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Synopsis The film Boiler Room is inspired by the true story experienced by the script writer and director, Ben Younge

Synopsis The film Boiler Room is inspired by the true story experienced by the script writer and director, Ben Younge

Boiler Room, which was released in 2000, was a film inspired by the true story of the scriptwriter and director, Ben Younger, who had a job interview at a brokerage firm. Set in 1999, Seth Davis (Giovanni Ribisi) is a college dropout busy running an illegal casino business from his rented apartment.

Uncomfortable with his father’s controlling attitude, Seth decides to live independently and is interested in working as an apprentice at a stockbroking company owned by an acquaintance named Gregg (Nicky Katt). During his apprenticeship at the broker, Seth was driven by the figure of Jay (Ben Affleck) who succeeded in making the broker rich but in an aggressive way and placing money above all else. Seth is increasingly obsessed with his career, because his relationship with his father is getting worse, plus he wants to get attention from Abbie (Nia Long), the woman he loves. Seth’s morale in achieving success is at stake in this case.

Seth is a smart young man at his college (Queens College). Behind his intelligence he has a rebellious nature in him, that’s what made him never get along with his father. He was also the best student on campus. But that was not what Seth wanted, he finally decided to drop out of college.

After Seth decided to drop out of college, his relationship with his father worsened. But that didn’t make Seth give up on his decision. It started with Seth building a small casino in his own apartment. With his expertise he was able to make his casino famous so that many people came.
Since the famous seth casino came a person named Greg Weinstein who owned a brokerage firm. After seth and greg met, greg was very interested in seth’s abilities and then invited him to join his brokerage firm, he became the mainstay of the broker in the company.

By the time he became a broker, his company was in trouble. Seth was told to sell shares of bad companies, but Seth didn’t know anything about it. The customers contacted are not people who are financially well off. Finally this company was investigated by the FBI, Seth was told to be a spy in his company, with the threat of his father who was a judge. Seth wants to be a spy. feel a sense of responsibility with their customers, by setting a strategy so that their customers can profit after yesterday the shares lost money. Then seth ran away from the company.

Seth Davis (Giovanni Ribisi) is a 19 year old school dropout from Queens College who runs an unlicensed casino in his apartment. Although he makes a successful living at his job, he is constantly scolded by his father, Marty (Ron Rifkin), a New York City federation judge. One night, his old time partner Adam (Jamie Kennedy) stops by the casino to play blackjack, bringing his rich pal Greg Weinstein (Nicky Katt) with him. Although Seth is happy with his income through the casino, he becomes increasingly frightened when Marty disapproves and the risk factors for his business being closed to coincide with his arrest. The other night, Greg took Seth to join JT Marlin, a brokerage firm based out of a place on the Long Island Expressway, “one hour from Wall Street” as Seth described it.

Arriving at JT Marlin, Seth attends a group interview and learns from Jim Young (Ben Affleck), one of the founders of the firm, what is expected of his work and how he became a millionaire. The company’s marketing technique is through cold calling investors to sell shares, and Seth joined as a stockbroker training participant, had to close 40 accounts and pass the Series 7 Exam to start working independently. He finds success in his new assignment when he manages to do extremely well at his job, and impress his parents, becomes part of a successful senior brokerage crowd, and begins a love affair with Abbie Halpert (Nia Long), a secretary. and Greg’s ex-girlfriend. Seth experienced problems and suffering, including the fights and fights he experienced with Greg and the decision to close his casino.

On the other hand, JT Marlin is being investigated by the FBI, revealing the company’s illegality. The company was a “pump and dump” chop stockbrokerage firm, using its brokers to place artificial orders on expired or counterfeit company stock. When the company finished pumping stock, the investors then had no one to sell their shares on the market, and the share price plummeted. Federation agents chose to hunt down Seth, figuring he was a good target because of his intelligence, and his ability to be less loyal to the company because of his short tenure.

Seth passed the Series 7 Exams and became a senior broker. He then contacts Harry Reynard (Taylor Nichols), the purchasing manager of a gourmet food company, as different and less profitable than the other “whales” that are the company’s common prey. Although Harry emphasized that he and his family were saving money right now to buy a house, Seth mistakenly promised him a good investment that could actually pay off. After selling it 100 shares at a price of $ 8. each time Harry called back to ask why the stock was so bad. Seth sold more of the worthless stock, convincing him the results had no effect. This created torturous financial circumstances for Harry and his family, resulting in him losing the house he wanted to buy and being abandoned by his family.

Shocked by the decision to trick Harry, Seth finds out that JT Marlin is not as legal as he was at first. Marty further denies it, reproaching him for his unbelievable work of taking and ruining someone’s life. Even so, Seth is in his father’s office and emotionally explains that he is closing his casino and taking on the most criminal tasks he thinks are legal in order to get his family’s deal. He then asks his father to help him in an IPO scheme to steal their company’s money and bring them down. Although Marty initially refuses at the risk of losing his rights as a judge, he contacts Seth the next day, reconciles with him and offers him a link in the pattern.

Seth was eventually arrested by the FBI for violating the provisions of 26 SEC and NASD, and was detained with his father, because agents had discovered their IPO pattern due to recorded telephone conversations. The FBI gives him federation immunity if he agrees to testify against JT Marlin after all the defendants have been brought to justice, but can get Marty involved because of evidence of their intention to engage in illegal activity. Seth made it clear that he would testify against the firm and provide strong evidence of their illegal practices only if his father was acquitted. He and the agent come to an agreement on this, with Seth being held up all night only to return to work the next day and make a copy of the investment files onto a floppy disk to use as evidence. Then,

Seth returned to work the next day and followed FBI orders. Before leaving, Seth attempts to repay himself for his actions and attempts to recover Harry’s money. He lies to Michael Brantley (Tom Everett Scott), the company’s founder, by explaining that the company could lose a lot of money by refusing to always do business with Harry Reynard, who Seth sees as a necessary prospect and profitable at a make-or-break turning point. . Brantley agreed to proceed based on Seth’s testimony, offering him shares in his next IPO, but, with the caveat that he could not sell the shares until the company had sold theirs. In order to sell shares behind Michael’s back, Seth needs a marketing ticket signed by a senior broker, something his immediate supervisor, Greg, explicitly mentions if he never does.

Seth seeks a signing from Chris Varick (Vin Diesel), explaining that he may be “doing one thing right” in helping hard-hit investors get their money back, now the company will be under attack and, soon enough, there will be no future in continuing ventures there. JT Marlin. Chris reluctantly agrees to do so, and begins his escape from the building in an attempt to escape federation law enforcement. Seth walked to his car, deciding what to do with his life now that his relationship with JT Marlin was over. As he drove away, several FBI cars, a bus, and a tow truck pulled into the parking lot, with several agents ready to storm the building.