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The Hammer, formerly titled Hamill, is a 2010 biographical film approximately Matt Hamill

The Hammer, formerly titled Hamill, is a 2010 biographical film approximately Matt Hamill

The Hammer, formerly titled Hamill, is a 2010 biographical film approximately Matt Hamill, a deaf wrestler and blended martial artist. Oren Kaplan directs the film based on a screenplay co-written by way of Eben Kostbar and Joseph McKelheer, who are also the movie’s manufacturers. Russell Harvard, a deaf actor, plays Hamill inside the movie. The Hammer screened at several film festivals in the course of 2010 and 2011. The movie was released in theaters on October 27, 2011.[needs replace]Plot[edit]

The Hammer follows Matt Hamill, who changed into born deaf, in his kids and typically in 1997, whilst Hamill is a sophomore walk-on at Rochester Institute of Technology and wins the first of 3 collegiate wrestling championships.[1]Cast[edit]

  • Russell Harvard as Matt Hamill
  • Raymond J. Barry as Stanley, Hamill’s grandfather
  • Shoshannah Stern as Kristi, Hamill’s lady friend
  • Lexi Marman as Kelley, Kristi’s roommate
  • Michael Anthony Spady as Jay, Hamill’s roommate
  • Bob Hiltermann as Purdue Professor
  • Benjamin Kally as BenC’moe

Also inside the movie are Robin Walton (nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Short Film, Nice IFF 2018), Gavin Bellour, Stephen Dodd, Theodore Conley, Courtney Halverson, and Susan Gibney.[2] One of Hamill’s former fighters, Rich Franklin, additionally seems in the film as Purdue University wrestling coach Pruitt who cuts Hamill from the crew.[3]Production[edit]

The Hammer is directed through Oren Kaplan based on a screenplay co-written via Eben Kostbar and Joseph McKelheer, who are also the film’s manufacturers. Matt Hamill is played through Russell Harvard, who’s also deaf. The filmmakers spent over 5 years growing the task, and that they sought out deaf solid and crew participants for the movie.[1] According to McKelheer, the writers completed “more or less” 75 rewrites to make certain Hamill’s guide and that the film would no longer be cheesy. Kostbar became in the beginning intended to play Hamill, but they determined to forged a deaf character because the wrestler to enchantment to the deaf community.[3] They first noticed Harvard in his quick position in There Will Be Blood because the person son of Daniel Day-Lewis’ man or woman however have been no longer positive to start with if Harvard may want to painting an athlete. After additional searching that turned into inconclusive, they selected to solid Harvard as Hamill.[1]

Kostbar and McKelheer produced the movie with their impartial movie company Film Harvest. For the manufacturing, they sought financing and discovered it with Fifth Year Productions, which changed into founded by way of the Farrelly brothers, Jim Kelly, and Bob Bartosiewicz. Most of the film turned into shot in Rochester, New York, home of Hamill’s university, Rochester Institute of Technology.[4] Scenes at Purdue were absolutely shot at the University of Rochester. The film alternates among use of sound and shortage of sound in addition to using subtitles, frequently with phrases lacking.[1]Release[edit]

The Hammer, titled Hamill at the time, had its international optimum at the AFI (American Film Institute) Film Festival in November 2010, where it gained a Breakthrough Film target audience award and a $five,500 prize.[5] From then to May 2011, the film changed into screened at movie gala’s in Newport Beach, Florida, Miami, Cleveland, and Philadelphia, winning target audience awards at every pageant.[1] The film became released as The Hammer in theaters on October 27, 2011.[needs replace] It may be allotted by means of D&E Entertainment. The movie will also be disbursed on DVD, Blu-ray, and video on demand by way of ARC Entertainment.[6]See also[edit]

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