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Synopsis & Review The 7th film from the HiGH&LOW franchise is again continued with the thugs from Oya Koukou, Housen, to Suzuran

Synopsis & Review The 7th film from the HiGH&LOW franchise is again continued with the thugs from Oya Koukou, Housen, to Suzuran

After three years, the 7th film from the HiGH&LOW franchise is finally being resumed. In this film, you will again meet the delinquents from Oya Koukou, Housen, to Suzuran.

For those who have watched the film Crows Zero, of course you are no stranger to the two delinquent high schools, Housen and Suzuran, who were very impressed with their battles. This time, the delinquents from Oya Koukou will be back in action. The film is a crossover between the Crows and Worst stories from Hiroshi Takahashi’s manga.

Approximately, what will the actions of the returning Oya Koukou students have to fight on a large scale? Here’s a full review.

Hanaoka Fujio bravely visits Suzuran High School which is known as the high school with delinquent legends. When he got there, Fujio immediately looked for Rao, one of the great fighter legends from Suzuran.

However, that made the Suzuran students furious and immediately attacked Fujio. They raced to attack Fujio until finally several high-ranking officials from Suzuran intervened.

Fujio continues to try to fight back against the Suzuran students. And afterwards, he knew that in order to meet Rao, he had to “stand in line”, because many Suzuran students also wanted to try fighting with Rao.

On the way home, Fujio had gotten a “order number” to meet with Rao, though he couldn’t talk to her much. And at the same time, the other delinquents from the SWORD area were looking forward to defeating leader Oya Koukou.

Amagai Kohei, the head of STM Senomon, is planning to defeat Fujio. Apart from gaining strength from his accomplice, Suzaki Ryo, Amagai also strengthens his strength by collaborating with several other high schools, namely Kamasaka High School and Ebara High School. Now the Senomon alliance is even stronger.

On the other hand, Fujio, who was with his members, was listening to stories about Rao. On the other hand, Tsukasa and Todoroki began to suspect Senomon’s movements. They secretly began to find out about movements that might pose a threat to the SWORD area, especially for Oya Koukou.

After visiting Suzuran, now Fujio is alone visiting Housen High School. His arrival there is to find out about Rao who many people fear. Fujio also gets a letter from Sachio warning him not to harass Rao.

Later, when Fujio, Tsukasa and Jamuon were trying to meet Rao, a member of Housen was invited by Senomon. Shidaken was secretly asked to join Senomon, but he refused the request and ended up making his life threatened by the Senomon alliance.

After Shidaken disappeared, now Senomon started to launch his action against Oya Koukou. Unprepared, Oya Koukou was surprised by the sudden attack from Senomon and his allies. As a result, the fight resulted in their defeat and many were injured as a result of the clash.

Tsukasa even became one of the victims with quite serious injuries. Not only that, the helpless Tsukasa is used by Amagai to lure Fujio and the other Oya Koukou students to come.

Knowing that his best friend was taken prisoner by Senomon, Fujio becomes furious and is planning to attack Senomon. However, will Fujio be able to save Tsukasa and protect his other friends?

Apart from that, Fujio also has to face one of the strongest fighters from Senomon, Suzaki. The big battle between Oya Koukou and Senomon begins to determine who is the strongest.

Broadly speaking, the premise of this film is almost the same as its predecessor films. The plot can be said to be quite predictable but still fun to watch, especially with the interludes of scenes or hilarious conversations from some of the players.

Like the previous series, this film certainly stands out with its action scenes. However, for me who happens to follow the HiGH & LOW film series, the action scenes are not as epic as the previous film series.

The battle still looks fun, it’s just not that intense, especially when you compare it to the Crows Zero series. The two films both tell about high school delinquents who fight each other.

And even though Suzuran High School joins in the fierce battle here, for me the action is not as interesting as the action in the Crows Zero series and other HiGH & LOW series.

As for the cinematography during the fight scenes, it looks quite smooth and attractive. Coupled with the background music that accompanies each battle and storyline, this film is still interesting to watch. For those of you who don’t follow the HiGH & LOW film series, you will still find it easy to follow the storyline.

Even though the HiGH & LOW film series is thick with action scenes, especially battles, each film series has a different story behind the battle scenes. As in this film, the story of friendship is quite strong, especially the friendship between Hanaoka Fujio and Takajo Tsukasa.

The friendship between Fujio and Tsukasa is already strong and they can understand each other. In contrast to Amagai and Ryo’s friendship.

Then, the friendship between Amagai Kouhei and Suzuki Ryo is no less interesting. In this film, Amagai thinks of Ryo as just a “tool”, even though Ryo sees Amagai as his best friend.

However, at the end of the story, Amagai finally realizes Ryo’s sincerity, even though he always acted arrogantly towards Ryo. In the end, Amagai and Ryo become friends and start supporting each other.

In the HiGH & LOW film series this time, you will see a new player played by Yuta NCT 127. This film is the debut for Yuta who is trying to get into acting. For you Yuta fans, you will be amazed by Yuta’s first acting here. And maybe, you will see another side of Yuta by watching this film.

Even though you could say there’s minimal dialogue, Yuta has played well without being cringe-inducing. When the fight scene will make you quite amazed by his acting. Get ready to smile when watching Yuta’s actions in this film, especially for you fans of Yuta.

Apart from acting, Yuta also contributed to one of the film’s soundtracks along with several other players who are members of the groups The Rampage and Be: First. The song sung by Yuta NCT 127 X The Rampage (Kawamura Kazuma and Yoshino Hakuto) X Be:First (Ryouki) is titled “Wings”.

You will hear the soundtrack in one of the scenes in this film. And more or less, the lyrics of the song tell about friendship, according to the story of friendship between the four main players namely Fujio, Tsukasa, Amagai and Suzuki Ryo.

So that’s a review of the film HiGH & LOW The Worst X (Cross). For those who are curious about the story, you can watch this film in Indonesian cinemas starting January 11, 2023.