HomeUncategorizedSynopsis & Review Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 3 In order to improve their abilities and rise in the rank of demons, Iruma and his friends must overcome ordeals

Synopsis & Review Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 3 In order to improve their abilities and rise in the rank of demons, Iruma and his friends must overcome ordeals

Synopsis & Review Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 3 In order to improve their abilities and rise in the rank of demons, Iruma and his friends must overcome ordeals

Continuing the previous season, Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun season 3 will only premiere on October 8, 2022. Just like the previous seasons, this anime series follows the story of Iruma, a human who is currently studying at a demon school.

After the previous events, Iruma, Asmodeus, and Clara became very famous among the demon school’s students.

In order to improve their abilities and rise in the rank of demons, Iruma and his friends must overcome ordeals. The new challenges that will await them are during the harvest season and during the annual exams, where students will wade through a vast and dangerous forest.

Episodes 1-2

In order to reach Daleth rank, Kalego invited tutors who would train his abnormal students. Jazz and Alocer will be mentored by a fire demon, Sergeant Furfur, who promises to make them the most cunning of demons.

Goemon and Picero, will be mentored by a water demon, Vepar, who will train them to have abilities beyond their bloodline. Elizabetta and Clara are mentored by Raim, who will make them the most charming demoness.

Then Crocel and Kamui will be trained by Mr. Hat, which will make them the strongest summoned demons. Furthermore, Sabnock and Asmodeus were trained by Balam, which would make them the strongest warriors. Meanwhile Iruma and Lied are guided by the demon Bars Robin, who promises to train their fighting spirit.

Bars Robin explained that he asked for Barbatos Bachiko’s help to train them both. Later, Barbatos Bachiko trains Iruma and Lied harshly and ruthlessly.

The two of them were forced to obey his every childish request. In fact, the two of them were forced to wear dresses for the sole entertainment of Barbatos Bachiko.

Unable to stand it, Lied decided to ask Bars to train him again. But Iruma stays with Barbatos, because he is sure that Barbatos has his own plans to train him. Barbatos then said that Iruma was very stupid because he always accepted his ridiculous requests.

After several days of special training, the abnormal class students gathered. One by one they began to tell their horrific experiences while doing the training.

Episode 3

Barbatos displayed her bloodline ability in making bows. He explains that demons can make bows out of anything, but all demons must have a core in order for a spell to be used to create such a bow.

Iruma then chose a feather from the Valley Guardian Beast. Previously, Barbatos had warned Iruma about the next exam, the Harvest Festival. A test that is a battle for survival. Because of that, Iruma must be able to make a bow that suits him and can become his trademark.

Barbatos left Iruma who was in the middle of making his bow by himself. But he remembered the past about the students he had trained and all of them ran away.

Meanwhile, in a different place, all of the abnormal class students were still struggling in training. All of the coaches were still cheering on the students of the abnormal classes.

Episode 4

After special training in the past few weeks, Iruma is finally ready with his new weapon. Just before the Harvest Festival arrives, Iruma and the rest of their classmates have completed special training.

In the Harvest Festival, students will compete to collect food materials from the dangerous forest. There are special rules that must be followed by all participants, including the assessment they will get in the Harvest Festival.

The students from the abnormal class that used to be known as lazy kids, looked completely different when they took the exam. Besides that, Asmodeus was very happy to be reunited with Iruma. Meanwhile Clara hid herself inside the furry star suit and didn’t say a word.

Within the stipulated time, all the first year students including the abnormal class will join the festival. Various strategies are made by the students, all may be done as long as it does not violate the rules.

Episode 5

Ichiro and Niro suddenly appeared before Asmodeus and Sabnock who were hunting their prey with their powers. Ichiro and Nino, one of the strong candidates who can become the winner in this harvest festival, challenge Asmodeus and Master Sabnock.

Ichiro and Nino said that they would both steal Asmodeus and Sabnock’s points if they won. On the other hand, Crocell and Kamui used the “summoning” ability to employ the monsters. Thus, the two of them could benefit from the magical beasts that were obedient to Crocel and Kamui.

Meanwhile, Allocer cooperates with Jazz and deceives other students to get higher points. Then, it was revealed their training period with Furfur. The terrible days they spent in special training with Furfur.

Episode 6

The harvest festival is still going on. The audience commentator, Balam, was shocked by Iruma’s actions. However, he also said that Iruma’s tricks were clever. Considering that the festival will last for four days, usually the devils will focus on collecting points, but end up losing due to exhaustion.

Lied was initially worried about Iruma’s choice, but he became amazed because he felt that Iruma’s actions were a good strategy. So the other devil students who wanted to steal points from him and Iruma chose to leave, because there were no points to steal.

However, not long after Lied calmed down, he felt a threat approaching him and Iruma, so Lied told Iruma to be careful. But unfortunately, Lied wasn’t fast enough so he and Iruma were separated.

Episodes 7-8

Clara pulled Iruma into her magic pouch. Inside, there is a Toy Box filled with all kinds of games. However, everyone except Clara who is there, will be turned into chibi to be able to enjoy all the games in Clara’s Toy Box world more.

The Toy Box was actually designed to drain the victim’s magic that entered it. However, when Iruma played with Clara, it turned out that Clara’s own magic was draining faster. This indicates that Clara has fallen in love with Iruma. And Clara admits that she likes Iruma.

At that time, Elizabetta opened Clara’s costume, so Clara’s spell ended and Iruma returned to normal body size. But when he came out, Iruma was surprised because it was already night. Iruma and Lied conclude that the demoness is “creepy”.

At night, the forest where the exam students are located is a more dangerous place than it seems. Many victims were exhausted and even needed help from the committee.

One monster ingredient chases several girls into the castle and awakens Picero who is sleeping inside. Without his usual sleeping mask, the girls saw Picero’s beautiful face and immediately fell in love. On the other hand, hallucination magic began to spread in the forest, so that one by one the students began to experience various hallucinations.

Inside the forest, there is a castle that looks uninhabited. However, Agares who was sleeping there was disturbed by the arrival of the girls who were dodging the beasts’ pursuit. Although reluctant to be disturbed, but his partner, Gaap, asked to let them to take shelter in his place.

Even though they often seem to fight, in fact, Agares and Gaap have a good relationship. This was also acknowledged by Dosanko and three of his girl friends who paid attention to the relationship between Agares and Gaap. However, it wasn’t long before Agares started fighting again with Gaap after seeing the dozens of other students he saved.

In a different place, some coaches are having a party. Some of them are Raim, Sergeant Furfur, Wepar and Mr hat. While it was cool, Sullivan, Opera and Barbatos also joined the party. Then, they talked about their respective students.

Episode 9

The Dorodoro brothers challenge Asmodeus and Sabnock to fight. The Dorodoro brothers will give all their points if they are defeated. However, Asmodeus and Sabnock had no interest in the fight.

Even so, Asmodeus and Sabnock finally accepted the challenge after being provoked by the Dorodoro brothers. Sabnock almost got emotional, but was stopped by Asmodeus who realized what his opponent was capable of.

Then the Dorodoro brothers revealed that they were a descendant of the Demon Peacock Provocation. Thus, many always feel like they are losing their temper when they are around them.

The Dorodoro brothers eventually run away from school, then join a battle. But because they didn’t have any preparations, they almost got killed. And at that time, “Master” came to receive and educate them.

Therefore, when they learned that their “Master” had to leave because of an order, the Dorodoro brothers also found out about the student who had stolen their “Master”.

They finally found the profiles of Asmodeus and Sabnock. So in order to get their “Master” back, the Dorodoro brothers also try to fight Asmodeus and Sabnock.