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Synopsis & Review of Faces of Anne, a film that discusses a girl named Anne who has many faces

Synopsis & Review of Faces of Anne, a film that discusses a girl named Anne who has many faces

How does it feel to have many faces? Although it sounds very improbable, this happened to a girl named Anne. Not just once, her face kept changing and unfortunately there were many other Anne who had experienced the same thing as her. You can see this unique and strange story in a film called Faces of Anne (2022).

Directed by Kongdej Jaturanrasamee and Rasiguet Sookkarn, this thriller and psychology film is indeed tense. Various mysteries and puzzles about who and which is the real face of Anne?

This film will star a number of popular actresses, from members of the BNK 48 group to Punpun Sutatta, Minnie Phantira and Aokbab Chutimon.

A girl suddenly wakes up in a room, she doesn’t know what happened to her. The room was not very large, the walls were covered with yellow flowers all over, on the wall there was a frame with a picture of a rather scary deer.

The girl screamed when she saw insects coming out from behind the frame, until she heard the answer of a girl on the other side of the wall. The girl said that her name was Anne, he also told her to be quiet.

But the thing that surprised him was the reflection of his face in the mirror. He didn’t recognize the girl in the mirror, until a group of nurses came into his room. They injected her with a sedative, then said her name was Anne and she needed to be treated because she had frequent delusions.

The nurse also said that Anne would meet with the doctor, soon a female doctor came and made her fall into a hypnosis.

All of this must be done by Anne, if she wants to know who she is and her real face. In his imagination he saw sea water, a man suddenly appeared and walked towards the water until he slowly disappeared into the water.

When Anne woke up, she was again surprised by a change in her face for the second time. But to his confusion, the doctor said that Anne’s face had never changed.

This made him very confused, when he returned to the room suddenly a girl came to him. The girl’s name is Anne and invites her to run away before the deer monster kills them.

I don’t know what happened, the speakers suddenly played a song and a struggle ensued until the girl’s voice disappeared to be replaced by flowing blood.

The next day, Anne returned to the hypnosis session. Unlike before, Anne decided to leave the room and meet another girl who asked her for help.

They are trying to find out, actually what happened. It was from here that the three Annes found files and cell phones, and even Anne saw how her face had changed.

Unfortunately the deer monster came back to them and killed the existing Anne one by one. Like a game, Anne, who should have died, woke up in a room with a different face.

This kept repeating itself, though Anne took several different steps. There weren’t even just three Annes in the building, there were lots of other Annes. So what should he do to stop the nightmares and all their weirdness? Can Anne find her true identity and face?

Thailand is really good at making a film that is unique and original. This time I commend the writer of the film Faces of Anne (2022), because this plot is really not easy to make.

There are many things at stake for Kongdej Jaturanrasamee, both as the writer and director of the film. First, keeping the plot on the same path and not monotonous, of course, is not an easy thing.

From what I got, Faces of Anne (2022) is a psychological film that talks about Dissociative Identity Disorder or multiple personalities.

Instead of taking the normal path, Kongdej Jaturanrasamee narrates this in a girl’s subconscious. To make the story more tense and evocative, the search for real identity is concocted like the illusion of a game.

There are plenty of opportunities for her character to continue to find out who she really is. The writer also did not forget to add a villain character.

In this film, the villain is depicted as a deer monster who is very cruel. Amazingly, this figure is also associated with Anne’s childhood trauma, which saw a deer cruelly killed by her father.

On the other hand, a plot like this has the potential to make the audience confused, annoyed and bored. Firstly all the young girls there are called Anne, while the other characters are nameless.

Then the plot, which continues to be repeated even though there are modifications, feels a bit tiring. Unfortunately, the ending of this film makes the audience more curious, not relieved.

After watching Faces of Anne (2022), I realized that the world and social media is a very cruel place. Hany mentioned briefly, Kongdej Jaturanrasamee succeeded in conveying this message to its audience.

Anne is a girl who just wants to be herself, she is known as a famous cosplayer and is known to commit suicide. It can be said that Anne is a child who has passion and is very vocal in voicing her thoughts.

She is fed up with various cases of sexual harassment, but this girl actually becomes a victim of harassment and intimidation in cyberspace. A collection of the faces of girls and psychologists he created, inspired by the figures he likes and hopes for.

While the figure of the deer monster is a figure that comes from his childhood trauma, when his father shot a dying deer in front of him.

While the survival game that Anne faces, all of this is inspired by the game she likes. All of this made Anne lose herself, she felt that the world could not accept her.

Talking about the quality of the film, it must be admitted that the film directed by Kongdej Jaturanrasamee is indeed very entertaining. Even though there are several scenes that are repeated, the shooting angle is always changing and gives a different thrilling effect.

Not only that, the visualization of Anne’s subconscious every time this girl is hypnotized also looks extraordinary. The pictures are dismembered, but always convey meaning and implied emotion.

This is supported by the score of the film which really gives goosebumps. The music every time the deer monster appears, really makes the audience goosebumps.

It feels like we are indoctrinated, every time that music comes on it means Anne will die. It’s a shame that the visual effects shown are too short and quite raw, especially when the changes in Anne’s face are shown.

As for the acting of the cast, some are really good and some are unsatisfactory. Minnie Phantira, Punpun Sutatta and Aokbab Chutimon are the three actresses with the most promising performances.

Watching Faces of Anne (2022) does require high concentration. Each plot has a mystery and a strange story that is difficult to accept.

However, this is what makes the film by director Kongdej Jaturanrasamee so interesting to watch. Moreover, the presence of a row of members of the BNK 48 group and top Thai actresses makes the film worth watching.