, Haeng Seon’s late mother’s cooking was Chi Yeol’s daily food. He becomes a friend when Chi Yeol needs him. Now that Haeng Seon’s mother is gone, Haeng Seon’s efforts and recipes are continued.

So dependent on Haeng Seon’s cooking, Chi Yeol is desperate to come alone to buy it. He is willing to hide behind glasses and a hat to cover up his identity as the destroyer of Jae Woo’s cell phone.

On their second visit, Chi Yeol, who feels guilty, has broken Jae Woo’s cell phone. He also bought a new cellphone because he heard that Haeng Seon was having money problems.

Chi Yeol’s attitude makes Haeng Seon’s friend, Kim Yeong Ju, think that the man likes him. Haeng Seon, who has just succeeded in enrolling Hae-e into academics, thinks he doesn’t want to have a relationship first. Apart from that, he felt he had to return the cell phone that Chi Yeol gave him.

He waits for Chi Yeol to come to his shop again to return it in person. As expected, Chi Yeol did come again, but this time Jae Woo recognized him as the cell phone wrecker. Haeng Seon immediately reacted because he did not accept Chi Yeol’s attitude.

Instead of apologizing, Chi Yeol immediately bought a cell phone as if he was making his mistake easy. When they were noisy, a round iron bullet suddenly shattered one of the glass in Haeng Seon’s shop and made them panic.

The iron bullet was previously seen causing female stalker Chi Yeol to faint because someone shot it.

Episodes 3-4

The incident where the glass was broken by an iron bullet made Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol’s relationship even more complicated because it involved the police. However, the chaos suddenly changes when Hae-e arrives. The girl, of course, recognized her teacher.

Haeng Seon can only regret that he treated Chi Yeol so harshly. To make amends, Haeng Seon treats Chi Yeol well. He deliberately made a large amount of food for Chi Yeol.

Unfortunately, Chi Yeol didn’t have time to eat it because he was busy with a meeting regarding the Intensive Class for the Medical Department, whose schedule was suddenly brought up.

It all started with Su-a’s whimpering, which Hae-e couldn’t accept. Her mother, Jo Su Hui, was also upset because her daughter was rivaled by the son of a side dish seller.

Incidentally he got a call from the mother of a student named Lee Young Min who was quite influential. The woman wants Young Min to enter the Intensive Medical Class.

Su Hui then invited Sun Jae’s mother, Jang Seo Jin, to get rid of Hae-e from the list of academic students who passed the intensive class test together. As a result, Hae-e, who is happy because she is one of the seven students who passed, must be disappointed because she was expelled unfairly.

Haeng Seon protested and hated academic officials, including Chi Yeol. He forbade them to buy banchan at his place.

Unbeknownst to Haeng Seon, Chi Yeol also intends to leave the intensive class. However, because it is impossible to sacrifice other students, Chi Yeol decides to continue teaching. While starving because he can’t get side dishes from Haeng Seon’s shop, Chi Yeol starts teaching intensive class children.

Young Min as a substitute student for Hae-e shows a rude and disrespectful attitude during class. As a result, he was expelled and as a result Young Min planned to embarrass Chi Yeol through an online forum specifically for students and student guardians.

Before he could do that, Young Min received an attack from an iron bullet that previously hit Haeng Seon’s shop glass. The young man was seen being chased by a mysterious person until he fell from the height of a building.

Chi Yeol certainly didn’t know about this bloody incident. He focused on his mental state and stomach. After teaching the intensive class, Chi Yeol decided to immediately go to Haeng Seon’s shop.

Chi Yeol offers to be Hae-e’s private math tutor. Hae-e herself is being asked for help by one of her classmates, Geon Hu, to teach her to study.

Episodes 5-6

Chi Yeol offers to give private lessons to Hae-e without asking for payment. He just wanted Haeng Seon to prepare breakfast and dinner.

Chi Yeol also wants their agreement to be kept secret, not to be known by anyone. Hae-e herself also agreed and was willing to help Geon Hu study to catch up.

The death of a student who falls from the academic building where Chi Yeol teaches, causes a commotion. Chi Yeol teaches half heartedly because after all he is still in shock with Young Min’s death. Young Min’s death was closed as a suicide, but detective Bae Jung Soo was dissatisfied and kept trying to investigate.

He found a scratch on Young Min’s forehead and found CCTV footage showing a suspicious iron ball around the scene. In the midst of a tense situation, Chi Yeol must keep his promise to teach Hae-e Mathematics privately.

Arriving at Hae-e’s residence to teach, Chi Yeol looks distracted by the enthusiastic Haeng Seon. Haeng Seon was indeed very excited, including when he sent breakfast for Chi Yeol the next day.

He did that in a good mood until at night, Jae Woo, his younger brother, was reported to the police and put in a cell for stalking a shop assistant. Haeng Seon panicked and was sad to see Jae Woo in the cell.

Haeng Seon’s affection for Jae Woo makes Chi Yeol seem touched. He couldn’t bear to see Haeng Seon drunk alone after returning from the police station.

Even though Jae Woo was able to go home, Haeng Seon still couldn’t hide his sadness. The two people get drunk together, but Chi Yeol loses consciousness.

In the morning he panicked because he found himself sleeping at Haeng Seon’s house. While rushing home, the two of them were caught by Yeong Ju and Ji Dong Hui.

Secrets about private mathematics that Chi Yeol did were revealed. Dong Hui objected, but had no choice but to protect his boss as best he could.

Dong Hui’s revelation of Chi Yeol’s secret isn’t the only shock because when he arrives at the office, he is surprised by someone’s upload.

The upload says that ten years ago Chi Yeol was involved in the death of a student named Su Hyeon, who committed suicide due to depression when she learned that she had leaked questions from her mother.

Chi Yeol is haunted by regret because he feels guilty for connecting several parties, so Su Hyeon can get a leak about this matter.

Meanwhile, Su-a secretly finds a special intensive class practice problem on Hae-e’s desk. Luckily, Sun Jae came right away and admitted that he had deliberately borrowed the practice questions.

After returning from camping with his mother and uncle, also Chi Yeol who met accidentally at the camping area, Hae-e invites Sun Jae to meet.

When they were together, Sun Jae told him about the real condition of his older brother, Hui Jae. Hae-e also finally tells him about the private Math she received from Chi Yeol.