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Synopsis & Review Missing: The Other Side 2 (2022) A person who gains magical abilities

Synopsis & Review Missing: The Other Side 2 (2022) A person who gains magical abilities

Two years after Kim Wook met the spirit of the mother and Pan Seok who found his daughter’s body, they are again dealing with new missing persons cases.

Having been unable to see spirits for two years, the two of them regained that magical ability. The spirit village they saw this time was bigger and most of the residents were children.

In the first two episodes of Missing: The Other Side 2 (2022), you are immediately confronted with cases of missing persons who all happen to be women. Intrigued by the continuation of Kim Wook and Pan Seok’s adventures in finding the missing bodies?

Kim Wook is shocked because for the first time in two years he can see a ghost again. He gets instructions from a mysterious young man named Oh Il Yong who directs him to a place.

The place was apparently the same as Duon Village. There, Kim Wook, who invited Pan Seok, met many children. What will the first two episodes of Missing: The Other Side 2 (2022) be like?

Episodes 1-2
Kim Wook helps a mother who was almost conned by a phishing scammer. He managed to catch it thanks to the help of a young man named Oh Il Yong. The mother turns out to know Pan Seok because both of them are looking for their missing daughter.

Unfortunately, this mother is still looking for her daughter Yang Eun Hee, while Pan Seok has found the body of her only daughter, Eun Ji. Il Yong later found out that the phishing perpetrator had been killed by being run over.

At the same time, he found out that the perpetrator of the crash had kidnapped a woman in a wedding dress named Choi Jung A, who turned out to be a high school friend of Lee Jong A.

Not long after, Detective Shin Joon Ho found Jung A already in a dead body. Her body washed up on the beach in a condition still wearing a wedding dress.

Jung A’s death shocked Jong A, but Kim Wook could have expected it. The reason is, before Jung A was found dead, he had heard about the kidnapping of the woman from Il Yong. Before Kim Wook could look for her, Jung A had already passed away.

Shin Joon Ho himself is actually working on the case of the disappearance of a young mother named Moon Se Young on the report of her daughter, Moon Bo Ra.

Se Young becomes the talk of the neighborhood because she works at a bar. The search was focused on the workplace. While Shin Joon Ho continues to search for Se Young, Kim Wook hears something shocking from Il Yong.

The mysterious young man said that he knew where Yang Eun Hee was. It was also from there that Kim Wook knew that Il Yong was a spirit. He died three years ago.

Il Yong then tells Eun Hee’s whereabouts, which turns out to be a village similar to Duon Village. After two years of not being able to see spirits, Kim Wook and Pan Seok regain their abilities.

The two arrive at the spirit village with mixed feelings, especially for Pan Seok. The reason is that the children of the village residents actually know Pan Seok as Eun Ji’s father. During her time living there and before her disappearance two years ago, Eun Ji often told her friends about Pan Seok.

While Pan Seok reminisces, Kim Wook focuses on Yang Eun Hee. The girl was actually there and worked as a caretaker for the children in the hostel. The search for Eun Hee’s body began and Kim Wook again asked for Detective Shin’s help.

The most suspicious suspect as the killer is Eun Hee’s ex-boyfriend in life, Park Young Jun. A plan to lure Young Jun was immediately made by Kim Wook and the team.

Without any difficulty, Young Jun can be arrested. Eun Hee’s body was found and her spirit disappeared from the mysterious village.

Episodes 3-4
A teenage girl named Min Ye Won asked the local police for help because her older brother, Min Seung Jae, was beaten and his whereabouts are unknown. Based on Ye Won’s testimony, his older brother was beaten at Lee Tae Hyun’s residence and the police immediately came to the place.

Following up on Ye Won’s report, Detective Shin gets involved. Ye Won and Seung Jae were left by their father abroad, while their mother had passed away.

Ye Won was then trapped in Lee Tae Hyun’s dark business. Unable to stand the harsh treatment she received, Ye Won tried to ask Seung Jae for help by sending messages via Lee Tae Hyun’s cell phone.

Seung Jae immediately came to the location that Ye Won mentioned. It was there that Lee Tae Hyun beat him to death, while Ye Won himself was unconscious. Seung Jae’s spirit is now in the spirit village.

Captain Kang, who greeted him, felt sorry for the teenager. He then took the initiative to ask Kim Wook and Pan Seok to help find Seung Jae’s body. Il Yong as an intermediary also helps to extract information from Seung Jae.

Kim Wook quickly contacted Detective Shin and gave him the clues he got. Shin immediately moved with the team to investigate Lee Tae Hyun further.

With his analytical skills, Shin is sure that Seung Jae was killed by Lee Tae Hyun and his body was removed by his father who is a potter.

Seung Jae’s body was almost burned, lucky Shin and the team immediately caught Lee Tae Hyun’s father and secured the teenager’s body. Seung Jae’s presence in the ghost village finally disappeared.

Done with Seung Jae’s problem, Kim Wook is surprised by the appearance of Moon Bo Ra who claims to be his daughter. Bo Ra finds a photo of Kim Wook together with his mother, Moon Se Young, who has been missing for several days.

Kim Wook is confused but also compassionate, so he can’t stop Bo Ra from wanting to live with him.

Pan Seok keeps teasing Kim Wook with his new status as a father. He himself still seems unable to forget his late daughter, Hyun Ji. Pan Seok even decided to stay for a while in the spirit village.

While there, he reminisces about the memories Hyun Ji left behind, especially after Pan Seok gets back a box of his late daughter’s belongings.

While Pan Seok feels at home in the spirit village, Kim Wook, Bo Ra and Jong A get closer. Until then Wook finds Bo Ra’s cell phone ringing. As soon as he answered, the call turned out to be from Se Young, who managed to escape from his kidnappers.

Kim Wook then reported this to Detective Shin who immediately moved with the team. Unfortunately, Se Young has been moved from his detention location.

The case of Se Young’s disappearance is suspected to be related to a drug network. The kidnapper caught on CCTV is the same as Jung A’s kidnapper, a woman in a wedding dress who was found dead. However, the Drugs Division at the police station seems to be covering something up.

Shin, who is annoyed with his co-workers, decides to publicly announce Se Young’s loss after getting approval from Bo Ra.

The announcement of Se Young’s disappearance is also known by Il Yong. The young man’s spirit tries to tell Kim Wook that the perpetrator of Se Young’s kidnapping is the same person as Jung A’s kidnapper. He really wants Wook to save him because he doesn’t want another victim.

Il Yong’s enthusiasm and all the information he gave Wook made Wook suspicious. He felt that Il Yong had deliberately approached him from the start. Before he can get an answer, Wook is suddenly surrounded by a gang of drug dealers who have a grudge against him.