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The Ten Nice Eastern Movies Of 2021

The Ten Nice Eastern Movies Of 2021

2021 became a massive 12 months for Japan, with the Tokyo Olympics subsequently happening and a huge COVID surge thereafter. Despite americaand downs, Japanese theaters and film festivals nevertheless persevered for an awesome a part of 2021.

So what have been the Best Japanese Movies of 2021?

Cinema Escapist has selected 10 Japanese movies that we feel are the top releases from 2021. Our alternatives consist of each indie and blockbuster films, with samplings across genres like comedy, action, romance, animation, and greater. Note even as characteristic-length sequels to famous anime or manga franchises took Japan’s container workplace through hurricane in 2021, we’ve tilted this list towards greater authentic movies that show higher narrative innovation and societal significance. We’ve also tried to include streaming links on services like Netflix, whilst available.


Japanese name Director: Satoko Yokohama girl rebels in opposition to circle of relatives and finds a activity at a maid cafe—that’s one way to describe the 2021 Japanese film Ito. However, this isn’t some sordid story of a younger female fallen from grace. Instead, it’s an exploration of Japan’s cultural traditions, and outer prefectures which you don’t regularly see in cinema.

Ito’s identify comes from its protagonist, a woman named Ito Soma. She’s honestly properly at quite a few track known as Tsugaru-shamisen that’s a centerpiece of local tradition in her native Aomori prefecture (in the north of Japan). However, Ito has massive tension about gambling in public, and feels ashamed by way of her nearby Aomori dialect. Pining for self-transformation, she ends up getting a task at a maid cafe (a healthful one) and mastering approximately existence from the human beings she meets there.

Though Ito would possibly feature a few extraordinarily precise Japanese traditions, it managed to advantage a first rate quantity of pageant distribution in New York, Hawaii, and extra. The movie also won the Audience Award at 2021’s Osaka Asian FIlm Festival in Japan.10.

Japanese title Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery

Masquerade Night is the sequel to Masquerade Hotel, which turned into on our list of 2019’s excellent Japanese films.

The movie returns to the Hotel Cortesia Tokyo, wherein detective Kosuke Nitta is going undercover to research a homicide risk. At the lodge, Detective Nitta runs up against Naomi Yamagashi—a concierge who’s ruthlessly devoted to pleasing visitor requests.

If you loved Masquerade Hotel, you’ll find Masquerade Night strikingly comparable in phrases of substance and characters. Even if you haven’t visible its predecessor movie, Masquerade Night ought to prove a lively and interesting movie with your general murder thriller elements. Japanese audiences regarded to like it at the least; Masquerade Night turned into the eighth maximum grossing movie of 2021 in Japan.nine.

Japanese name Director: Akira Ikeda part and parcel of Japanese cinema, given the nation’s pacifist legacies inside the wake of WWII. The Blue Danube maintains this culture in its personal absurdist, creative manner.

This 2021 Japanese film examines war via the perspective of two cities on contrary sides of a river. Every day, these towns wake up and begin shooting at each other—even though no one clearly knows why. When a bugler named Tsuyuki is assigned to play in a marching band, he starts to play the Blue Danube Waltz by using the riverbank at the same time as thinking what human beings in the different town are like.

The Blue Danube proceeds nearly like a series of episodic sketches. It’s reminiscent of a Samuel Beckett play—complete of boredom and bleakness, but by hook or by crook still able to find humor amidst all of it. It’s no wonder the movie did decently on the pageant circuit, screening on the International Film Festival Rotterdam and Japan Cuts, among others. If you’re someone who enjoys independent, experimental films, The Blue Danube is well worth an eye fixed.eight.

Japanese name: 花束みたいな恋をした of Japan’s maximum popular actors; they unite for the 2021 romance movie We Made a Beautiful Bouquet.

Suda and Arimura respectively play a person named Mugi and a female named Kinu. One day, the two meet after missing the closing train home.

However, the film starts five years after that come upon, and establishes that their relationship will now not final. What makes this movie thrilling, then, is its exploration about the ephemerality of love and happiness, and the way that fleeting nature imbues relationships with meaning.

Furthermore, We Made a Beautiful Bouquet gives a realistic, contemporary take on the challenges of romance. The movie dives into the person’s financial issues and professional duties, imparting a welcome respite from the surprising most cancers diagnoses or reminiscence loss-inducing car injuries that frequently plague East Asian melodramas.7.

Japanese name Genre: Drama

In 2019, a whopping ninety two% of Japanese considered themselves middle elegance. However, as director Yukiko Sode’s film Aristocrats display, that doesn’t mean Japan lacks elegance differences.

Aristocrats facilities on women, Hanako and Miki. The former is a wealthy Tokyoite; the latter grew up in a small prefecture and examined into the distinguished Keio University, but dropped out because of circle of relatives instances and has to paintings bizarre jobs to make ends meet. When Hanako learns that Miki has also been seeing the person her higher-elegance family wants her to marry, the two come to be meeting and building an not likely connection.

Class divisions are truely on show in Aristocrats. However, what’s even greater interesting is how the movie suggests that, irrespective of wealth or privilege, Japanese girls appear to constantly be 2d-class residents in comparison to guys. If you’re searching out a socially aware film that’s female-centric and mellow, take a look at out Aristocrats.


Japanese title Director: Yoshihiro Mori film We Couldn’t Become Adults, it seems like Japanese cinema is taking a web page from China via producing a nostalgia-tinged tragi-romance.

The movie starts offevolved with a 46 12 months-antique guy named Makoto Sato. One day, a surprising friend request sends Sato again on a nostalgia ride to the 1990’s, one imbued with reminisces approximately beyond fans. We see the vagaries of romantic unhappiness and professional failure steadily grind Makoto down, his dreams fading into the beyond.

We Couldn’t Become Adults is specially thrilling whilst viewed as a replicate for the social malaise of Japan’s Lost Decades. Since the early Nineties, Japan’s economy has stagnated. As a result, a whole “misplaced era” of Japanese stuck in a state of sclerotic social purgatory, with some withdrawing inwards as hikikomori. Though Makoto Sato isn’t a hikikomori himself, his trials and tribulations provide an without difficulty accessible and emotionally resonant investigate the struggles of folks that’ve lost all course in contemporary Japan.


Japanese title Genre: Romance, LGBTQ

The mixture of brooding violence and lesbian sex isn’t something you see very regularly in stay-movement Japanese cinema. However, Ride or Die consists of that specific mix.

This 2021 Japanese movie begins with an introduction to Rei. She’s a plastic health care provider from a rich own family, who additionally happens to be a lesbian. Rei has just killed a man—the abusive husband of her former classmate (and teen weigh down) Nanae Shinioda. In the wake of the murder, Rei and Nanae move at the lam together, and start to explore the messy depths of their rekindled relationship.