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Synopsis & Review Your Place or Mine, The Story of Debbie and Peter Friendzone in Adults finding ways to unite in a frame of love

Synopsis & Review Your Place or Mine, The Story of Debbie and Peter Friendzone in Adults finding ways to unite in a frame of love

Debbie and Peter have been friends for 20 years, even though they have feelings of love for each other. Debby has to go to New York to finish her studies and Peter comes to Los Angeles to look after Debby’s son Jack.

Being in different lifestyles, they try to overcome each other and find a way to unite in the frame of love.

Your Place or Mine is a romantic comedy film by debut director Aline Brosh McKenna which was released by Netflix as an original film on February 10, 2023. Starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher, this film returns to the standard rom-com formula about the friendzone which actually seems cliche.

Then, what different things are presented in this film? To find out, consider the following review which will thoroughly review the film which is filled with hits by The Cars as its soundtrack!

20 years after their first date, Debbie and Peter have become devoted friends. Even though they are in different locations, Debbie is in Los Angeles and Peter is in New York, they contact each other every day. In fact, this made Peter’s partner uncomfortable and broke it off.

Meanwhile, Debbie herself is a widow with a 13-year-old son named Jack. Debbie intends to continue her studies by taking a crash accounting program in New York. He had made many plans while he was with Peter there.

But at the last moment, Debbie’s friend, who was supposed to be Jack’s nanny, passed the audition and had to take part in the shooting in Vancouver, Canada. It also happens that Peter has just been fired from his job for turning down an executive position.

As a friend, Peter volunteered to look after Jack in Los Angeles, while Debbie stayed at his New York apartment until the course was over.

Arriving in Los Angeles, Peter picks up Jack at school in his luxury convertible. He realizes that Jack’s friends are drifting away from him and tries to find a way to rekindle their friendship.

Peter was quite surprised to find lots of post-its pasted in various places by Debbie and instructions for food and drinks that Jack was allowed to consume. Peter realized that Debbie was a rigid and overprotective mother figure.

Peter also meets Zen, a unique man who becomes Debbie’s neighbor. She takes care of Debbie’s garden, while her garden is taken care of by a handyman.

Meanwhile, Debbie finds Peter’s apartment too quiet, many expensive things he hasn’t used. Debbie then meets Minka, Peter’s ex-girlfriend.

They soon become friends where the slightly narcissistic Minka invites Debbie out to socialize in New York. While at a café, they meet Theo Martin, a book publisher editor whom Debbie greatly admires.

To get the attention of Jack’s friends, Peter buys VIP tickets to an ice hockey game so Jack can bring his friends along.

However, this plan failed because Jack’s friends didn’t seem to care about him even though they came to the match. They are just busy eating the dishes served.

Minka told Debbie that Peter wrote a thick novel. At first Debbie didn’t believe it, but after Minka showed her the novel manuscript that Peter had kept in the oven, Debbie was very moved by the novel after reading it. Debbie also sent the manuscript to Theo in the hope that it would be published.

Peter tries to convince the school’s ice hockey coach to accept Jack back into the team, even if it’s only through a try-out. And all went smoothly where Jack showed his talent as an ice hockey athlete.

Theo invites Debbie to have dinner with him and ends up sleeping in the apartment together. It turned out that Peter accidentally saw this through the CCTV connected to his cell phone.

Peter was heartbroken and managed to call his ex-girlfriend for dinner. However, this revenge plan failed Peter to continue and he returned home.

Just as Debbie is about to decide to continue her relationship with Theo, she and Minka accidentally find an envelope containing all of her mementos. It turns out that Peter kept all of that and at the same time proved that Peter loved Debbie a long time ago.

In a friendly match, Jack fell because he was hit by his opponent. Although he was treated at the hospital, fortunately Jack was not seriously injured. However, Debbie still panicked and immediately returned to Los Angeles. He was angry with Peter for failing to protect Jack and told him to leave.

