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The hard truth: plot and cast of the film with Gerard Butler

The hard truth: plot and cast of the film with Gerard Butler

The hard truth movie

Popular romantic comedy of 2009, The hard truth (here the review) is directed by Robert Luketicalready the author of similar titles such as The revenge of the blondes And That mother-in-law monster. For this new film of his, he brings to the stage the story of two show business personalities that are extremely different in character, convictions and ways. Through them a comic story unfolds centered on the relationships between women and men, bringing to the surface what the title of the film claims to be a hard truth. However, the film is far from cynicism, revealing itself instead as a passionate and passionate love story.

Full of references to other similar films, among which they can be counted Harry, meet Sally… And Anchorman – The Legend of Ron Burgundy, the film boasts the presence of well-known Hollywood performers, who put themselves to the test here with particularly over the top roles. It is in fact the presence of Gerard Butler And Katherine Heigl to make everything more spicy and interesting, with the two giving life to a successful comic duo. At the time of its arrival in theaters the film was not actually well received by critics, but the reaction of the public was decidedly different.

Against a budget of 38 million dollars, the film has in fact managed to collect 205 worldwide. This result made it possible to The hard truth to establish itself as one of the most successful comedies of the year. Before embarking on a vision of this, there are several curiosities to discover, many of which are linked precisely to the protagonists. Continuing reading it will be possible to discover these as well as on which platforms it is possible to find the film in streaming for a comfortable home viewing.

The hard truth: the plot of the movie

The story of the film takes place in Sacramento, California, where Abby Richter she is an accomplished producer of a television show. However, her sentimental life is not equally successful, studded with appointments without a happy ending. After yet another of these, the woman seems ready to throw in the towel. It is at this point that she comes across the program entitled The hard truthconducted by the cynical and irreverent Mike Chadway. In her show he gives life to a series of unscrupulous opinions on romantic relationships, and the very way she talks about it prompts Abby to call live to offer her point of view, that of a woman who still believes in true love and in her miracles.

Unexpectedly, the clash with Mike turns out to be only the first of a long series. In fact, Abby learns that the ratings of her program are declining, and the network has hired the cynical host to try to revive the fortunes of the show. The relationship between Mike and Abby is confirmed as particularly tense, with numerous episodes of verbal clashes caused by creative differences. However, everything takes an unexpected turn when the woman develops a crush on her neighbor, Colin. It is at that point that Mike pushes her to follow her advice, making a pact with her. If Abby can win Colin, then the two will try to work in harmony, otherwise Mike would have resigned.

The hard truth cast

The hard truth: the cast of the film

As anticipated, the absolute protagonists of the film are the actors Katherine Heigl And Gerard Butler. The first of her plays the role of Abby Richter, a role for which she prepared by inquiring about the activity of women producers in the entertainment world. This research has allowed her to be able to be further realistic, while for the more personal aspect of her character, Heigl was inspired by the great female figures of the sentimental genre. Butler is instead present in the role of the irreverent Mike Chadway. That character is loosely based on host Adam Carolla, and to get into that mindset the actor spent some time watching the The Adam Carolla showobserving the handler’s way of behaving, moving and speaking.

Alongside them, in the film, we find less well-known actors but equally valid in their respective roles. Eric Winterfamous for the soap opera The time of our life, here plays the orthopedist Colin, the man with whom Abby becomes infatuated. The actor Nick Searcy instead it is Stuart, Mike and Abby’s boss and the one who tries to get them to get along in the workplace. Bree Turnerfamous for the series Grimm, brings to life the character of Joy Haim, Abby’s assistant and friend and like her in search of true love. The actors John Michael Higgins And Cheryl Hineshowever, play the roles of Larry Williams and Georgia Bordeney, the two hosts of the morning show and married to each other.

The hard truth: the trailer and where to see the film in streaming and on TV

For fans of the film it is possible to enjoy this thanks to its presence on some of the most popular streaming platforms on the net today. The hard truth it is in fact available in the catalog of Rakuten TV, Google Play, Apple iTunes, Tim Vision and Now TV. To see it, just subscribe to a general subscription or rent the single film. In this way you will be able to watch it in total comfort and at the best video quality. It should be noted that in the case of a rental, you only have a certain period of time within which to see the title. The film will also be televised on the day Wednesday 3 May at 21:25 On the canal Nine.

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