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The Movie Critic: Quentin Tarantino gives the first details on the story

The Movie Critic: Quentin Tarantino gives the first details on the story

Quentin Tarantino The Movie Critic

Quentin Tarantino has revealed some interesting new details about The Movie Critic, his tenth and apparently last film. During his illustrious career, the author wrote and directed nine feature films, according to his calculations, the last of which was Once upon a time in… Hollywood, and is now planning to retire from directing after his 10th. This tenth and final film, titled precisely The Movie Criticwas revealed last March and since it is set in 1977, it was initially speculated that its subject would be the legendary film critic Pauline Kael. Tarantino has debunked that theory about the film, however, saying it is instead based on a real-life but unknown male critic.

Now, in a new interview with DeadlinesTarantino continues has therefore revealed new details about what vaguely will be told in The Movie Critic. One of Tarantino’s first jobs as a teenager was loading magazines into a vending machine and he discovered that one of them “he had a really cool movie page“. “The Movie Critic is based on a real boy who was never really famous and was writing movie reviews for a porn magazine. All the other stuff was too corny to read, but then there was this magazine that had a really cool movie page.” Tarantino explained.

“He wrote about mainstream films and was the second string critic. I think he was a very good critic. He was cynical as hell. His reviews of him were a cross between the early Howard Stern and what Travis Bickle might be if he were a film critic,” he then added. “But he was very funny and very rude. He swore. He used racial slurs. But the shit about him was really funny. He was rude as hell. He wrote as if he was 55, but he was only in his early to mid 30s. He died in his late thirties. It hasn’t been clear for a while, but now I’ve done some more research and I think it was complications from alcoholism“.

Tarantino did not reveal the name of the unknown critic or the pornographic magazine he wrote for, but in The Movie Criticthe fictitious magazine will be called “The Popstar Pages“. It seems that the film could be quite bold if not controversial and based on the fact that the critic died in his late thirties of complications from alcoholism, this could also give Tarantino’s tenth and final film a nuance. tragic. Not much is known about its true story, although Tarantino has revealed that it will not be a story of revenge, thus breaking a long-standing tradition for the director, namely from Jackie Brown of 1997.

No one has been signed in yet The Movie Criticalthough Tarantino has acknowledged that some of his frequent collaborators like Leonardo Dicaprio And Brad Pitt they are too old to play the lead, who is around 35 years old. Instead, he plans to cast a new lead he’s never worked with before, and already has someone in mind who he thinks would do a great job, but he’s still undecided. Tarantino also reluctantly ruled out casting a British actor for the part. Shooting is expected to begin this fall, at which point we will ideally have more information about the film.