Will they never meet? Will they be able to express their long-buried feelings of love? Watch this film to the end and you will find the answer towards the end of the film.

The film opens with a scene set in 2003 which is the basis for the relationship between the two main characters, Debbie and Peter.

With lots of scrawled words that show references to that era, it immediately creates a dynamic rhythm for this film. Uniquely, both Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher were subscriptions to rom-com films at that time.

Reese Witherspoon was quite successful through the film Sweet Home Alabama (2002), while Ashton Kutcher appeared quite funny with Brittany Murphy in the film Just Married (2003).

The film itself was directed by a screenwriter who had full experience in rom-com films, Aline Brosh McKenna. Some of the films for which he wrote scripts include The Devil Wears Prada (2006) and 27 Dresses (2008).

The presence of the three of them is the main attraction of the film Your Place or Mine. This time, Aline Brosh McKenna presents a unique story in that the two main characters in this film only appear in one frame towards the end of the film.

So for a duration of 1 hour and 49 minutes, we are asked to patiently wait for their meeting which just happened 20 minutes before the film was over.

Even so, the combination of Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher in separate frames, sometimes shown in split screen mode, is quite solid. The dialogue between them flows smoothly and successfully describes a friendship that has lasted 20 years.

The storyline of the film, which was only shot in Los Angeles, while the New York setting uses a green screen, goes according to the standard rom-com formula in general.

Light and generic, we will have no trouble at all understanding the narrative presented in the film. Even if we miss one scene, we won’t feel left out.

As usual, these two characters who have feelings of love have different personalities, even completely opposites. This is indeed quite interesting and raises questions about how they can like each other over different personalities.

Debbie is a woman who is more concerned with stability in life. He is very rigid and lives in order. Even when he went to New York, all the rules he had applied so far were written down by him in many post-its pasted up in various places. And Debbie’s house is full of knick-knacks and lots of keepsakes.

Meanwhile, Peter’s life is in reverse. He has trouble with commitment, not only in romantic relationships but also in the world of work.

Peter is always confused when answering the question “What’s Next?” from the people around him. And the answer always ends in goodbye. The apartment seems quiet and tidy with all automatic devices.

The friendzone problem that they face is still the same as what has been described in similar films, namely the fear of rejection which is considered to be detrimental to their friendship. And the way to solve this problem is honesty in expressing their feelings of love.

Therein lies the weakness of this film. With a light storyline and a generic script, the final solution to their problem is easily resolved in just one meeting scene.

However, they haven’t seen each other in a long time. There should be longing bubbling up but we don’t feel it in this scene. Everything feels anticlimactic.

One thing that is different from the friendzone story of Debbie and Peter in this film is the presence of Jack, Debbie’s son. Try to attach the impression of the family to understanding the psychology of 13-year-old children. But once again, this film script is not able to accommodate this sub-story properly, so it’s easy to forget.

Not only Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher who appear beautifully in this film with the usual cinematography. Precisely the performance of the supporting actors appear quite strong and refreshing the atmosphere.

Zoe Chao is very agile with charming fashion. The short sentence uttered by him is enough to invite us to smile.

Meanwhile, the Zen character presented by Steve Zahn is quite funny. Peter initially felt intimidated by Zen’s presence in Debbie’s yard, but it turns out that his ambition to win Debbie’s heart is not that big.

Zen always tries to be seen by Debbie in hopes that Debbie can fall in love with him. But she was willing to back down when she realized Peter’s great love for Debbie.

Your Place or Mine seems to want to repeat the heyday of rom-coms in the 2000s. The corny friendzone theme is handled quite well, conceptually and visually. However, it is weak on the script side, making this film feel flat at the end.

The acting performance of all the cast deserves thumbs up. Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon seemed to spark back their glory when they diligently acted in various rom-com films, supported by supporting actors who successfully stole scenes.

Your Place or Mine definitely won’t be on the list of the best rom-com movies, but at least this film is trying to breathe new life into a genre that is already lacking in demand.