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Thank You (2011 Movie) Indian Hindi-language romantic comedy movie

Thank You (2011 Movie) Indian Hindi-language romantic comedy movie

Thank You is a 2011 Indian Hindi-language romantic comedy movie written and directed through Anees Bazmee and produced with the aid of Ronnie Screwvala and Twinkle Khanna beneath UTV Motion Pictures and Hari Om Entertainment.[three][4][5] The film stars Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Suniel Shetty, Irrfan Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Rimi Sen and Celina Jaitly in lead roles even as Ranjeet, Mukesh Tiwari, Rakhee Tandon, Smita Jaykar and Chahat Khanna are featured in assisting roles with Mallika Sherawat in a special tune collection and Vidya Balan in a unique look.

Released on 8 April 2011, and conceptually just like Bazmee’s No Entry (2005), Thank You revolves around three married men and first-rate friends at work, Raj Malhotra (Deol), Vikram Chopra (Khan) and Yogi Mathur (Shetty) who have interaction in philandering behaviour and run a yacht business, seeking to have a few a laugh outside their marriage. However, while suspicion performs its cards proper on their other halves, the naive Sanjana (Kapoor), the pointy-minded however forced Shivani (Sen) and the alternatively pissed Maya (Jaitly) who doubt their husbands, enlisted for assist arrives non-public investigator Kishan Khurana (Kumar), a detective who makes a speciality of extra-marital relationships. However, the course of occasions that follows Kishan’s tries to show and reform Raj as a way to assist Sanjana, who he is seemingly in love with, takes twists and turns that are difficult for him to address, and what follows match paperwork the relaxation of the story.[6][7] Most of the scenes on this film were shot in Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario in Canada.Plot[edit]

Raj Malhotra, Vikram Chopra and Yogi Mathur are nice pals and business partners who’re married to Sanjana, Shivaniand Maya respectively, and stay in Vancouver, Canada. The 3 of them continuously cheat on their wives with no longer one or however many women. However, while Yogi is the only unsuccessful one because of Maya having a secret friend spying on him, Raj and Vikram are able to get away with their flirtatious behaviour by fooling their other halves and keeping them underneath check.

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One day, when the 3 better halves, who are also friends, meet up, and Maya brings up Sanjana’s difficulty about a free necklace due on Raj while the 2 met previously that day in a mall, she and Shivani insist on Sanjana having a detective, Kishan Khurana, in truth Maya’s “friend”, remedy the trouble. However, when Maya arranges a assembly between them, matters don’t appear to exercise session because Sanjana takes place to garbage away Kishan’s accusations towards Raj. This compels Kishan to attempt exposing Raj with the aid of calling all his girlfriends to the New Year’s Eve birthday party, however Kishan’s plan goes haywire whilst Vikram steps in and saves Raj.

Confused to the next day, Raj and Vikram suspect a spy being part of the scandal that turned into about to occur closing night and are seeking for help from buddy and Canadian Security Intelligence Service agent KD, who instead suggests hiring a non-public detective as the problem is too trivial and unprofessional for an intelligence business enterprise to handle. However, as fate could have it, they land up at Kishan’s location, and, having recognized him from the birthday celebration, enlist his help. Kishan, who is apparently crushing on Sanjana, makes a decision to engage Raj and Vikram in a double recreation, which ends within the duo mistakenly assuming Yogi as the informer after Kishan suggests them a doctored video of Yogi conversing with Sanjana, and ceasing their friendship with him with the aid of exposing him on certainly one of his cheat dates. Later that day, he creates a fracas for Raj by means of nearly exposing him as a cheater whilst he is caught in a bathing gown, but Vikram again comes up with an concept, this time about having Raj pose as an undercover cop within the CSIS, who became by chance exposed for the duration of a “challenge” for KD, who played his boss, and become accountable for killing dreaded don King’s brother. Sanjana believes the story and forgives Raj, later snubbing Kishan over the exposé.

Realizing that some thing is inaccurate with the deal, Kishan learns from Yogi about the plan and decides to expose them with the aid of staging himself as King and having them gather blindfolded, with Sanjana and Shivani in attendance. When the truth is out, Sanjana tries to commit suicide, but Kishan convinces her otherwise, and is derived up with a plan to reform Raj and convey his loving former self lower back to her life, part of which is a plan to lure Raj into jealousy by using having Yogi inform him and Vikram of Sanjana beginning an affair and relationship with a dynamic, good-looking guy, who might be none apart from Kishan himself.

