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The Twins: Sad Updates For The Triplets Sequel

The Twins: Sad Updates For The Triplets Sequel

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It should have been called Tripletsthe sequel to Twinsbut Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that the project is definitely dead and “the killer” is the director Jason Reitmanson of Ivan, who had directed the 1988 film. The latest news relating to the sequel dated back to 2018 and reported the entry, in the cast, of Eddie Murphy.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Arnold Schwarzenegger he blames the impossibility of making the film on Jason Reitman: “Jason Reitman screwed up! Jason Reitman literally stopped the project when his father died. His father really wanted to do it. I really wanted to do this. Danny DeVito really wanted to do this. We had the funding. When her father died, Jason said, ‘I never liked the idea’ and he put her on hold.” But fear not, fans of the unlikely pairing Schwarzenegger/Danny DeVitobecause the former Governor of California added: “I’m developing another film with Danny; he is so much fun to work with and he is so talented.”

In addition to being a great commercial success, Twins represented a real turning point in the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger who, from then on, proved to be an extraordinary comedian. From 1988 onwards, while continuing his career as a hero all muscle and strength, he also pursued the comedy genre, giving his audience unforgettable performances.

Jason Reitman he had already returned to his father’s job in the past, directing Ghostbusters: Legacy of 2021. He is currently filming the as yet untitled sequel to Legacy, which will bring the young protagonists back to New York City.