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The Chosen One: plot, cast and trivia about the film with Nicolas Cage

The Chosen One: plot, cast and trivia about the film with Nicolas Cage

The chosen film

In recent decades the Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage he took part in films of every possible genre, some more successful than others. In any case, many of the titles in which she took part have since become known as small cult, or sculpture. Among these is the 2006 film in particular The chosen onewritten and directed by Neil LaBute. Within this, Cage plays a police officer looking for a lost little girl, between yellow film investigations and horror nature implications. A decidedly particular film, which is still remembered in a contrasting way for numerous reasons.

The film is in fact the remake of The Wicker Manwork from 1973 directed by Robert Hardy. This is considered one of the most important horror films ever, still remembered today as a cult of great importance and relevance. In implementing its makeover, LaBute first of all decided to move the setting from Scotland to contemporary America, thus re-adapting the story to the new context. In the original, in fact, the policeman was a very religious man fighting against a Dionysian world, but here he is forced to deal with a community of ecologists who enslave males.

These changes didn’t please the director of the original at all, who considered this new film not a remake but something totally extraneous to his work. Established as a great failure, The chosen one is considered by many as an unintentional comedy film, but one that deserves to be seen for its outlandish nature. Before embarking on a vision of the film, however, it will certainly be useful to delve into some of the main curiosities related to this. Continuing here in the reading it will in fact be possible to find further details relating to the plot and al cast of actors. Finally, the main ones will also be listed streaming platforms containing the film in their catalogue.

The chosen one: the plot of the movie

The protagonist of the film is Edward Malus, a retired cop who left his badge because he was plagued by guilt. In fact, he failed to save a woman and her daughter from a bad car accident, and from that moment he lives with great pain that memory and the feeling of helplessness experienced. To call him to action, however, there is Willowhis ex-girlfriend who asks him to help her find her daughter Rowan. The little girl has disappeared on an island off the coast of Washington State, where the two live with a matriarchal sect of neopagans. Arrived on site, Edward immediately comes across a context that he does not know, towards which he feels fear and from which he is seen as an intruder.

In particular, he makes the acquaintance of Sister Summerslsle, the elderly saint who governs the community and embodies the Goddess adored by the adepts. This tells Edward the origins of the community, which over the centuries has escaped numerous persecutions against self-styled witches. Disturbed by the presence of the saint and the hostile atmosphere of the sect, Edward starts looking for the little girl. The clues, however, are confused and community collaboration in the investigation appears to be intermittent. Slowly, the atrocious doubt that the little girl was kidnapped to become the sacrificial victim of a pagan ritual or something even worse makes its way into the policeman.

The chosen cast

The chosen one: the cast of the film

As anticipated, to interpret the role of the protagonist Edward Malus is the actor Nicolas Cage. He had known the 1973 film thanks to guitarist Johnny Ramone, to whom Cage then had the new film dedicated. The actor was in fact very interested in the realization of the remake of The Wicker Man, to such an extent that he produced it with his production company, Saturn Films. The actor then strongly rejected the criticisms of the film, stating that his comedy was wanted, as The chosen one it was meant to be a black comedy. Cage has on several occasions declared himself proud of the result of the work and of his interpretation in it.

Next to him, in the role of Willow Woodward, is the actress Kate Beahan. However, the role had originally been offered to Winona Ryder, which however I categorically refuse since she had hated the script. In the role of Sister Summerslsle there is instead the Oscar-winning actress Ellen Burstynknown for movies Alice no longer lives here And Requiem for a Dream. Other actresses featured are Frances Conroy as Dr. TH Moss e Molly Parker in the dual roles of Sister Rose and Sister Thorn. There are also brief cameos from the actors in the film James Franco And Aaron Eckhart. The first of the two is present as one of the customers in the scene set inside a bar.

The chosen one: the trailer and where to see the film in streaming and on TV

It is possible to enjoy the film thanks to its presence on some of the most popular streaming platforms on the net today. The chosen one it is in fact available in the catalog of Chili Cinema, Infinity, Tim Vision and Amazon Prime Videos. To see it, just subscribe to a general subscription to the platform in question or rent the single film. In this way you will be able to watch it in total comfort and at the best video quality. It should be noted that in the case of rental, you will only have a given time period available within which to see the title. Alternatively, the film is also featured in the television schedule of Wednesday 10 May at 21:00 On the canal Iris.

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