Eventually, Kishan’s plan of the jealousy recreation works out properly, but trouble brews massive time when Shivani, thru Kishan’s help, has Vikram thrown out of the residence upon having obtained ownership of all his belongings by way of getting him to unsuspectingly sign “bank account” papers throughout the time he become advising a bothered Raj, who made a witness. Helpless and destroyed, the three guys turn to Kishan for help again, in which they request him to blow the covers of their enemies, and vow to batter their fugitives to demise, little understanding that they rather have a commonplace enemy in Kishan, who throws a subtle inspiration approximately the identical which they fail to recognize, and even as Sanjana is to maintain a fast for Raj, Kishan comes up with his own plan and lures the trio to King’s house after they grow to be with his jacket. Kishan then arranges the trio to satisfy King’s spouse Maddy, who too is doubting King’s feasible affair, but the assembly seems a catastrophe after they study that King is harmless and Maddy begins capturing at King left, proper and center for flirting with any other lady.

While anticipating him at his office to speak about information of the meeting, Raj and Vikram, together with Yogi, subsequently discern out in a unexpected in shape of musical epiphany that Kishan was in at the rip-off, double-crossing the 3 men at the same time as gambling for his or her better halves, posing as Sanjana’s boyfriend, Shivani’s “brother”, and Maya’s “friend”, having lured them to King’s lair out of motive. Sanjana disrupts a combat about to break between the 4 after Kishan arrives to find himself exposed. Assuming her to be brazenly in league and love with Kishan, Raj needs a divorce from Sanjana, and a shocked Kishan, within the following few days, manages to persuade a crying Sanjana for marriage. However, whilst seeking to invite the trio, Kishan is wrong because the groom-to-be, and that they, inebriated, are arrested for smashing a police officer’s head.

While in the mobile, Raj rues approximately Sanjana and contemplates deceiving her, whilst he, Vikram and Yogi are bailed out via an injured King. Raj is in fury and decides to kill Kishan, for which King has his henchman Benny supply him a gun. Raj succeeds, but while Sanjana confronts him, it turns out that the meeting of people become for the couple’s remarriage. However, Kishan well-knownshows himself to be alive, giving the wives remedy, with King and Maddy displaying up, as Kishan had organized for his or her bail. Seeing his determination, the other halves, and Sanjana’s mom and sister, ask Kishan about his reason for assisting Sanjana way too personally, something that’s surprising of a professional of his kind. Kishan then well-knownshows that his spouse Divya once walked in on him dishonest on her and killed herself by means of slitting her wrist. Feeling guilty and breaking down, he prompt on a undertaking to assist aggrieved ladies of his wife’s type for you to redeem himself. However, it turned into with Sanjana that he saw a reflection of his spouse in her, and decided to assist her.

Finally, the 3 couples reunite, while Kishan leaves Vancouver for his next assignment.Cast[edit]

  • Akshay Kumar as Kishan Khurana
  • Bobby Deol as Raj Malhotra
  • Irrfan Khan as Vikram
  • Suniel Shetty as Yogi Mathur
  • Sonam Kapoor as Sanjana Arora Malhotra
  • Rimi Sen as Shivani Chopra
  • Celina Jaitly as Maya Mathur
  • Mukesh Tiwari as King
  • Rakhee Tandon as Maddy, King’s spouse.
  • Ranjeet as T.T.
  • Chahat Khanna as Kanisha “Kuku” Arora
  • Smita Jaykar as Tishani Arora
  • Ayushmann Khurrana as Baankey Ballz
  • Shillpi Sharma as Sweety
  • Mallika Sherawat in a friendly song look as Razia.
  • Vidya Balan in a unique appearance as Divya Khurana, Kishan’s overdue wife.
  • Lilly Singh in an uncredited cameo inside the climax scene.


Kapoor replaced Katrina Kaif because the lead actress, for the reason that Bazmee wanted to have a change with Kumar’s love hobby. The film turned into shot at distinctive locations in Vancouver, Toronto and Bangkok. It turned into made on a finances of ₹500 million, at the same time as an additional quantity of ₹eighty million became spent on promotions.[1]Reception[edit]Critical[edit]