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Synopsis & Review of The Interest of Love, Cinta Four people who are insecure work in a bank with different backgrounds

Synopsis & Review of The Interest of Love, Cinta Four people who are insecure work in a bank with different backgrounds

Four bank workers who come from different backgrounds, are involved in a complicated relationship. Each feels inferior to himself to the point that it affects the love life he lives.

Doubt, humiliation and discouragement, feeling inadequate and hurt by his ego, are the conflicts that you will find from the very first episode.

The Interest of Love is not the type of romantic Korean drama that is always filled with flowers. At one point you can feel frustrated because of the characters and the storyline.

Even so, the drama starring Yoo Yeon Seok, Moon Ga Young, Keum Sae Rok and Jung Ga Ram presents an interesting story about humans and their feelings. Check out the review and short synopsis below!

The Head of the Yeongpo Branch of KCU Bank, Ha Sang Su, seems to be paying attention to the contract worker who is known as the Goddess Yeongpo, Ahn Su Yeong.

Even though he is a contract worker with only a high school diploma, Su Yeong has worked longer at the bank. He was also the one who taught Sang Su about his duties when he first started working.

Su Yeong’s beauty made her famous among working men. Su Yeong is also famous for his quiet attitude. One day, Sang Su makes a mistake and has to go to Jeju to meet a customer. Su Yeong who feels involved in making a mistake, is also assigned to go there.

While in Jeju, Sang Su tries to make an approach and continues until they return to Seoul. Sang Su started to dare to send messages and felt welcomed because Su Yeong used a photo he took while in Jeju as his contact’s profile picture.

Sang Su’s invitation to watch a movie together agreed with Su Yeong. The optimistic Sang Su then invites Su Yeong to meet again for dinner together. Unfortunately, when the time came he still had to work overtime. Things get worse because Sang Su’s cell phone is accidentally damaged.

Since then Su Yeong’s attitude towards Sang Su has changed. He treated Sang Su coldly, unlike before.

Sang Su apologizes many times but still doesn’t fix the situation. The situation gets even more difficult when the workers at the office gossip that Su Yeong is in a relationship with the security guard at their workplace, Jeong Jung Hyeon.

Jung Hyeon had not known and been close to Su Yeong for so long, but he already knew that the food vendor near the bank where he worked was Su Yeong’s father. From there, the two of them started to get close and it didn’t take long for Jung Hyeon to admit his feelings.

When the office was having dinner together, rumors of Jung Hyeon and Su Yeong’s closeness became the talk of the town. Both are like being interrogated for the truth of their relationship.

Jung Hyeon and Su Yeong compactly denied. Sang Su who couldn’t stand it ventured to ask Su Yeong separately.

Again, the girl’s attitude is very cold, especially when she admits the truth of the gossip. Sang Su doesn’t believe it until he sees Su Yeong and Jung Hyeon hugging each other. Sang Su’s heart flutters and is confused because not long ago, Su Yeong went on a blind date.

When he is confused about Su Yeong’s attitude and status, the bank where he works is visited by a new assistant manager, Park Mi Gyeong.

It’s okay, Mi Gyeong has become a byword in the office because she is beautiful and elegant. Park Mi Gyeong turns out to be Sang Su’s younger sibling while at university. They are in the same major but different class.

Feeling that they come from the same alma mater, Mi Gyeong is not awkward in treating Sang Su as an old friend. He did not hesitate to invite and treat Sang Su dinner together. They even immediately fit in as work partners because they were starting to get busy taking care of the new program being run by KCU Bank.

Mi Gyeong is indeed a friendly woman. Her friendly attitude was not only directed at Sang Su, but also at the other workers. He could immediately blend in with the others.

From there Mi Gyeong knows about Su Yeong’s gossip which is a bone of contention for many male workers in the office. Hearing the gossip, Mi Gyeong suspects that Sang Su also likes Su Yeong. So, is Mi Gyeong jealous to know?

Love seems to be endless and is raised as an idea in the drama. In fact, the relationship between men and women is always interesting to look at from various sides. There are only problems that can be raised and then become an interesting story.

One of the “exciting” conflicts between two, even four people who are in a relationship, you can get when watching The Interest of Love.

The drama starring Yoo Yeon Seok, Moon Ga Young, Keum Sae Rok and Jung Ga Ram is quite different from romance dramas that have existed because the story does not only revolve around two people, but four people.

Through his rather slow plot, he shows the complexity of human feelings when they are hindered by doubts because they feel unworthy of others.

For 16 episodes with a duration of one hour per episode, watching The Interest of Love will make you feel like you are going through a test of patience, especially because of the characterizations.

You will meet characters who have an inferiority complex issue, feel small and humiliated in front of other people because of their background.

Ahn Su Yeong, as a high school graduate who works in a bank, is often treated differently even though his performance is already optimal. This condition made him secretly insecure so that when Ha Sang Su was interested, but had looked hesitant, Su Yeong was immediately disappointed and turned to hurt him.

Sang Su, who finally tries to have a relationship with another girl named Park Mi Gyeong, also has the same ego problem because his girlfriend comes from a rich and influential family.

There is also Jeong Jong Hyeon, a security officer who eventually becomes Su Yeong’s lover, who is insecure because of his background.

These characters are bound in a relationship full of doubts and hopes. The conflicts that bind them can make you lose your temper because each of them, especially Su Yeong, is very unpredictable.

With Moon Ga Young’s maximum acting, Su Yeong’s character successfully provokes emotion in every attitude and decision.

The Interest of Love has consistently presented a frustrating story since the first episode. Misunderstandings, doubts, falsehoods in life, dishonesty following one’s own heart, and full of suppositions, are presented boldly through the interactions of each character.

Even until the final episode, you may still be upset because instead of being happily resolved, this drama is closed openly. However, The Interest of Love’s open ending is precisely the most fitting.

After searching several times and finding the evasive Su Yeong, after four years of occasional longing and thought, Sang Su arrives at a realistic decision. The reason is, anyone who continues to struggle but never gets a reply, will come to a rethinking phase.

That is why Sang Su does not immediately ask Su Yeong to have a relationship. Both of them tend to be awkward, preferring to enjoy longing, remembering memories, wishing they could turn back time, without a bond.