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The Mistranslation That Shifted A Way Of Life

The Mistranslation That Shifted A Way Of Life

More than forty five,000 churches today nonetheless pontificate that homosexuality is a sin, citing biblical references that condemn “homosexuals.” What might exchange if churches located the fact — the phrase “homosexual” became introduced to the Bible in 1946 by way of mistake?

Executive produced by the director of the 2007 award-winning film, For the Bible Tells Me So, 1946: The Mistranslation That Shifted a Culture is a brand new documentary that investigates how the word “gay” was entered into the Bible, how one man tried to stop it, and the way a team of researchers these days unearthed proof that challenges deeply-held ideals about LGBTQ+ people and their place in God’s country.

The first time the word “gay” appeared in any bible changed into inside the Revised Standard Version (RSV) published in February 11, 1946. In the RSV’s translation of one Corinthians 6:9, the phrase “homosexual” turned into utilized in lieu of the Greek phrases “malakoi” and “arsenokoitai.” Researchers agree today those phrases translate loosely to “effeminacy,” and “pervert,” or “sexual pervert.” The selection to apply the word “gay” as opposed to the accurate translations became voted on by way of the RSV committee. 1946 explores how this mistranslation ignited the anti-homosexual movement inside American conservative Christians.

Kathy Baldock and Ed Oxford have dedicated their lives to getting to know the roots of anti-gay theology. As part of their giant studies, they uncovered ninety packing containers of notes from the archives at Yale University. Filed in those bins for over 5 many years, was a letter sent to the RSV translation committee, written by using a young seminarian named David S.

In the letter, David points out the dangerous implications that would come with the mistranslation and misuse of the word “homosexual.” Dr. Luther Weigle, the pinnacle of the translation committee, wrote a letter back to David S. to acknowledge their mistake and commit to correcting their grave blunders.

Unfortunately, the revised model of the RSV which changed “homosexual” with “sexual perverts” wasn’t posted until 1971 — 25 years after the mistranslation came about. By then, other translations of the Bible had carried out the RSV’s use of “homosexual” in biblical texts.

Today, the misuse of the word “gay” seems in most translations of the Bible, particularly in 1 Corinthians 6:nine and 1 Timothy 1:10. Sadly, this has turn out to be the foundation for lots of the anti-gay way of life that exists these days, specifically in non secular spaces. Many conservative religious leaders have used these biblical texts to condemn and marginalize LGBTQ+ Christians. And society at massive has been formed — at least in part — to believe the concept that sexual and gender minorities must select among their faith and their identification. We hope the proof and testimonies in this movie will now not handiest assignment our assumptions, however exchange our hearts. 1946 is not an assault on Christianity or the Bible. It is a quest to find out biblical truth and honor God’s Word.

From the Director of 1946“As a lesbian Christian, I were navigating a spiritual environment that perspectives me as “different,” “less than,” and “now not same,” for too lengthy.

These ideals, held via many pricey to my coronary heart, have solid a darkish, risky shadow over my lifestyles. After years of attempting to find my voice, and calling, as a storyteller, my course has led me right here. It is my aim to change the Christian narrative and unencumber the various LGBTQIA+ human beings residing in the dark; oppressed with the aid of bad theology. I need us all to live and be mentioned as equals, underneath God’s love. There are truths that must be shared. We are here to share those truths.”